New smartphones with a diamond screen will appear in 2019

Sapphire glass as the next protective mechanism for a smartphone is no surprise. At the beginning, it was just a trick for the rich, decorating Vertu and the author’s limited editions of other premium brands of the mobile equipment market, and now even such more or less “popular” manufacturers like Huawei, NTS and many others try to boast decoration their products screen sapphire in front of potential buyers.

As it turns out, this is far from the limit of the promotion of natural and artificial gems in the market of modern smartphones - in line with diamonds.

No, no, we are not talking about any protective spraying of ordinary glasses at all: everyone knows the completely ephemeral benefit of this “improvement”. Capable, perhaps, to protect from some micro-scratches. This refers to a fully formed screen made of artificial diamonds, created using the technology that is unique today.

The revolution in the world of mobile technology from Akhan Semiconductor

Americans from Akhan Semiconductor not long ago presented prototypes of such their invention - protective diamond glass as a screen for a smartphone. It is called very poetic: Mirage Diamond Glass, and in the process of its formation a nanocrystalline structure is created randomly, so that the fact of the formation of cracks of visible depth in the chaos or damage to the phone itself under the glass becomes impossible.

Diamond screen smartphones 2019

The creators of the product claim that this material can be used both as the only top cover of the front of the smartphone by manufacturers of these products, and as the top second barrier after the standard Gorilla Glass. As a result, it is expected that the resistance of the latter increases significantly.

It is known that some electronics manufacturers took an active part in the development, although their names were not disclosed as part of the marketing policy for entering the product market. So it is not yet known whether this will be someone’s spectacular exclusive, or whether it will be publicly available know-how.

At the moment, the company is busy with the final stress tests of its diamond glasses, as well as working to improve their electrical signals, because it is very important that such protection does not interfere with the smooth operation of the touchscreen.

In addition, diamond coatings have always had a colossal problem with glare, which, of course, is fundamentally unacceptable for phones. And the solution to this problem is also now puzzled by Akhan employees.

Value of new

diamond screen smartphone

In fact, even now this invention is spoken of exclusively in the context of enhancing the security of smartphones, its significance is far from limited. The head of the company, Adam Khan, claims that his Mirage will be able to protect almost any electronic device with a display - watches, fitness bracelets, communicators, and so on. In the meantime, Akhan has not seriously thought about this yet, modifying the novelty at the moment and preparing for its official release in 2019.

True, critics are not sure that the diamond glass will have a transparency comparable to the same Gorilla Glass. In addition, the manufacturer has not yet been able to achieve the necessary weight loss model.

Although, if it will be used in the same protected models, special versions, there is hardly any mass of gadgets and so it is difficult to call it insignificant, so no one will notice a slight increase due to the installation of such glass.

Also in the minus screens of diamond impute and the fact that they will certainly cost much more expensive than the usual version. And, finally, it is still completely unclear how this know-how will be aggregated (and can it even be?) With the boom of recent years - flexible screens of phones. Which, by the way, recently every self-respecting market player tries to enter into his model line.

Akhan specialists have not yet commented on this. However, maybe they have been thinking about this, but at the same time there are compelling reasons for not publicizing them at the moment.

Revolution or evolution?

If we evaluate the changes in protective technologies in the field of developing phone screens over a fairly long period of time, it becomes clear that it’s not so much the idea of ​​connecting new materials as the methods of integrating them into the gadget itself. That is why it will be possible to go to some more or less objective summary on the issue of this invention only after a rather long use of it among the masses, and collecting quite large-scale and adequate statistics.

Gorilla Glass

As is known, often and so honored and advertised by manufacturers of smartphonesGorilla Glass does not withstand a collision even with linoleum: just drop the phone at an angle — and you can “enjoy” the stylish web of cracks on the screen.

However, if it means the work of this glass as the second protective one - that is, even if it is broken, the lower core will remain intact - then yes. It is quite worthy and one can even say a landmark invention.

After all, the strength of conventional, now widely used on the market of protective glasses, will undoubtedly be difficult to compare with the characteristics of the modernized diamond composition. With all due respect to the manufacturers first.

And certainly he will push into the farthest corner of the ratings such a controversial type of protection, like liquid glass. Which, in fact, are generally able to give, perhaps, the oleophobic properties of the gadget's screen and slightly improve its tactile perception, but certainly not in any way affect the improvement of the strength characteristics.

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