Orchid St. Petersburg - this is not a flower

An amazing name for dogs - the orchid of St. Petersburg - very accurately characterizes the representatives of this breed. Variety of color and spectacular exotic appearance fully correspond to the name of the breed. Fragile, graceful creatures with aristocratic temper fully meet the requirements for home decorative dogs.

History of creation

St. Petersburg is not in vain called the "Northern Pearl". This city can not be disliked. That's the breeder of dogs Nina Nasibova, the owner of the cattery "From Lake Dolgoe," in a rather peculiar way, she confessed her love to her native city. In his honor, a new breed, a St. Petersburg orchid, derived from her was named.Orchid St. Petersburg - this is not a flower

Work on the breed began in 1997. The ultimate goal is to obtain a new variety of decorative dogs, namely Russian selection. Three years of hard work, a rigid selection of the original pairs and offspring gave their results. By the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg a new breed of dogs was born - the St. Petersburg orchid.

Breed description

The breed standard provides for a maximum animal weight of 4 kg, there is no lower limit. Height at the withers from 17 to 30 cm. The body is somewhat stretched in size. Orchid St. Petersburg - a strong dog with a well developed voluminous thorax.

A long, dry, high-set neck with a slight bend. The head is elegant, of medium size, high in elevation. Obviously, the forehead-muzzle transition is traced. Nose under the tone of color or black, small. Scissor bite. Eyes oval, medium, dark.

Color can be anything but white. A white speck on the chest is allowed, but no more. The fur itself is straight, fluffy, long, moderately dense with undercoat.

The tail, set below the line of the back, has a saber shape. According to the standard of breed, the Petersburg orchid is shortly arrested.

Average litter - 3-4 puppy (it is from 2 to 7), weighing up to 180 grams. Life expectancy up to 15 years.

Character of dogs

Representatives of this breed are very friendly, with a stable psyche. The dog is not aggressive and not timid. Excellent with the children, allowing them to do themselves almost anything. There are no problems when dealing with other animals. Cheerful and cheerful dog St. Petersburg orchid copes well with the role of companion.

Calmly sit in the hands of the owner during a trip or a trip to visit. She is not attached to a specific host, but equally loves all family members, their distant relatives and friends. The total absence of aggression and mistrust of strangers has its own disadvantage - it can provoke the theft of a dog.

Features care and maintenance

  • Wool. A huge plus is the absence of molting in animals. In addition, it is devoid of a specific odor, which allows it to contain people suffering from allergies. Daily combing, bathing once a couple of weeks. Several times a year the dogs are given a corporate haircut. It has its own peculiarities: on the hull the wool is trimmed according to the pattern of American Cockers, the tail is cut off. On the front paws, the wool is removed to the fifth finger, on the hind legs - up to one third of the hock joint. Ears, a bang, a mustache, a beard do not touch. In cold weather, it is better to protect the pet and buy clothes for it. The choice is huge, you can pick up not only things for the street, but also home pajamas.
  • Ears. Clean at least once every 10 days with a special lotion.
  • Eyes. Require daily wipe. A lotion is applied to a cotton swab (can be moistened with boiled water) and rubbed to the nose from the outer edge of the eye.
  • Teeth. Weak place of all decorative rocks. It should immediately accustom the animal to brushing teeth. A kit for this procedure can be purchased at a veterinary pharmacy. Systematic examination in the clinic will help to avoid periodontal disease and other problems associated with the oral cavity.
  • Anal glands. To prevent inflammation, you need to clean them 3-4 times a year. After squeezing the contents of the glands, the anus is thoroughly washed with warm potassium permanganate.

Breed breed for the maintenance in apartments of megalopolises. Features of care allow you to get maximum pleasure from communicating with animals at minimum cost.

Energetic "toy" will not let all households get bored. And no one will object if the little bully is located in the master's bed - soak up and get his portion of caress.

Dogs of the orchid breed of St. Petersburg are distinguished by intelligence and ingenuity. Perfectly trained. They can be taught to cope with their natural needs in a normal cat's tray. In ugly cold weather, this is especially true.


The main task of animals is to be a companion for a city dweller. This is an exclusively domestic, "pillow" dog. Due to their natural wit, the representatives of the St. Petersburg orchid can successfully perform in the dog show.

In the list of decorative dogs, a young breed of Petersburg orchid has taken its rightful place. Photos with these creatures cause affection and desire to acquire a living miracle.

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