The best restaurant, St. Petersburg. Restaurant "Moscow", St. Petersburg: reviews and photos

An inseparable part of the city tourSt. Petersburg are delicious lunches and mouth-watering dinners. However, it is very important that they are not only a simple meal, but also serve as a continuation of acquaintance with local attractions. Each traveler and visitor of the city will be pleased to alternate interesting excursions with luxurious restaurants, where charming music sounds and twinkle lights. Today we will talk about what the northern capital of Russia is the mostthe best restaurant. St. Petersburgargues that this is "Moscow". The number of visitors here is increasing every day.

best restaurant saint petersburg

Restaurant "Moscow"

This institution received such a name, becauseis located near the Moscow railway station. It is famous for its "Moscow" hospitality. His best restaurant in St. Petersburg is located so that from its windows you can long enjoy the view of Nevsky Prospekt. The institution is famous for its excellent cuisine, as the menu here was elaborated quite scrupulously. It includes only the most vivid dishes, which have gained world fame and popularity.

Exterior and interior

"Moscow" is one of the most chicrestaurants of the city. The exterior of the building has a brick color, this gives it some refinement. Above the building there is a bright sign that attracts visitors. The interior of the restaurant is created by world standards, it is aristocratic and strict, here you feel yourself an important person. Strict colors, crystal chandeliers, clear lines allow us to say that designers have created a true masterpiece, which is designed to provide a pleasant atmosphere and coziness.

restaurant moscow saint petersburg


The menu of the restaurant is able to satisfy the mostdemanding taste. European, Asian, Japanese, Italian, Mediterranean and Russian cuisine are served here. Pelmeni, spaghetti, pizza, porridges with mushrooms, soups with champignons, rolls, seafood salads, sushi, khachapuri, meat and fish on the grill - all this will be found in this institution lovers of delicious and appetizing meals. The main dishes are harmoniously complemented with freshly baked rolls and bread. The restaurant "Moscow" offers its visitors an open kitchen. St. Petersburg has made sure that in its institutions guests have the opportunity to observe the preparation of the dishes that they ordered.

The bar card offers fine wines from France and Italy, mulled wine, vodka and various cocktails. An experienced sommelier will help determine the choice of wines, as well as snacks to them.

the best restaurants in St. Petersburg


Its best restaurant in St. Petersburg is locatedso that from the terrace you can watch the main street of the city. This place is well suited for romantic meetings. In addition, the quiet unobtrusive music that sounds here, has a quiet and intimate communication. Also in this institution you can watch sports broadcasts. For children, the restaurant offers accessories for drawing, a corner with toys, tables, cartoons. There is also a nanny who will look after the children if necessary.


According to numerous reviews, "Moscow" is the besta restaurant. St. Petersburg has chosen for him a good location, since most tourists rest here. The visitors celebrate an excellent cuisine, the dishes are offered for every taste, as well as polite and efficient staff. According to the visitors, there are a few restaurants in St. Petersburg that are also worthy of the title of the best.

saint petersburg restaurant mansard

Mansard Restaurant

This magnificent institution is located on the lastfloor of the center of Quattro Corti, from its windows a fascinating panoramic view opens, a view of St. Isaac's Cathedral, which, with its beauty, excites everyone who saw it. All its restaurants are decorated only in a modern style of St. Petersburg. The restaurant "Mansard" is no exception, although it does not concern the visitors at all, but the fact that all the historic buildings of the city are visible from this bird's eye view.

"Mansard" is the place where it is goodto spend romantic evenings or meetings with foreign friends, colleagues. Unusual surroundings will surely leave a lot of unforgettable impressions. In the design design used Italian style, talk about this wooden tables, a lot of soft cushions on the sofas, pots with curly plants.

kitchen restaurant saknt petersburg

Restaurant "Kitchen"

Not quite suitable, it would seem, the name forFrench restaurant. However, this is the place where hospitality and warmth reign, which are so important for every family that wants to spend time at the same table. In addition to French dishes, both Provencal and Italian dishes are served, for example, salad "Nuwasaz", ​​homemade pasta and so on.

Provençal style interior - business cardsuch an institution as "Kitchen". The restaurant (St. Petersburg) is decorated in soft pastel colors, so-called home elements are used everywhere. There is a children's corner with a lot of toys, books, paints and other things.

"Kitchen" is the place where you can meetabsolutely for any reason: celebrate anything, work, just think or sink, cheer up or have a good rest. Regularly, master classes are held here for both adults and children.

best restaurant saint petersburg

Thus, to remain hungry in the northernthe capital is simply impossible. The best restaurants of St. Petersburg meet guests every day, they are ready to please them with their delicious, delicious dishes, good service, unforgettable programs and, at last, a cozy quiet atmosphere.

The restaurant is not only a place where it's deliciousbut also a place for unforgettable meetings with friends and family, family holidays, business negotiations. That is why it is important not only the quality of food, but also a cozy atmosphere, friendly staff and good service. In St. Petersburg restaurants, it's all there. Each of them represents a quality, prestige and the highest level of service. Here you can find only the best for each visitor. For many years now the restaurants of the northern capital have been included in the lists of the best institutions in the country. Here they know how to take care of guests, considering all their wishes and needs. Restaurants are constantly evolving, improving the quality of service, striving for excellence.

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