Planting cabbage - it's easy

Planting cabbage

Cabbage is a vegetable crop grownmainly with the help of seedlings. This not only helps to approximate the harvesting period, but also makes the heads more dense and well ripened. They can spend several months in the cellar without any problems.

Varieties of cabbage are many.Seedlings at home are grown quite simply. The main thing is that the cabbage planting is not delayed. Experts say that "overexposed" before the period of formation of two real leaves of seedlings can lead to an inferior crop.

Cabbage planting is carried out mainly on smooth arable land. On wetlands with a close passage of groundwater and on irrigated areas, seedlings are planted on ridges and ridges by hand.

Varieties of this vegetable culture come in two categories:early cultivars or with a late maturation period. Favorable days for planting cabbage, the harvest of which is collected earlier than other subspecies, is the first of May. In the ground seedlings are placed on slightly compacted patterns, so that between rows there are up to forty centimeters.

Planting of cabbage of late varieties is held a little later: from mid-May to mid-June.Favorable days for planting cabbage

Some experienced truck farmers soak the seedlings for several minutes in a 1% solution of carbophos, thereby protecting it from pests.

The first thing to do is rightpick up a place for planting in the open ground seedlings. This must certainly be from all sides open space with a fairly loose, fertile and moisture-permeable soil. It is preferable to change the site every year. The best precursors of this vegetable are legumes, cucumbers, some root vegetables. And if on the site before that, too, cabbage grew, then put it on the same place better than a year after three.

Planting cabbage involves digging withUsing a small blade of small holes. The depth of the pits is made in such a way that the real first leaf on the seedlings in the planted condition is at the very surface of the soil.Fertilizers in cabbage planting

Before planting, you must sort allseedlings, laying aside the weak and destroying the patient. Cabbage planting should be carried out whenever possible in an overcast day, when a small rain drizzles.

After placing the seedlings in the ground, the plantpoured earth, compacted. Then the seedlings are watered and mulched with humus or dry soil, so that it retains the necessary moisture in the ground and prevents its evaporation.

For the early establishment of its seedlings afterTransplants during the week are watered very weakly, maintaining only the upper layer of soil in the wet state. Young plants preferably also in the midday hours also pritenyat within a week.

The planting of cabbage, which is grown first in peat pots, is not very difficult, but it almost always gives good results.

Virtually all varieties of this vegetable culturewell respond to organic. Therefore, if fertilizers are planted in the spring when planting cabbage, then it is better to use compost or humus for two or three kilograms per square meter.

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