Predictions of Matrona of Moscow for 2018

At all times, people have experienced an overwhelming desire to look into the future. The only and surest way to do this is the predictions of clairvoyants, whose mysterious predictions have always awakened mystical thrill in human souls. For the inhabitants of Russia, the predictions of the Matrona of Moscow do not cause anything but confidence, as many of its prophecies come true today.

Predictions of Matrona of Moscow for 2018


The Phenomenal Gift of the Matron

Predictions of the Matrona of Moscow for 2018. For Russia and the world

Matrona was born in a large peasant family. Unfortunately, the girl was born very painful and a woman, burdened with a difficult financial situation, decided to give her daughter to a shelter. But one day, she saw a dream in which a white dove sat on her belly. Being very religious, Matrona's mother considered this dream divine providence and left the girl in the family. It is also interesting that after sleeping on the chest in a newborn they found a birthmark in the shape of a cross.

The unique prophetic gift manifested in Matron at the age of seven. She began to predict their fate and relatives. To the surprise of others, her words certainly come true.Later, the young clairvoyant opened the ability to heal people from various ailments. However, this did not help her overcome her own illness. At the age of 17, Matrona of Moscow stopped walking. But despite the physical suffering, she never refused to help people, until the end of her days continuing to engage in healing.

The first prediction of the Matrona about the fate of Russia was literally as follows: “Dark times will come in the country. Evil people will come to power and they will oppress, persecute and kill believers, which will make their lives unbearable. ” Experts attribute this prophecy both to pre-revolutionary times and to the atheistic period of communism. In addition, the holy Matrona predicted the following historical events:

  • the shooting of the royal family;
  • the victory of the Russian people in the Second World War;
  • Stalin's death.

The prophecy of the fate of the world

Predictions of the Matrona of Moscow for 2018. For Russia and the world

Many of the predictions of the Matrona of Moscow relate to recent times. Her words indicate that the world is facing global upheavals: wars, diseases and natural disasters that will inevitably lead to the death of a large number of people.About this period of “tribulation,” the holy soothsayer said: “The flame of war will flare up and the living fall upon the earth and it will devour their bodies.” However, she mentioned that "the brothers will rebel against each other, from which a lot of blood will be shed." Unfortunately, today we can be convinced of the fairness of Matrona’s forecasts, watching many military conflicts between neighboring states, in which thousands of people die every day.

Matron paid much attention to the spiritual state of man, which is confirmed by her prophetic words that “people will turn away from God and become like beasts, preferring material benefits.” She emphasized that humanity can survive only when people gain true faith in God and offer their prayers to Him.

Peace or war?

Predictions of Matrona of Moscow for 2018

Matronus of Moscow, who was born and lived all her life in Russia, was especially worried about the fate of her native country and its inhabitants, so there is nothing surprising in the fact that most of her predictions relate precisely to the future homeland.
According to Matrona’s forecasts, 2018 will be a test time for our country. The clairvoyant expressed itself about the future of Russia in a rather veiled form, however, she clearly warned that a series of terrible events would fall to the country and its people.Matrona spoke about them as follows: "There will be many victims who will fall not from war, but from great destruction." It is difficult to say what exactly a woman meant, since she did not have a diploma. With this deficiency, the saint possessed a thorough knowledge of the gospel scripture. Astrologers, esotericists, as well as experts in the field of interpretation of the prophecies of the Matrona of Moscow suggest three scenarios:

  1. spiritual “decay” of society;
  2. large earthquake;
  3. falling to Earth meteorite.

Matrona Moskovskaya also said that "at dusk, many people will fall to the ground, and at dawn they will rise again and the world will be different." All the predictions of the Matrona are evidence of a difficult period for the history of the Russian people. Whether the Holy Providress does not in any way influence the fate of our US state and Europe.

It should not be ruled out that the last predictions of Matrona for 2018 are connected precisely with the spirituality of mankind and the massive revival of the Christian church. After all, all conflicts in the world come from unbelief and spiritual decline of people.The words that people “rise at dawn” and “the world will change” can mean a complete reassessment by a person of his moral values.

Forecasts for Ukraine for 2018

Predictions of Matrona of Moscow for 2018

Unfortunately, in their predictions the Matron of Moscow did not say anything definite about the Ukrainian people. Experts explain this by the fact that, perhaps, she saw Ukraine and Russia as one whole, without dividing them into separate states. Therefore, we can conclude that this country also expects a time of upheaval and global change. Alarming signs of future events in Ukraine can be observed today. The bloody civil conflict in the Donbas, the economic crisis and the deterioration of geopolitical relations with the “eastern neighbor” are the harbingers of a difficult period for the population of Ukraine.

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