Parquet flooring

The design of the parquet, its scraping, operational capabilities, as well as aesthetic qualities depend on what kind of wood is used to make it. Usually, in the manufacture of parquet used moderately hard and hard rocks. The choice of these breeds is characterized by the fact that they are durable. Products made from them have a long life, resistant to various influences.

In the manufacture of parquet often use oak. This is a strong tree, which has an amazing pattern in the section. Parquet strips made of oak, light yellow or light brown. They have a solid and smooth structure that can withstand the scraping of parquet more than once. That is why oak parquet has the longest service life, measured in a century.

Parquet planks made of maple have a yellowish tint. Such parquet fills with light and revives any room. It should be remembered that the maple parquet is better to varnish the new generation, as it does not cause it to darken.

The ash parquet is very durable.High strength makes it decisive in the performance of the parquet floor in very noisy rooms, in dance studios, in rooms where athletes train.

Teak parquet has high strength and moisture resistance. Resistance to moisture is one of the main factors that affect its service life. Such a floor becomes relevant for multi-storey buildings, as there is a chance that you may be flooded by the neighbors living above. Teak parquet withstands the like. After flooding, it is easy to restore it with a scrap. Teak board contains essential oils that make wood resistant to moisture.

The floorboard has a rich yellow color. It is resistant to various deformations. Beech parquet flooring is also in demand among masters who make parquet, as well as among buyers. Beech is amenable to processing, has many shades, ranging from light and ending with a very dark shade. Beech is good to use. It has a good appearance. It is resistant to various mechanical damage.

Preparing parquet for varnishing

Do not forget about the preparatory stage of work before varnishing the parquet.If you do not take care of priming and sanding the floor in advance, the result will not live up to expectations. To do this, you will need the following tools and materials: cloth, vacuum cleaner, brush, grinding material, primer, antiseptic.

This process includes such work.

1. To prevent darkening of the wood and reduce the absorption of varnish into it, the parquet is primed. This is done using special primers. You can also use nitrolak, but here you need to pay attention to their color. Primer is carried out with a brush in 1 layer.

2. When the surface is dry, proceed to grinding. If the varnish is applied to wood, it is recommended to pre-impregnate it with an antiseptic.

3. If varnished floors that already have a coating, you need to pay attention to the surface preparation. Floors must be thoroughly cleaned of various contaminants, grease and wax. Grind the surface until it becomes matte. After grinding, dust remains. It is removed with a vacuum cleaner, wipe the surface with a damp cloth.

4. If the coating has heavy wear, grind it to clean wood.

5. When applying water lacquers on a wooden surface can be raised nap.Therefore, after sanding the wood, it is slightly moistened and polished again after drying.

6. After drying, the primer starts to apply varnish.

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