Perfume "Gold of the Scythians": description and composition

The fragrances of the "New Dawn" in the Soviet Unionenjoyed great popularity, because in times of scarcity few people could get the coveted box with perfume from France or Poland. Therefore, there was no special choice among women of fashion, and the products of the enterprise, founded in 1846, were at variance. Perhaps the most famous creation of the factory is the "Red Moscow" that appeared after the revolution, but there is one more flavor that made up the competition for proven foreign hits.

The secrets of creating the scent Or des Scythes

Popular spirits of "Gold of the Scythians" - this is the mosta real work of perfume art, whose origin is shrouded in mystery. The data on the appearance of this masterpiece vary considerably. Some sources say that the fragrance appeared in the postwar period, when I wanted to forget about the horrors of ruin and hunger as soon as possible. It was then that the eastern treasure was born, playing many-voiced notes and very different from the domestic one-component products.spirits of gold Scythians new dawn this

According to the idea of ​​perfumers, whose names did not remainin memory, the Soviet spirits of the "Gold of the Scythians" personified a new carefree life and were intended for the chic women craving for luxury. It is believed that the authors created a fragrance that won over its originality and gained fame only in the 80s of the last century.

In various sources there is a mention thatin 1958, the creation of Or des Scythes received an award at an international exhibition, however, according to official data of the "New Dawn", a very different scent - the very "Red Moscow" - received a high rating.

Another version of the appearance of the legend

According to other sources, the legend was released in 1988year, an unknown author of a spicy composition was Marina Stepanova - the head of the factory, and a year later received gold medal at the international exhibition perfume "Gold Scythians". "New Dawn" once again put in its treasury reward, which indicated the quality and high class of products.

The face of the "New Dawn"

This flavor can be called the face of the company, because heembodied the best finds and achievements in the field of perfumery art. Our mothers and grandmothers enjoyed using the "Scythian treasure", and we need to thank the factory management for the unique opportunity to touch the real legend. For the distinctive character of spirits, they are loved to this day, and thousands of women make a choice in favor of a pungent smell with a drop of honey and oriental spices.

Vintage and remake

The modern version is exactly the samethe source, although connoisseurs with spirits that were released a few decades ago, claim that there is a difference in sound. Vintage perfume "Gold of the Scythians" ("New Dawn") is a dense, rich composition, reinforced with special notes and a slight sourness. In the Soviet years, only natural ingredients were used in the production of fragrance, which explains its phenomenal stamina and bright changes in the base of the composition. Of course, this creation is not for a young girl, but ideally suits a confident woman.

The aroma released today is simplified, in pursuitfor saving, he lost his natural components and is characterized by a greater sweetness and ease of sound, in which there is no saturation. There are testimonials that this is a completely different perfume that does not play with colors and is devoid of individuality, for which it was loved in the Soviet Union. Although, to tell the truth, there are also directly contradicted opinions, and when comparing the two versions, some do not see much difference.Soviet perfume gold Scythians

Traditions about the untold treasures of the Scythians

Where did this unusual name come from?perfume? Beautiful legends about the ancient civilization of the Scythians and burials, in which they found innumerable riches, excited the minds of the townsfolk. According to archaeologists, a mysterious people buried their ancestors in the fields, breaking through the deep passages in the ground, and in the secret rooms left treasures so that the dead would not need anything. In the tombs were found a lot of gold, because the nomads believed that this immortal material, helping in the other world.

Special interest was caused by those found in barrowsornaments on which images of animals and various patterns were applied. According to scientists, a lot of graves in the steppes have not yet been found, which only fueled interest in a bygone culture.

History, reflected in the title

Legends are reflected in different types of art,and Soviet perfumery was no exception. The management of the company made a sure marketing move, choosing the exciting name "Gold of the Scythians". The spirits evoked vivid associations with the treasures, and the external design of the cute bottle along with the fragrant contents of golden color declared the preservation of traditions in the Soviet Union.spirits of gold of the Scythians

On the dark-blue box of perfume, a golden pectoral was pushed out - a breast ornament from the Scythian mound.

Beautiful design of the fragrance

A separate story deserves a bottle, becausebefore the unknown author who worked at the factory in the city of Gus Khrustalny, had a difficult task - to create a beautiful "garment" for the spirits, which would reflect the connection of times. I must say that the master coped with his task brilliantly, and the light saw a glass semicircular bottle resembling a stylized rook. As women remember, a small bubble with a ground cork and golden ribbed cap was nice to hold.

Modern perfumes

However, if we talk about the modern versionaroma, it is available in a rectangular miniature bottle, and this laconic design has lost its charm and personality. The perfume is packed in a dark blue box of cardboard, on which gold embossing without pectoral is of the Scythians perfume

The purchase of "Gold of the Scythians" is not anyLabor: to the services of buyers, the official online store "New Dawn" and perfume networks. Inexpensive fragrance is available to everyone, and due to low cost, the opportunity to acquire falsification comes to naught.

Complex composition of spirits

The composition of perfume includes the same ingredients: alcohol component and colorants. But for a unique aroma meet the various components (natural and chemical), giving a unique perfume to the canvas. I must admit that the non-spoiled Soviet women were pleasantly surprised by the complex bouquet of the classical composition, and this is what distinguished the "Spirits of Gold" spirits created by Novaya Zarya. The composition, which surprises with an abundance of spices, aphrodisiacs (amber and patchouli) and fruits, is what made this perfume original and memorable.

Description of the playing multi-voiced composition notes

Base green notes, thick and rich,They play like a brilliant sparkling in the sun. They from the first pshika declare themselves, and the space is filled with surround sound, where the amber-colored heaviness shimmers with a special component, and the soft patchouli disappears under the warming jasmine honey on the sandalwood bed. A fragrant vanilla accent completes the composition, and the fruit shades in which the ripe apple and peach pulp are guessed are weaved together with the chypre moss.spirits of gold Scythians new dawn reviews

The exhaled spirits of the "Gold of the Scythians" corresponded to the moderntrends in world perfumes. The fragrance was exported abroad and enjoyed undoubted success, which indicated the high level and quality of the products of the "New Dawn".

Perfume "Gold of the Scythians" ("New Dawn"): reviews

The representatives of the fair sex respond differently about the fragrance, so try to note the claims and the positive side.

Women who previously opted for lungssmells, and now they decided to try the rich east, the initial notes seem very sharp, and many stop using evening spirits with their character. We must admit that ringing aldehydes, hot ambergris and bright spices, among which the first violin is carnation, is not universally liked. And the heavy composition causes rejection, although the first impression of a hard start is quickly dissipated, and the sonorous heart plays apple-honey notes in the piquant haze of sandalwood.

Warming in the cold

Someone responds that the fragrance is suitableexclusively for the cold, when he warms his soft heat, like a hot mulled wine with spices. Dull sometimes, he sparkles with bright colors, breathing life and saving from the spleen. A delightful aroma of thick buckwheat honey and sonorous apples recalls the sunny summer. When the delightful sweetness is carried around, the air is filled with a smoky-bitter smell of the steppe, where untouched mounds are about the spirits of gold in the Scythians new dawn

Lovers of a wonderful perfume note that this is exactly how nature itself smells: sun, air, grasses and raw moss.

Off-season fragrance

However, the radiating composition is beautiful andsummer time, when the ethnic pattern beautifully shows up on hot days. On the fragrance can not be said that it is stifling, on the contrary, the beautiful spirits of the "Gold of the Scythians", the description of which corresponds to the original name, are ideal for everyday work. In the evening, a rich bouquet begins to mysteriously pour and play, like a golden ornament in the moonlight.

Atmospheric odor

Often reviews that it is very atmosphericaroma that evokes memories: the smell of loneliness and reverie, when you want to be alone with yourself, get away from a cheerful company to cover yourself with a warm blanket and bury yourself in an interesting book.

Women admit to a great love for spirits witha terrific train. It is worth a bit to wait for the sharp notes, how the real magic begins, and the east-spicy smell reveals itself in a completely different way. Not violating the internal harmony, but, on the contrary, its emphasizing, the creation needs a clear dosage. This is not perfume water, but perfume with a high concentration of aromatics, so when applying the liquid should be careful: with an overdose, the head begins to hurt.

A treasure that will not lose its value

Do not rush to make hasty conclusions, whenyou hear negative reviews about the spirits of the "Gold of the Scythians" ("New Dawn"). Try them on your skin, and then you will discover a world that allows you to touch a multifaceted treasure that can not be compared with anything.the spirits of the gold of the Scythians new dawn

A true masterpiece attracts attention and playssparkling colors, like the most luxurious decoration in the world, which will never lose its value. If you want, you can compare the modern and vintage versions, because in the mysteries of perfume lovers there are still riches that they share with others.

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