Night Lamp "Cherry Blossom"

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To make a beautiful and unusual night light with your own hands, you will not need any special skills, exclusive materials and tools. You do not even need to know the basics of electrical engineering. All that is required of you is a few minutes of free time and a desire to create, and you probably already have everything else. The fact is that we will make a nightlight out of scrap materials. If you do not have something, you will find it without difficulty.

night light

A beautiful home-made nightlight on batteries in the form of a flowering cherry branch (and many say that it is a branch of sakura or an orchid - as you like, as you see) fits perfectly into any interior and fills the room with a warm, muted light, creates comfort.

What do we need?

  • normal branch
  • garland on 10-12 light bulbs (better on batteries)
  • wire or clamps
  • Corrugated paper (3 sheets)
  • black duct tape

night light

How to make a night light?

The branch must be sanded and cleaned so that there is no excess bark, husks and clues on it. It is better to varnish it - so it will become much stronger.

night light

For the entire length of the branch fasten the garland with special clamps or conventional wire. Do not worry if they do not look very nice - we still hide the clamps under the tape.

night light

Getting to the manufacture of petals. Put three sheets of corrugated paper (two shades of pink and one white) on each other and cut out squares of 4 * 4 cm in size (if the bulbs on the garland are large, make petals 6 * 6 cm). If you have 10 light bulbs, then you will get 30 squares (3 squares per flower), if 12 - then 36.

night light

night light

We fold the square like this.

night light

Cut a semicircle to get a petal.

night light

Carefully form a petal around the bulb and gently fix it with a wire.

night light

Tip: if you want to make lush flowers, then increase the number of sheets of corrugated paper to 5-6 pieces.

It remains only to wrap tape with tape. Do this carefully, do not allow spaces.

The finished branch can be put in a decorated glass. Put a battery compartment into it, and put a cardboard box on top or something that will hide it for a while, but it won't make it difficult to turn on the nightlight. However, you can simply stick a branch wherever you want or stick it somewhere.

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