New Year in Karelia 2018

In the New Year, each of us wants something unusual, fabulous. If you do not know where to find all this, go to Karelia. Here a fairy tale can become true. New Year's Karelia is an ideal place to relax from the bustle of the city. Coniferous forest, crystal clear snow and healthy air will create a miracle, and you will feel rested and healthy.


Rest in Karelia

This place is rightly called the most beautiful in the North of Russia. It is no coincidence that recently it has become a place of pilgrimage not only for Russians, but also for guests from abroad. There are all conditions for a full and active recreation. Many people changed their preferences and changed their rest on the warm seas to a trip to the land of a thousand lakes. Especially popular now are tours for the New Year holidays.

Perhaps the most popular route is to visit the open-air museum on the island of Kizhi. The ensemble, consisting of chopped churches and huts, is considered a masterpiece of wooden architecture. All this was built by the carpenters' masters of ancient Russia.

In modern Russia there are no places left where so many masterpieces of chopped wood are concentrated. Here you can see:

  • the cottages of old Rus;
  • churches that were built earlier on the Russian land;
  • chapels brought from all over the North;
  • old windmills.

The main attraction of these places is the Kizhi parish. The acquaintance with the architectural ensemble begins with him. Inspection continues along the ridge of the ridge, which offers a magnificent panorama of the chapel of the Savior.

New Year in Karelia 2018

Getting here, the tourist is completely immersed in the subtleties of the ancient life of Russia. Getting acquainted with the houses of the peasants, you can see the old utensils and furnishings that surrounded our ancestors. Here you can also get acquainted with the products made:

  • wood carvers;
  • ancient potters;
  • skilled blacksmiths;
  • weavers.

Another place worth noting is Valaam. This island is suitable for all who love romantic travels and adventures. Tours here are comparable in popularity with trips to Kizhi. The island is located in the central part of Lake Ladoga. Actually, Valaam means a whole series of islands.The height of the coast of the main island in some places reaches 61 meters. From the side of the lake, it seems to be an impregnable fortress.

Journey to Karelia, as a rule, begins with Valaam. And it is not at all accidental, because the island captivated not one artist and writer. More than one work and a picture are devoted to the harsh and beautiful nature of these places.

In addition to nature, the archipelago is famous for the Valaam Monastery, which was built in the fourteenth century and all this time was a stronghold of Russian Orthodoxy in the northern lands of Russia. New Year holidays tours are hard to imagine without visiting the Kivach nature reserve. It is located between the lakes Petrozer, Sundozer, Sandal and Konchozer.

The reserve area is ten thousand hectares. Despite the fact that it is the smallest in the Russian Federation, there is such an abundance of nature in it that even large regions of the country can envy. Here, coniferous forests alternate with deciduous, and stone ridges are replaced by old meadows. The reserve is famous for the fact that representatives of the flora and fauna of the whole Karelian Peninsula are concentrated here. The main attraction of the reserve, of course - the waterfall Kivach.It is considered the second largest waterfall in Europe. Here, the water rushes from a ten-meter height and therefore makes an incredible impression.

A trip to Karelia is not conceivable without visiting Solovki. The island is famous for having the famous Solovetsky Monastery on it. Previously, he was the largest temple in all of Russia. In modern history, he entered, as the infamous prison. It was built in the sixteenth century. It consists of eight towers and seven gates. On its walls there is a multi-colored lichen that shimmers in the sun. Sometimes it seems that the temple is not real, but drawn.

Cognitive tours

They are intended for lovers of antiquity, ancient architecture and those who are interested in history. Typically, such travel begins in the capital of Karelia - Petrozavodsk. The city is famous for the fact that Peter the Great laid the foundry in it. Arriving here, you immediately appreciate the measured and unhurried rhythm of this city. Ancient streets, a lot of ancient wooden monuments give this place a special charm. Among the places that are definitely worth visiting are:

  • Onega Embankment, an open-air museum;
  • tree of desires, which you can tell about all your dreams;
  • marine center, representing the ancient sailboats and boats.

Further similar tours continue on the islands of Kizhi, Solovki, Valaam, where travelers are fully immersed in the ancient life of Rus.

Tourists with children can visit:

  • Zoo "Three Bears";
  • doll house;
  • kennel where sled dogs are bred.

During the holidays, winter activities are organized with reindeer sleigh rides, ice slides and other fun for children.

New Year in Karelia 2018. Tours, earlier booking, prices

Accommodation in such tours is usually organized in the comfortable hotels of Petrozavodsk:

  • Onega Palace;
  • "Prionezhsky";
  • Petrozavodsk;
  • "Solar".

All of them work on the program all inclusive. Also in hotels there is a service earlier booking. Prices of tours for 3-4 days with the road range from 15 to 25 thousand rubles.

Tours with active rest

Such trips include dog sledding trips, skiing trips to waterfalls and snowmobile trips to the ancient city of Kondopoga. For lovers of ice fishing organized trips to Lake Yanisyarvi. Here, skilled chefs can turn your catch into delicious dishes.The whole action is supplemented with Karelian folklore numbers. After fishing you can visit a real Russian bathhouse.

For everyone who loves outdoor activities, in Karelia there is a whole network of country accommodation centers: holiday homes, motels, recreation centers, cottages. Tourists who like skiing will also feel at ease. Of course, there are no super “tricked out” ski resorts, but the lack of infrastructure is compensated by the availability of prices. Inexpensive you can ride in the following places:

"Hill" This is the name of the ski center, which is located right in Petrozavodsk. This is very convenient, since you do not need to spend time or money on the road.
Yalgora The region’s largest alpine skiing center. It has a developed infrastructure. In the near future, it will become a place for training local athletes in this sport. It is located near Lake Onega.
"Medvezhiegorsk" Here not only skiers can enjoy skiing, but also snowboarders and even freeriders - lovers of virgin downhill.
"Spassky Lip" It includes three tracks, one of which has a black marking, which means it is suitable for professional skiers.

Here you can rent a house with all the amenities.As a rule, it contains several rooms, so it can accommodate a whole company or a large family. Prices for a separate cottage start from 4, 5 thousand rubles per day. It is quite inexpensive, considering how many people can fit in it.

Balneological resorts

If you need to improve your health, then Karelia is the place that will return your strength and restore health. One of the first Russian resorts Marcial Waters is located on the territory of Karelia. Its main purpose is the treatment of nervous diseases, digestive problems and blood-forming organs.

The hospital is located in a conservation area, where fresh air, healing water and peaceful atmosphere do their work.

Other Karelian resorts

"Kivach" Treatment is based on the use of local water containing a large amount of iron. In combination with pine and salt baths a positive result is achieved in the treatment of anemia.
"White keys"

Specializes in the treatment of:

  • Heart disease;
  • Nervous system;
  • Musculoskeletal system;
  • Reproductive activity.
"Palaces" The most modern sanatorium built by Scandinavian experts.It provides, in addition to therapeutic measures, an extensive cultural program.

Prices for sanatorium treatment start from 1500 rubles per day per person. Permits without problems can be purchased from tour operators.

Excursion programs for children

Do not forget that in Karelia there is a Santa Claus. He is called here Pakkayne. He lives in this Chukchi plague. On the New Year, he takes kids from around the world. Here you can:

  • see a real hearth around which real trolls rush around;
  • ride a deer;
  • take part in fun fun with fabulous characters;
  • try fragrant herbal infusions and fragrant muffins.

Come to Karelia with your children, they will not be bored here at all. Buy tickets better in advance.

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