Original living room and bedroom zoning ideas

In the conditions of small apartments and for such types of housing as studios and lofts, the question of competent division of space arises quite acutely. Proper zoning of the living room and bedroom will allow you to combine functionality with comfort in the same room. The division of the room into parts is necessary if the apartment is intended for more than one tenant, guests often come. Fully adapt to the mode of the day of another person, to combine leisure, interests are not always under power. Everyone needs a private space, so a folding sofa for the living room is not enough here.

Combining the living room with the bedroom, it is necessary to think up competent and comfortable combinations, because the room involves the creation of:

  • places for a good sleep;
  • dressing room;
  • working corner;
  • living area.

Original zoning options

The basic ideas of planning, which can be successfully implemented in miniature versions of rooms, as well as in loft-type rooms.


Zoning a room into a living room and a bedroom with the help of furniture can become the most budgetary and simple to implement. Transformable versions of sofas, tables, beds, especially relevant in the interior design in the style of high-tech and minimalism. This layout can be changed due to the fact that the furniture can be rearranged and assembled. In this case, attention should be paid to the wheels embedded in the interior, comfortable, durable materials (aluminum, rattan), furniture like a matryoshka.

Furniture Tips

  1. If you can not buy a full bed and living room furniture, then a durable folding sofa or a transforming bed should be taken with an orthopedic mattress.
  2. The private zone presupposes the presence of a bed and bedside tables, the living room should have a transforming sofa, ottomans on wheels, bean bags that save space, a coffee table made of glass, which facilitates space.
  3. The mezzanines in the combined living room-bedroom should be abandoned by including through racks with drawers or a podium in the room design.
  4. For absolutely small rooms it is better to put a folding sofa to the right of the window.If it is possible to put only a bed, then it is better to cover it with a quilted blanket of neutral colors and add decorative pillows.
  5. Low options shelving with shelves will not visually reduce the room, if you install them as far as possible from the windows.
  6. Low cabinets can be equipped with stands or removable surfaces in the form of tables, turning the wardrobe system into a work area.
  7. Bilateral racks will allow to use as much as possible space for storage of things.


Zoning space curtains offers many interesting options. To do this, you need to choose the right design, texture, palette of shades, to harmoniously fit the drapery into the interior.

  • Monochromatic coloring or small ornament looks more profitable in small rooms and does not create a feeling of confusion.
  • Bright accents are applied on accessories, neutral shades are left for curtains.
  • To fill the room with light is to abandon the dense tissue, preferring chiffon.

Departing from the classic options, it is worth experimenting with blinds, curtains made of bamboo, beads, threads.A huge number of hand-made solutions for creating curtains open up new possibilities when embodying a unique interior. Elements of plastic bottles, shells, tinsel, decorative flowers, and lids are taken as the basis. Sometimes it is enough to separate the bed with a canopy to divide the room into zones.


Bedspread or furniture upholstery in the living area should be different from the bedroom. The paintings make the walls heavier, so they are not suitable for decoration in small rooms. All accessories are selected on the basis of the chosen design style. An expensive but beautiful zoning option would be a flat aquarium or an electronic fireplace inscribed in a niche. Such elements make up the style of minimalism, lax high-tech, enjoying great popularity in the interior of modern apartments. For TV and other equipment it is worth using swivel brackets that are attached to the wall and thus save space if the room is small.


You can fence off the space can be optional solid wall, and using metal slats or wooden piles in the Japanese style. Partitions can cover only a part of the sleeping area, leaving the living room more light if the bed is at the window. Stationary partitions are suitable for elongated rooms.Square layout is to beat the screens. Sliding doors with frosted glass and stained glass look original, let the light in, unlike the walls of plasterboard. For very small rooms, it is advisable to install mirrored doors to separate zones.

Modern ideas of partitions can be embodied in folding screens or large art canvases by type of gallery. Such options are more mobile than glass and drywall constructions, which are laid in the initial stages of room planning. It will be impossible to change such zones after the establishment of partitions without major repairs.

Creating arches of various shapes is considered an elegant way of planning the space. Arches, combined with partitions and niches in the style of Gaudi architecture, will make the design of the room unique. To embody the ease and mobility allow partition wall, assembled from two separate panels. A person will be able to vary the width of the curtain, cutting off partly or completely from the guest area.


Creating a podium can carry a decorative function, separate the space from the bed to the living room,and can function as a cabinet with drawers. The height of the structure can start from 5 cm and go up several steps. Everything depends on the height of the ceilings and whether the person is going to include boxes for things inside the podium. Only couples without children can afford such an interesting solution, otherwise they will have to additionally fence off the sleeping area with partitions or drapery.

Tips for planning different functional areas

  1. Sleep area should be as far as possible from doors and walkways. An ideal location would be a place by the window or in the opening, if the layout of the room is not rectangular or square. The living room should be located closer to the exit. The work area and dressing room should be placed on the basis of selected furniture and convenience.
  2. Lighting is made separate, complements the overall design, so the central chandelier on the ceiling must be abandoned. As light sources can be floor lamps, aquarium, sconces, lamps, corresponding to the style of the interior. Do not use LED lighting to illuminate furniture, beams, podiums or partitions, increasing the effect of space zoning.
  3. The living room should stand out, be brighter than the bedroom at the expense of furniture, accessories, wallpaper and lighting.Compliance with a single room design is carried out using a palette of matching colors.
  4. The floor and ceiling are able to accentuate the area of ​​the room. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think over the flooring materials in advance, selecting the appropriate laminate or parquet for the living room, carpet or carpet for the bedroom. The ceiling can be layered with beams and arches dividing the room into several separate spaces. Glossy stretch ceiling options visually increase the space of the room.
  5. The colors of the bedroom can be made a few tones darker, without fear of limiting the space with the help of photo wallpapers suitable for the design of the room.
  6. Including a children's bedroom in the living room, parents should opt for a cradle with castors and a screen. Zoning this corner is enough, having pasted bright wall-paper on walls.
  7. It is better to place electrical sockets farther from the bed so that the devices left for the night do not interfere with good sleep.
  8. A large mirror looks great on wardrobes, but do not hang it in the bedroom area on the wall.

With proper space planning, designers manage to create a cozy living room with all the necessary functionality, even for 5 m2.For the bedroom will be enough 4 m2 due to the active use of transformable furniture. In large rooms, the problem of zoning is solved by partitions, because there is a lot of space and you can afford to separate zones without overlapping.

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