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Inna Pivars is an actress of theater and cinema, a widowfamous actor and film director Alexander Kaidanovsky - for a long time after his death did not give an interview to journalists, did not tell the details of his personal life. However, at some point decided to break the vow of silence. What the actress lives today, and what happens in her personal life - this is our story.

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Pivars Inna Yanovna - the actress of theater and cinema of the Russian Federation,who was born in Riga in September 1968. Recalling her childhood, the artist says that she was constantly in an atmosphere of love and care. She lived with her parents in an ordinary city apartment not far from the center of Riga. The very city of childhood is small, and everything in it was within walking distance. Inna did not really like going to school, except for singing lessons and physical education. This is no wonder - Inna was engaged in professional sports, and all her childhood memories are somehow connected with constant and sometimes exhausting trainings. Pivars was involved in athletics - she was given to the heptathlon, so outside school she learned at the same time many things: jump high, throw a spear, push the core, jump in length, run to a distance of 100 meters with barriers and 800 meters without them. I must say that in the later life of the sport Inna is very useful. Her stamina and perseverance, developed in her childhood, did not disappear, but simply went into another form and were useful in the profession. Today, Pivars Inna with pleasure independently performs on the shooting complex acrobatic tricks, not allowing stunt men to do it for her.

How did I get to the theater

Acquaintance with the theater happened to the actress in theyouth - Inna has absolutely casually got in collective of national music of the House of officers in Riga. Surprisingly, an entirely different world has opened up for her. He was different from the life that the girl lived before. She was so captured by the scene that Inna began to enjoy all classes with pleasure.

Inna BrewersRehearsals, tours - all this was new andallowed to relax from the sport, switch and relax. In addition, in order to survive, small teams needed to constantly release new productions and present them to the viewer's court. This kept the participants in a stream, did not allow to dissipate into trifles.

Once Pivars Inna was with sportsevents in Moscow and was simply stunned by the scale of the city - in comparison with Riga the capital seemed to be an endless dangerous ocean. Then came the time when it was necessary to determine their future - to stay in the sport or try to force in the theater. After heavy hesitation, Inna decided and chose the theater. It was difficult, there was not a person with whom you could consult. But the girl's heart said that she was on the right road.

About the theater

In 1990, Inna Pivars, whose photo alreadyflashed on the posters of the folk music collective, graduated from GITIS. Her first acting experience began with the theater "Satyricon", where the beginning artist came through thanks to Alla Sigalova. A beautiful and graceful girl was taken to the role of panther Bagheera in the play "Mowgli". According to many colleagues, a young woman flawlessly, like no other, fits into this image.

Once life gave Inna an unexpectedgift. The actress for the company with her friend went to "show up" in "Lenkom", and ironically, the work in the theater was offered by Pivars, and not by her companion. Inna remembers how in the hall together with Mark Zakharov sat venerable actors - Oleg Yankovsky, Alexander Abdulov, Alexander Zbruev, Nikolai Karachentsov. Everything that happened was very exciting and looked like an exam. Later, Zakharov praised the girl for her talent and offered her a major role in the play "School for Emigrants." Inna was lucky to play on one stage with many outstanding actors of our time. Today, the artist's repertoire includes performances in such productions as "Juno and Avos" (Conchita), "The Seagull" (Masha), "The Visit of the Lady" (Wife of the Mayor), "Bremen Musicians" (Atamansha) and others.

pierce inna yanovnaOf course, today Inna Pivars, whose biographybegan with the "Satyricon", grateful to fate that in her life there is "Lenk" - this is her house, her school. But the actress is of the opinion that everything in the world is not accidental, and if some things happen to you without much effort on your part, then this is the right way, this is what should happen by fate. She considers her way to "Lenk" as a reality. Thanks to this theater, in her personal life, women changed in their time - she met her future husband in Lenkom.

Roles in the cinema

Inna Pivars, whose filmography is full ofmostly episodes and minor supporting roles, is not well known to a wide audience. For the actress in the first place is the theater, and filming in the cinema - a kind of opportunity to switch and make variety in their work. Moreover, Inna does not belong to herself - she brings up Maxim's son, and this takes a lot of energy and energy.Inna pivars photoThe actress openly says that after birthshe had to abandon many interesting proposals - she tried to be an exemplary mother. However, looking back, she admits that she could not completely devote herself to the child anyway. The cruel truth of life is that the actress, whatever one may say, lives mostly for the stage.

In the filmography of the artist work in the filmAlexander Malyukov "Escape", shooting in the TV series "The Sea of ​​Seryon", where the partner in the frame was the famous heartthrob Alexander Domogarov. In 2011, Inna Pivars appeared in Dmitry Konstantinov's film "The Black Wolves".

For Inna Pivars there is no trail of the super popular star of Russian cinema, but everyone recognizes not only her beauty, but also talent.

About the husband

Personal life of the actress evolved in different ways - inshe had ups and happy moments, but there were many and sad days there. For a long time Inna Pivars linked the relationship with Viktor Ivanov - director, stunt director and stuntman. Victor is a purposeful man, and in his plans there has always been work in Hollywood. Once life gave him a chance to reach his dream - Ivanov went to the United States for ten years, and Inna stayed in Moscow. The novel is over, and the couple broke up.

Inna Bevars BiographyBut a long decade passed and they metagain. Today, Inna and Ivan are a family that has its own continuation. A boy Maxim appeared, a beloved son, a talented child. Victor periodically goes to America - he is invited there as a stunt man, Inna works in Moscow. Of course, she always worries about her husband, tries to persuade him to leave a dangerous profession and completely immerse himself in directing, but, on the other hand, he unlimitedly trusts his wife. Victor - a professional, he can correctly calculate the trick and accurately carry out insurance.In the piggy bank of his trophies - stuntman "Oscar" for his work in the film "Bourne Supremacy".

Alexander Kaidanovsky

Inna's life was another very important man -Alexander Kaidanovsky, who left an unhealed wound in the heart of a woman. At a time when Pivars Inna and Viktor Ivanov parted, fate and presented a young actress with a talented actor, screenwriter and director, an outstanding personality, a multi-faceted person - Alexander Kaidanovsky. In the life of the man, Inna Pivars was already the fourth wife. They met on the samples for the film "Climbing to Earhart", over which at that time and worked as a film director. Fate did not give chance to these people to live a long life together. Alexander Kaidanovsky soon became seriously ill, suffered three heart attacks and died at the age of 49.

The relationship of the pair is difficult to fit intosome life standards. There was everything in their family. Inna Pivars, however, remembers this time as something extraordinary, comparing Kaidanovskiy with a huge planet, from which you can simply draw energy and it is impossible to tear yourself away. The actress says that getting to know the director turned her whole life around.

I like to choose gifts

Today, Inna Pivars is absolutely happy. She plays performances in her native and beloved theater, where possible she acts in films, and also enjoys the family. The actress says that the greatest happiness for her is the birth, and then the upbringing of her son Maxim. The boy was born when the woman was already at a mature age — at the time of the birth, Inna was 35 years old. And the actress claims that, although the life situation seemed absolutely conscious, it was still not easy - fears and wild tension were present in her life for some time. However, everything passed, the difficulties receded, and today the parents, looking at their son, experience only incredible joy and pride.

inna pivars moviesThe actress admits that she loves to indulge notonly a son, but also a husband. He tries to please them with gifts every time - no matter about, or just like that. Inna shares that she loves to give presents and every time she chooses them with awe and soul. And then he watches with delight how close people smile - it is always pleasant and joyful to get convolutions with a surprise.

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Pivars Inna: biography, filmography, photo Pivars Inna: biography, filmography, photo Pivars Inna: biography, filmography, photo Pivars Inna: biography, filmography, photo Pivars Inna: biography, filmography, photo Pivars Inna: biography, filmography, photo Pivars Inna: biography, filmography, photo Pivars Inna: biography, filmography, photo Pivars Inna: biography, filmography, photo Pivars Inna: biography, filmography, photo