Payments for the second child in 2019

The state pays benefits, showing its interest in increasing the population and the health of future generations. However, the family will have to make some efforts to get all the money they need. The experience of experienced parents will help to quickly collect documents to receive benefits and new payments from the parent capital.

Some benefits for the second child in 2019 will be the same as the payments for the firstborn:

  • For registration to 12 weeks in the amount of about 600 rubles.
  • Maternity - payment of sick leave (BL) for 140 days (100% of average income).
  • A lump sum, in 2019 - a little more than 16,500 rubles.
  • One-time (25 000 rubles) and a monthly payment (11 000 rubles) for children of an appeal.
  • Care allowance for up to 1.5 years (40% of average income).
  • Compensation on leave from 1.5 to 3 years (60 p.).

How to get maximum maternity and care allowance

By default, the calculation of the average income of the accounting department will be made in the two years preceding the one in which maternity leave (OPBiR) took place.If at this time the woman was on leave to care for the older child, then she has the right to write a statement and choose another calendar year for the calculations in order to increase the amount of benefits. The maximum you can get 282 493, 40 rubles. (at a salary of 61,375 rubles.).

If employment has changed, all income can be taken into account by taking the average income certificate from previous jobs.


Maternal capital

If the second, third or subsequent baby appeared on January 1, 2007 and later, parents can apply for obtaining maternal (family) capital (MSC). And if not earlier than January 1, 2018, then a new way of spending money in Moscow is available. Additional monthly payments for the second child in 2019 correspond to the size of the subsistence minimum in the region (on average, 10,500 rubles). It will be necessary to confirm that in the 12 months preceding the month of applying for payment, the income per person was less than one and a half regional subsistence minimums.

If the income level is close to this figure, contact first of all for the payment from the MSC, so that other benefits are not included in the current year.

Employed will need help on form 2-NDFL for the past and current year.Payment of RTP and other BCs, childcare benefits, payments from the state upon birth of a child are not taxed, therefore they are not displayed in the 2-NDFL certificate. To account for these amounts in calculating the average monthly income, you need to make a request to the Social Insurance Fund (FSS).

They will need to provide not only certificates showing the level of income, but also documents confirming the absence of all theoretically possible payments.

Even if the spouse did not go on sick leave and on parental leave, and all the allowances were made out for the mother, you will need to confirm this. In this case, the FSS will issue a certificate that the charges in favor of the citizen for the reporting period are zero.

If the legal address of the employer is not in the region of the employee's registration, it is necessary to request a certificate from the territorial division of the Social Insurance Fund through the accounting department or personnel department.

Both spouses must obtain information from the Employment Fund at the place of registration that they were not registered and did not receive unemployment benefits or the amount of payments that occurred. A man will need to show a military ID in order to exclude the presence in the service and the corresponding payments or a certificate of the amount of the content received.

The term for producing certificates of income and social payments is from 3 to 10 business days, and they are valid up to 30 calendar days.

You can apply for such a payment at the MFC or the Pension Fund at any time before the child reaches the age of 1.5 years, however, if you have time for up to six months, they will pay for the entire time from the date of birth of the baby, if not, only from the date of treatment. When the child is one year old, you will need to reapply.

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