Poetry Day 2018

In the memory of any person there are favorite poems that he uses to congratulate loved ones or to sing his favorite songs. However, few people thought that we owe this to the great poets. Poetry Day 2018 can be a day of gratitude to those who know how to create amazing rhyming lines.


Indeed, poetry is a tremendous force, with the help of which one can express one's feelings, experiences and delights. Semantic sequence of words causes a variety of emotions and impressions and can touch the soul.

Life cannot be complete without such poets as:

  • Shakespeare;
  • Lermontov;
  • Pushkin and others.

The poetry of modern authors also does not leave anyone indifferent. The power of rhymed words subordinates the imagination, has a special energy and can carry along.

Poetry Day 2018

When poetry appeared

There are different opinions on this issue. Some believe in ancient myths and believe that the first poets appeared in the days of the Celts. It was then that there were two magnificent people: baths and aces, who constantly fought among themselves.At some point they got tired of doing this, and they created an incredibly wise creature called Kvasir. Material to create a dwarf has become the saliva of the rulers of the opposing sides. However, there were enemies who did not like this state of affairs, and they killed the sage by mixing his blood with honey. This mixture they placed in a special vessel. After that, everyone who tasted this composition could write poems.

There are scholars who claim that the priestess En-head-anna wrote the first poetic words. She was the daughter of Sargon - the ruler who conquered the country of Ur, located on the territory of present-day Iran. The girl with her poems glorified the goddess of the morning star, Inanna.

Historians who study the development of poetry divide the whole period into four stages:

Iron During this period there was still no written language. At that time, the poets glorified the great battles and their heroes. In poetic terms, these were rather primitive poetic forms.
Gold At this stage in poetry appear complex speech turns. Poems were mainly devoted to national values ​​and ancestors who previously lived on earth.
Silver At this time there was original and imitative poetry. An example of the first type is the poetry of Virgil. The second type was a processed work of the golden period, which had already been forgotten. These poets include Juvenal, Horace, Aristophanes, Menander, and others.
Copper This period falls at the time of the decline of the Roman Empire. Poetry ceases to be refined and refined. After the invasion of the barbarians, she began to remain in a state of stagnation.

According to the expert of Thomas Love Peacock, the further development of poetry is a different version of the preceding periods.

history of the holiday

For the first time a similar holiday was established in the United States. The initiator of the American Poetry Day was Tessa Suesy Webb. At first he began to celebrate in Ohio - the birthplace of the writer. Then he was recognized in other regions of America. By 1951, this list already consisted of 38 states. The day of the holiday was chosen the birthday of the ancient Greek poet Virgil - October 15. Thus, a national day of poetry was created.

The idea of ​​the birth of the world day of poetry originated in 1999 in France.This initiative was supported by the thirtieth assembly of UNESCO, after which the holiday became world wide.

The purpose of his institution is to introduce the younger generation to the literary values ​​of the past. Unlike our ancestors, modern youth values ​​only what makes a real profit. Poetry does not apply to such areas of culture. The UN branch decided to correct this situation. Young people need to know not only the history, but also the literary heritage of previous generations.

This statement fully applies to our country. Young people in Russia began to forget the idols of the past, and yet they are the pride of the nation. To love your homeland and not to know its history and the great people of the state are inadmissible things. Every young person should know the color of his nation and be proud of the fact that great poets and writers who are known by the whole world were born on our land. For the first time, the Day of Poetry in our country was marked by the walls of the Taganka Theater.

What number is marked

In 2018, the Day of Poetry will be celebrated for the nineteenth time. This date is unchanged every year - March 21. The celebration will be attended by all who are associated with this direction of culture.There will also be congratulations to journalists, critics, translators, editors, teachers and students of philological universities, etc.

Poetry Day 2018. What is the date in Russia, events, congratulations

Celebration traditions

On this day around the world are all sorts of activities related to poetry. They read poets of the past, award literary prizes to living masters. At numerous concerts with his works appear, as well-known poets and young masters of the pen. Problems and questions of literary creativity are discussed at various conferences and seminars. Famous publications are preparing for this date the release of various almanacs, magazines, books, etc. The venerable masters convey the experience of young poets.

Television and radio do not stand aside from such celebrations. Television broadcasts are provided not only the most famous poets, but also the younger generation. The brightest and talented writers are provided with the most famous theater venues. Numerous competitions are also held due to which young talents are found.

New poetic culture is also widely represented on the radio. The leading radio stations broadcast novice poets who in the future will become the pride of our country.

The leaders of the country support the creative youth.They are provided with various grants that contribute to a wider disclosure of the talents of young people. Congratulations are also addressed to various literary associations.

Interesting and exciting are celebrations in literary universities. There are reports of poets of the past. Creative reports are performed by famous poets of our time. At all sorts of evenings everyone can show their skills. For some novice poets, this is a chance to express your talent. After such speeches, agreements on the release of literary collections are very often concluded.

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