PFL in 2018-2019

PFL 2018-2019 is the 27th season of the third-highest professional football division in the Russian Federation. About 60 football clubs from various regions of the country will take part in the competition. The teams that took the first places will be able to raise their class and take part in the FNL. Championship PFL 2018-2019 will be held from June 2018 to May 2019.

Football players on the field

PFL regulations

Championship is held in a circular system. Teams play in standard tournaments of two laps. For each game points are awarded. The victory is estimated at 3 points, a draw - at 1 point, a loss - 0 points. The winners are those clubs that earned more points for the championship. They automatically receive trips to the FNL.

Amateur football teams or clubs that have taken the highest places in the competitions of the corresponding MRO will be able to try their strength in the Russian Football Championship if they receive a positive resolution from the PFL Council and RFU Executive Committee. Clubs that have taken the last places in the 2017-2018 season will not be able to participate in this tournament.


The teams of the PFL 2018-2019 are divided into 5 groups according to their territorial affiliation: West, East, Center, South, Ural-Volga region. This season, the East group should have been made up of clubs from the east (subgroup “Siberia”) and the far east (subgroup “Far East”) regions. However, in the “Far East” subgroup there were not enough teams, so it was decided that only clubs from Siberia would participate in the PFL 2018-2019.


№FC nameCity
1.         Velez Moscow
2.         Dnieper Smolensk
3.         Dolgoprudny Dolgoprudny
4.         Banner of Labor Orekhovo-Zuyevo
5.         Kolomna Kolomna, Moscow region
6.         Leningradets Leningrad region
7.         Lokomotiv-Kazanka Moscow
8.         Luke-Energy Great Luke
9.         Moore Moore
10.     Pskov-747 Pskov
11.     Textile worker Ivanovo
12.     Torpedo Vladimir
13.     Chertanovo-2 Moscow

East Siberia

№FC nameCity
1.         Dynamo Barnaul
2.         Zenith Irkutsk
3.         Irtysh Omsk
4.         Sakhalin Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk
5.         Siberia-2 Novosibirsk
6.         Chita Chita


№FC nameCity
1.         Academy of Football .V.Monday Rostov-on-Don
2.         Angusht Nazran
3.         Biologist-Novokubansk Progress
4.         Volgar Astrakhan
5.         Dynamo Stavropol
6.         friendship Maykop
7.         Krasnodar-3 Krasnodar
8.         Legion-Dynamo Makhachkala
9.         Mashuk-KM Pyatigorsk
10.     SKA Rostov-on-Don
11.     Spartak-Vladikavkaz Vladikavkaz
12.     Spartak Nalchik Nalchik
13.     Harvest Krasnodar
14.     Gull Peschanokopskoe
15.     Chernomorets Novorossiysk


№FC nameCity
1.         Dynamo Bryansk
2.         Sharp-eyed Krasnogorsk
3.         Kaluga Kaluga
4.         Quantum Obninsk
5.         Metallurgist Lipetsk
6.         Rotor-2 Volgograd
7.         Ryazan Ryazan
8.         Salyut-Belgorod Belgorod
9.         Saturn Ramenskoye
10.     Falcon Saratov
11.     Strogino Moscow
12.     Torpedo Moscow
13.     Chemist Novomoskovsk
14.     Khimki-M Khimki

Ural-Volga region

№FC nameCity
1.         Volga Ulyanovsk
2.         Star Permian
3.         Zenit Izhevsk Izhevsk
4.         KAMAZ Naberezhnye Chelny
5.         Lada-Tolyatti Tolyatti
6.         Neftekhimik Nizhnekamsk
7.         Nosta Novotroitsk
8.         Syzran-2003 Sizran
9.         Ural-2 Ekaterinburg
10.     Ufa-2 Ufa
11.     Chelyabinsk Chelyabinsk

Preliminary match results

Today the championship is in full swing. Several matches have already been played and there are already first results.

West Group:

A placeCommandGlasses
1 Torpedo (Vladimir) 9
2 Textile Worker (Ivanovo) 9
3 Pskov-747 6
4 Luke-Energy 4
5 Chertanovo-2 4
6 Velez 4
7 Moore 3
8 Leningradets 3
9 Dnieper 3
10 Kazanka 3
11 Dolgoprudny 2
12 Banner of Labor 1
13 Kolomna 0

The contenders for the FNL Championship are Torpedo from Vladimir, and Kolomna can drop out in the third division.

Group East Siberia:

A placeCommandGlasses
1 Irtysh 3
2 Dynamo (Barnaul) 1
2 Zenit (Irkutsk) 1
4 Sakhalin 0
5 Siberia-2 0
6 Chita 0

For the time being, the Irtysh FC gains access to the FNL Championship, and may leave the second division of Chita.

Group South:

A placeCommandGlasses
1 Volgar 6
2 Spartak Nalchik 4
3 Gull 4
4 Mashuk-CMS 4
5 Angusht 4
6 Harvest 3
7 Krasnodar-3 3
8 friendship 3
9 Spartak-Vladikavkaz 1
10 Chernomorets 1
11 Legion-Dynamo 1
12 Dynamo (Stavropol) 1
13 Biologist-Novokubansk 1
14 SKA (Rostov-on-Don) 1
15 Academy of Football. V. Monday 0

The Astrakhan Volgar is in the lead - he has all the chances to get a ticket to the FNL, and FC Football Academy. B. Monday runs the risk of going into the third division.

Group Center:

A placeCommandGlasses
1 Quantum 9
2 Falcon 6
3 Sharp-eyed 6
4 Torpedo (Moscow) 6
5 Chemist (Novomoskovsk) 5
6 Saturn 5
7 Metallurg (Lipetsk) 4
8 Ryazan 4
9 Dynamo (Bryansk) 3
10 Rotor-2 3
11 Kaluga 1
12 Salyut-Belgorod 1
13 Khimki-M (Khimki) 0
14 Strogino 0

Obninsk Quantum will be able to prove himself among the teams of the clubs of the National Football League. If circumstances do not change, Moscow Strogino will be sent to the third division.

Group Ural-Volga:

A placeCommandGlasses
2 Neftekhimik 6
3 Volga (Ulyanovsk) 6
4 Lada-Tolyatti 6
5 Ural-2 4
6 Nosta 3
7 Syzran-2003 3
8 Star (Perm) 3
9 Zenit Izhevsk 3
10 Chelyabinsk 1
11 Ufa-2 0

According to the results of the FNL Championship matches, KAMAZ can count, and Ufa-2 is rapidly losing its place in the second division.

Important! The data presented are preliminary and by the end of the championship the results of the tournament tables may change.

Player Statistics

Today, in the West group, the top three top scorers are:

  1. Alexander Alekseev: Forward from FC Tekstilshchik (scored 4 goals).
  2. Evgeny Popov: midfielder from FC Tekstilshchik (scored 2 goals).
  3. Alexander Dolgov: striker from FC Kazanka (scored 1 goal).

The best players of the East:

  1. Andrei Razborov: Irtysh FC striker (scored 2 goals).
  2. Anatoly Negoda: defender of FC Chita (scored 1 goal).

Three of the best players in the group Center:

  1. Alexander Saplinov: Sokol FC midfielder (scored 2 goals).
  2. Artemy Ukomsky: forward of FC Dynamo-Bryansk (scored 2 goals).
  3. Evgeni Druschits: forward FC Kvant (scored 2 goals).

Three leading players of the South group:

  1. Alexander Bologin: FC Volgar midfielder (scored 2 goals).
  2. Ilmir Nurisov: FC Harvest midfielder (scored 2 goals).
  3. Georgy Gongadze: striker FK Mashuk-KMV (scored 2 goals).

Three of the best scorers in the Ural-Volga region:

  1. Ruslan Galiakberov: FC KAMAZ forward (scored 3 goals).
  2. Andrei Zolotov: defender of FC KAMAZ (scored 2 goals).
  3. Artyom Yarkin: forward of FC Nosta (scored 2 goals).
Ruslan Galiakberov

Ruslan Galiakberov

Conducting matches

In the middle of summer 2018, the PFL Championship started two-round tournament, and it will last until the beginning of summer 2019. In total, the competition consists of 26 rounds, when each team from the group will play 2 matches between each other (home and away). The final results of the championship will be announced in late May - early June 2019. Games will be held at home stadiums and stadiums rivals.

The first round began in July 2018, and from October the teams will compete in the second round. The dates of the games and the distribution of teams are determined by drawing lots and so far remain unchanged. In winter, the championship is scheduled to break, and the teams will meet again in April 2019 to continue the fight. The last matches will be held in May - early June 2019. Then it will be possible to summarize the PFL Championship of the 27th season and voice the further fate of the participants.

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