Official congratulations on the New Year 2018

Although we still do not know how the most important official congratulations on New Year 2018, which President Vladimir Putin addresses to citizens of the Russian Federation on December 31, will sound, today we can imagine how ordinary people will congratulate each other.

To prepare for the year of the Yellow Earth Dog and to make appeals in verses and prose, kept in the official business style, colleagues, business partners, leaders and subordinates are sure to want.

What is worth mentioning

According to the Chinese horoscope, in the coming year, aspects related to vital forces, prosperity in business, the multiplication of existing values, as well as various material and spiritual benefits, will become especially significant.

Dog in a Christmas hat

Year of the Dog is always different from its "predecessors" stability, harmony and tranquility. During the 365 days that pass under the sign of this animal, usually there are no serious global cataclysms or other shocks.The dog helps in undertaking creators and creators, as well as enriches and saturates the world.

The accompanying attributes of 2018 will be the yellow color and the elements of the Earth. Together they will be symbols:

  • life energy;
  • wealth;
  • loyalty to family, honor, duty;
  • rootedness;
  • devotion to the chosen path;
  • reliability;
  • well-being;
  • thoroughness;
  • stability;
  • confidence;
  • enthusiasm.

It becomes clear that the next year will mark the time of great accomplishments and good deeds. That is what can be mentioned in the official congratulations.

new Year party

In addition, the wishes will be relevant:

  • loyal friends;
  • family and financial well-being;
  • success;
  • good luck;
  • reliable workmates;
  • good health;
  • career accomplishments;
  • the favors of the stars;
  • large scale projects;
  • cohesive team;
  • far-reaching plans;
  • understanding bosses.

Important! Despite the fact that the messages that are made for colleagues or leadership, and are called "official", this does not mean that they should be made dry and patterned. On the contrary, congratulations can be sustained in absolutely any form (long or short), syllable (prosaic or poetic), and even some informal notes are permissible in their content.

General rules for writing

However, in order to hit friends, you still have to follow some specific tips. If you want to make a wish, pleasant in all senses, remember that:

  • the message must be made within the framework of business etiquette. Do not use slang or slang words, as well as too free calls;
  • it must come from the heart. Do not look for an artificially beautiful whirlwind, but write what you think and really want to say;
  • congratulations do not need too detract;

The team for the new year

  • Any original inserts will be appropriate in circulation. As a creative "highlight" you can pick up words with which you associate the addressee. For example: “Let the booming and love that you invest in your business be boomerang next year and become a bright guiding star illuminating the path to success!”;
  • You should not resort to uniform designs.

And the main recommendation - be generous with your wishes on this wonderful night!


Even in the official congratulations on the New Year 2018, kindness and openness should be present.Your partners will certainly appreciate the appeal, if it is made and uttered sincerely.

Business partners

Examples of official messages for business associates are as follows:

  1. Dear partners! We heartily congratulate you on this wonderful holiday and hope that the coming period will become for you a stage of new achievements and opportunities that will qualitatively change your business. We believe that day by day your company will only become more successful, and prosperity and success will live forever within its walls. May 2018 give us all only a positive attitude and an inexhaustible supply of inspiration and strength!
  2. Dear friends! Allow me on this solemn night to wish you well, happiness and the fulfillment of all your goals. Let each of the coming days be marked by the fulfillment of desires, incessant development and progress. We are convinced that joint cooperation will result in an extremely successful implementation of many plans for our organizations. We promise that on our part we will apply maximum zeal for this!
  3. Dear partners and dear friends! Let's raise glasses in this beautiful winter night so that your company will flourish in the coming year.Let every employee work earnestly for the common success. We are sure that happy smiles, strong partnerships and success will not leave the walls of your organization, and the opportunities for self-realization will only multiply every minute!

Dicaprio with a glass

To customers

If you want to congratulate a client, here’s an option for how to contact him:

“As the saying goes,“ the customer is always right. ” We understand that consumers are the key to the success of any organization. And therefore, on the eve of 2018, we would like first of all to congratulate our esteemed and loyal customers! Thanks to your support, we continue to move forward, and weighted criticism does not allow us to lose the motivation for continuous improvement. We want to wish you joyful impressions and sincere emotions. Do not lose your optimism and continue to make this world a little bit better! ”.

To the boss

To please the manager, on New Year's Eve, tell him the following words:

“Alas, it often happens that the captain does not consult with his sailors on the choice of course ... Fortunately, our team lives and works according to other laws! You, our boss, not only see the potential in every employee, but also encourage it in every way.

We hope that our frigate will continue to confidently and successfully follow to the unknown lands and open up new horizons. We will do everything in order to achieve the team delighted you. Let us drink to ensure that our vessel resists among the reefs of crises under your leadership! ”

Employees congratulate the head of the New Year

So the poetic speech can sound:

"We wish you, gentlemen,

So that the New Year brings good luck.

So that business always flourished,

Good health in the bargain.

Or so:

"Our cheerful, friendly team

I congratulate you on this New Year!

Let us be accompanied by a positive

And they are pleased with stable incomes. ”

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