Original ideas - do-it-yourself home decoration for Easter

Great Easter Day gives a sense of celebration and immense joy, a feeling of goodness and complete happiness. Of course some cares are added to housewives, but they are rather pleasant than burdensome. It is necessary to bring cleanliness in the house and yard, decorate the rooms, bake the kulichik and paint the eggs.

Not only deeply religious people who observe strict fasting, but also those who do not attend church will decorate their homes with decor. After all, the greatness of this holiday is spread far beyond the church and every person strives to celebrate the great resurrection of the Son of the Lord.

This article offers various options for decorating the house itself, as well as the table and gifts, hand-made.



Easter room decor: how to decorate the front door

The first thing guests see when they come to your house is the front door. It can also be decorated with Easter wreaths and flowers.We will show you in more detail below at the master class.


  • Twigs of the vine - 30pcs;
  • Wire - 50cm;
  • Moss - 10pcs;
  • Dried flowers - 20 twigs;
  • Colored eggs - 5pcs.

Let's start:

Take a few twigs of the vine and twist them into a wreath.To do this, you can use birch or willow twigs. At the junction, secure them with wire.Wrap the top with more twigs and secure.Continue this operation until you reach a diameter of a wreath, about five centimeters. Now, with the help of a glue gun, we begin to glue various decorative elements. Moss first.Then dry flowers.Then painted eggs.See for yourself, if somewhere there is empty space, then it can always be filled with a flower or an egg.

Eggs before it to release from the inside, wash, dry and paint.

That's it, the wreath is ready.

Master class on decorating the house before Easter

In fact, now there are so many interesting ideas put up on the Internet for everyone to see, it remains to pick up something for everyone and create for the joy of others. Therefore, store your liver and admire what we have prepared for you.

A hare garland

This is a very light and simple decoration.Connect to his making of children and create with pleasure.


  • Colored cardboard - 2 sheets;
  • Scissors - 1 pc;
  • Glue gun - 1pc;
  • Pompons - 10pcs;
  • Twine - 2 meters.

What do we have to do:

On the cardboard using stencils draw the silhouettes of future bunnies.On the Internet you can find stencils of various shapes and sizes.Cut out carefully with scissors.With the sharp end of the scissors we pierce the holes for the ropes.We pass the string into the holes.It remains to glue tails of pompons.This can be done with a glue gun.Garland is ready.

Easter homemade decor

We always give loved ones and friends painted Easter eggs. So why not arrange them in beautiful baskets made with your own hands? It will be not only beautiful, but also no less convenient. And in the future such baskets can be used as needle cases.


  • Plastic jar - 1pc;
  • Various tapes - 5 pieces on 25 cm;
  • Button - 1pcs;
  • Scissors - 1 pc;
  • Glue gun - 1 pc.

Let's start:

Plastic binder to coat with glue.Attach a wide ribbon to it.Then we attach a thin ribbon from above.And we tie it on the button.After we wind the handle and fix it at the highest point with the help of a glue gun.The very edge of the bucket is decorated with lace.Fill the basket with painted grass and Easter eggs. The souvenir is ready!

Making Easter bunnies

And you can make the decor a little harder, but it will look more impressive, and it will last you more than one year.


  • Fabric - 50cm;
  • Needle and thread - 1pc;
  • Scissors - 1 pc;
  • Pencil - 1 pc;
  • A filler - 1 piece;
  • Clay pencil - 1 pc.

Let's start:

We draw on the fabric drawing of the future billet.For this you can use a stencil.We translate the ears on the fabric.Sew them according to the pattern and cut out with corrugated scissors.Stitch the abdomen and fill it with filler.Sew a hole.Connect the ears.And sew them to the calf.Then we prepare a basket for the bunny. Place a napkin on the foam egg and glue the rolled paper in a circle.Stitch the mouth and nose of the bunny.Fill the spout with thread.We draw eyes.Glue to the basket dry flowers.Sticking in her bunny. All is ready.

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