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Looking at the Nissan Pathfinder, the first thing that comesin the head: "Yes, it's just huge!". He looks really impressive, and most importantly - does not have unnecessary "gadgets". The history of the car goes back to Nissan Navara. Indeed, they are very similar. If you are familiar with these two cars, you will notice that the falshradiator grille, doors and many other elements have an extraordinary similarity. The rear of the body of the car looks less exquisite. It can be seen that the manufacturers tried to make a perfectly harmonious body, without unnecessary decorative details. The creators reacted very scrupulously to the creation of the Nissan Pathfinder. Reviews, among which it is very difficult to find negative, once again confirm this.Nissan Pathfinder-reviews.

To really appreciate the size of the car, you needstand next to him. Its length is 4.7 meters, width - 1.8, and height - 1.7 meters. The wheelbase is 2.8 meters. Such dimensions made it possible to make a very roomy trunk. Its volume is 190 liters, if not fold the rear seats. If they are thrown away, the volume of the trunk will be 2.1 cubic meters! This is not all that can please its owner Nissan Pathfinder. Reviews about its merits are so diverse that the eyes run.

Engineers at Nissan have always striven to treadkeeping pace with the times, applying modern technologies, but at the same time not forgetting about the glorious traditions. This car perfectly reflects this trend. So, the spar frame is supplemented with an independent suspension, which is the main distinctive feature of the Pathfinder in front of Navara. The suspension of the car is independent, quite elastic, but at the same time moderately rigid. This will allow Europeans to feel comfortable on autobahns.Nissan Pathfinder reviews.

Inside the car can accommodate 7 passengers. And this is according to the passport. How much a person can fit into it really is an interesting question. In comparison with the previous version, this model has got the third row of seats. And it harmoniously turns into the floor of the trunk. This process is quite easy, not taking much time and effort of the driver or passengers. In general, all the seats that are inside the cabin, can easily fold. In this whole Nissan Pathfinder. Reviews of car owners are very much in favor of choosing it.

It is impossible not to admire these Japanese! How well they worked on Nissan Pathfinder. Reviews in the network of this to the end will not give. It is necessary to be convinced of it personally. Developers managed to perfectly use the space inside the cabin. What is worth the fact that the salon can be transformed in 64 variants! And this is only in the basic version! The maximum configuration provides almost everything you need. For passengers in the rear seats a separate air conditioner is provided. Is it not a miracle?

And this is not counting the Bluetooth interface, MP3 player, back camera, navigator and other "chips".Nissan Pathfinder-characteristics.

I wonder how good on the road is NissanPathfinder. The characteristics of the car on the road deserve respect, and this despite the fact that the main emphasis of manufacturers put on comfort. Under the hood of the car works a 2.5-liter turbodiesel, capable of squeezing 173 hp. There is also a 4-liter V6 petrol engine, which has an advantage over the first in 167 hp. On such an aggregate up to 100 km / h can be accelerated in 8.9 seconds. Result worthy of respect, just like the creators of the Nissan Pathfinder. Reviews of the car at 100% reflect its essence.

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