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Osho - the parable of judgment

Judgment means a frozen state of mind. The mind always seeks to judge, because being in the process of development is dangerous and uncomfortable. Be very, very courageous, do not stop your growth. Do not stop, live in the moment, just be in the flow of life.

This story happened during the time of Lao Tzu in China, and Lao loved her very much. An old man lived in the village, very poor, but even the kings envied him, since he had a beautiful white horse. The kings offered him an unprecedented price for a horse, but the old man always said:

- This horse is not a horse for me. He is a person. And how can I sell a person, sell a friend? The old man was poor, but did not sell the horse. Once he discovered that the horse was not in the stable. The whole village gathered, and the people said:

- You're an old fool! We knew that one day the horse would not be in place. It would be better to sell it. What a misfortune! - Do not go too far by saying so. Just say that the horse is not in place, - the old man answered them. - That is the fact, the rest of the judgment.No matter what, misfortune or blessing, I do not know, because it is only a fragment. Who knows what will follow?

People laughed at the old man. They always knew that he was a little crazy. But after 15 days, one night, the horse returned. He was not stolen, he just ran free. And that was not all. He brought with him a dozen horses. Again, people gathered and said: - The old man is right. This is not a misfortune. Now it is clear that it was a blessing.

- Again you go far. Just say the horse is back. Who knows if this is a blessing or not? - quietly answered the old man.

- This is only a fragment. You have read one word in the expression. How can you judge a whole book?

This time the people did not talk much, but inside they decided that he was wrong: twelve beautiful horses! The old man was the only son who began to go around these horses. Just a week later, he fell off his horse and broke both his legs. People gathered again and again judged: - You again proved your point! This is a misfortune. Your only son lost his legs, and in your old age he is your only support. Now you are even poorer than you were.

- You are obsessed with judgment. Do not go so far. Tell me only that the son broke his legs.No one knows whether it is bad luck or blessing. Life comes in slices, but we haven’t been given more. It so happened that after a few weeks the country entered the war, and all the young men went into the army. Only the son of an old man remained, because he was a cripple. The whole village screamed and cried because it was a decisive battle, and they knew that most of the young people would not return. They came to the old man and said:

“You were right, old man, now it’s obvious that it was a blessing.” Well, your son is a cripple, but he is with you. Our sons are gone forever. The old man said again:

- You continue to judge. No one knows this! Just say that your sons are suitable for the army, but my son is not. Only God, the Absolute, knows whether it is unhappiness or a blessing. As long as you judge, you do not grow, do not develop. Judgment means a frozen state of mind. And the mind always requires judgment, because being in the process of development is always risky and uncomfortable. In fact, the journey never ends. One part ends, but the other begins, one door closes, the other opens. You reach the top, but a different, higher one appears.

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