Poems about kindness for children

Poems about kindness for children

The site "Mom can do everything!" Collected for you the most beautiful poems about kindness for children. With their help, you can talk to your child about the importance of being kind and courteous to each other.

Tell me how much kindness in the heart?
Where does it get it?
And as among the traveling bustle,
Is it so much easy to forgive?
And why always worried
When does someone really hurt?
There is always ready kindness.
There are so many of them that it is enough for everyone.
I understood that kindness is like blood:
The more you give, the more will be.
Kindness has a friend - love.
Give more kindness, people!

Kindness, kindness,
Kindness is not a small thing to you,
There is love in kindness
And of course there is pity!

Let all people in the world
Love each other very much
Let them not stand between them
Cold, evil blizzards!

You give kindness,
From the heart and spontaneously,
And let this act
It does not seem strange!

Give people kindness,
Care and love
And understanding and dream -
Give again and again!

Let no thought about reward
And never will
Warm heart
You will give people.

And life will change yours,
Will become more successful,
When flow on you
A wave of love will descend!
Give people kindness ...
(Zoya Butsayeva)


Lost the meaning of the word kindness,
After all, now for the purpose of all actions.
"Yes, friend, I will help you in full ...
And you will make concessions to me. ”

To take another kindness,
Eh, I have to be rich to me.
For the help of a person at least one
Give me at least two.

Oh, yes, I'm scared by it, seriously.
After all, in our time, kindness,
From all comes lightning speed,
And she only occasionally.

Intrusively so everyone shoves her,
Without thinking - you need it.
But knowing that now his,
They will take with you completely.


If your friend is in a verbal argument
Could hurt you,
It is bitter, but it is not grief,
You then forgive him all the same.

In life, anything can happen.
And since your friendship is strong,
Stupid little thing
You don't let her be broken for nothing.

If you are in a fight with your beloved,
And longing for her is hot,
This is also not grief,
Do not rush, do not chop it off.

Let not you cause
That spat and harsh words,
Stand above the quarrel, be a man!
This is still your love!

In life, anything can happen.
And if your love is strong,
Stupid little thing
You shouldn't let her break.

And not to reproach after myself
That hurt someone,
It’s better to be kind in the world
Evil in the world and so pretty.

But in one only do not recede:
Go to break, to part,
Only meanness is not goodbye
And do not forgive betrayal
No one: neither beloved nor a friend!
(Eduard Asad)

Good people, as always, are not enough ...

Good people, as always, are not enough,
Good people, as always, the deficit.
Good people do not always understand
The heart of the good hurts more.
Kind - generously sick help,
Good - give warmth and comfort
Good - keep pace with a weak
And no spa-si-bo is not expected.
(Heinrich Akulov)

Invented by someone simply and wisely.
When meeting to greet and speak
- Good morning! Sun and birds!
- Good morning! - Smiling faces!
And everyone becomes kind, trusting
may good morning last until the evening!
BUT, and we will hear poems about kindness.
When on the slopes of eternal fuss
Run away from failures tired fiercely.
Direct the steps
The path of kindness
And joy help find someone.
I. Romanov

Coming out of the gate in the morning,
You see, everyone in life,
Plenty of troubles and worries ...
Do you love us gloomy faces
Or whose angry speech
You are able to share a smile
And ignite the response spark.

No matter how life flew
Do not regret your days,
Do a good deed
For the happiness of the people.
To heart burned
And not smoldering in the mist
Do a good deed
So we live on earth.
A. Forest

And how we need good words!
Not once did we see this for ourselves,
But maybe not words - matters are important?
Deeds - deeds, and words - words.
They live with each of us,
At the bottom of the soul until the time is stored,
To pronounce them at that very hour,
When they are needed by others.
M. Lisyansky

In the house of good deeds busy
Kindness walks quietly
Good morning with us
Good day and good time
Good evening,
Good night
It was good yesterday
And where will you ask
There is so much kindness in the house.

All people need kindness
Let there be more good ones.
They say no wonder when meeting

“Good afternoon” and “Good evening”.
And not for nothing that we have
Wish "In good time."
Kindness is from a century
Man's decoration ...

Do not stand aside indifferently
When someone has trouble.
Rush to the rescue need
Any minute always
And if someone, someone will help
Your kindness, your smile,
You are happy that the day was not in vain was lived
That years you live in vain.

You cannot buy kindness in the bazaar.
You can't borrow the sincerity of a song.
Not from books comes to the envy of people.
And without books we comprehend lies.
Apparently, sometimes educated
Touch the soul
Not strong enough.
My grandfather without a diploma and without a title
Just a good man was.
So, kindness was at the beginning? ..
Let her come to every house
Whatever we study later
Whoever in life they are later.
A. Dementiev

Let's talk about kindness,
about the values ​​of enduring, eternal,
about life that is so short and fleeting,
that we have long been wrong.

We have forgotten how to believe and dream,
we stopped understanding each other
a blizzard of hate swirled us -
we have forgotten how to sympathize.

Mired in disputes, squabbles, wars, bustle,
forgetting that there is happiness,
that the world is vast and beautiful
there is enough room for everyone.
Let's talk about kindness!

Ballad of Good and Evil

One day evil met with good
I met with evil who was not lucky.
He who met well was always happy,
Smart, witty and just lucky.
And I thought evil, that to the good in the same way
Walk on earth humiliation and even
Never do good to anyone
But suddenly the good whispered to him:
"You know that I am not like you,
I'm waiting for fun, and you're waiting for trouble.
I thrive on childish laughter,
And beat, kill, is it really fun?
Where did you come from on earth? ”
But evil, having shaken, said: "But to me,
Do not care what happens to others
I will have fun with grief of people
I will pray for someone to be killed
Then sit, laugh at the grave.
And as we have more - I will spit
To all who want to stay with you! ”
Good from such a little shaken:
"How can you be evil and refer to God,
To ask him for someone's death, because he
Creator of this life - Accept Bow. ”
“I don’t scare him
His good spell, because I feel sad
When someone does only good.
I'll go ”-“ Go, but remember one thing -
We are more and this is all decided !!! "

Oh, how we need good words.
More than once we saw for ourselves.
But maybe not words - matters are important?
Deeds - deeds, and words - words.
They live with each of us,
At the bottom of the soul until the time is stored,
To pronounce them at that very hour
When they are needed by others.

- Good afternoon! - they told you
- Good afternoon! - you answered.
How two strings tied
Warmth and kindness.

We wish "Good way!"
- It will be easier to go and go.
- Hello! - you tell the man
- Hello! - he will tell us in response.
And probably will not go to the pharmacy,
And will be healthy for many years.

What do we say thank you for?
For everything they do for us.
And we could not recall
Who was told how many times.

Cancel, perhaps, the word "please"?
We repeat it every minute,
No, perhaps, that without "please"
We feel uncomfortable.

These wonderful words
Hear everyone very happy
Adults and children get sick
And you are in a hurry to smile.

Good word heals, evil maims.
Hurry up for a good deed, the bad fit itself.
Good glory lies, and thin runs.
Clothing does not paint a person, but his good deeds.
Kindness never loses its dignity.
Kindness without a mind is empty.
Good words are more precious than wealth.
For a good man a hundred hands.
They did not boast with silver, but boasted with good.
He who does good, God will repay.
In whom there is no good, there is little truth in that.
For good deeds pay good.
Evil crying with envy, but kind from joy.

It is not easy to be kind,
Kindness does not depend on growth.
Kindness does not depend on color,
Kindness is not gingerbread, not candy.
If kindness, like the sun, shines,
Rejoice adults and children.

Good poems for loved ones

And if someone can help
Your kindness, your smile,
Are you happy that day
Not in vain was lived,
What years you live in vain!

Do not stand aside indifferently
When someone has trouble.
Rush to the rescue need
Any minute, always.

I want everyone to laugh,
So that dreams always come true,
So that children would have joyful dreams.
To have a good morning
To mom not sad,
To the world was no longer a war.

Let the days pass, centuries
Thousands of years will sweep -
Kindness and mercy
Values ​​remain.

Read the same poem -
Our short greetings
Happy spontaneous kindness.
Let it not seem strange!

Kindness lives in the world
Even in the evil hard times.
Show kindness -
It will be easier to live in the world!

Let's worship kindness!
Let’s live with good thoughts about kindness:
All in blue and stellar beauty,
The earth is good. She gives us bread,
Living water and tree in bloom.
Under this ever-restless sky
Let's fight for kindness!

Ice block melts
From the word of kind (thanks)
Green old stump,
When will hear (good afternoon)
If you can't eat anymore,
Let's tell mom we (thanks)
The boy is polite and developed
Says, meeting (hello)
When we are scolded for mischief,
Say (forgive please)
Both in France and Denmark
Goodbye Say (Goodbye)
Comrades! Solid
In the morning in the dictionary:
Thank you, sorry,
Allow, Allow
Thank you.

In the house of good works busy
Quietly walking around the apartment kindness.
Good morning with us
Good afternoon and good hour
Good evening, good night,
It was good yesterday.
And from where, you ask,
Is there so much kindness in the house?
From this kindness flowers take root,
Hares, hedgehogs, chicks.
I will answer you directly -
This is Mom, my mom!

On this unusual day, kinder
Every man in the world will become.
Let the world hug rather
The warmth of spiritual pure snow!
Words of love and care will flow
Like in March from birch sap,
And whisper in God's ear something
Affectionate, laughable this is a rhyme.

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