New Santa Fe 2018/2019

Despite the fact that the Russian dealers in the Hyundai showrooms persistently offer the grand crossovers of the current generation, the Korean manufacturer has already revealed to the world the new Santa Fe 2018/2019. To say that it is fundamentally different - to say nothing. From the previous generation there was only a concept.

The efforts of engineers are easily explained: compared to competitors such as the Toyota Highlander, Ford Explorer, Honda Pilot, the previous generation looked, to put it mildly, rather poor. Not in terms of equipment, the Koreans are fine. Just potential buyers are accustomed to the first copy and could not get rid of piercing simplicity.

Breakthrough Design

Of course, the creators of the 2018/2019 Hyundai Santa Fe were tempted to take the arithmetic mean of all the major crossovers and create a universal image. When looking at the profile in perspective ¾ no, no, yes, a familiar line from the main competitors will flash. Just come up with something radical while maintaining the geometry of the body is almost impossible.

  • Santa Fe 2019 photo from behind
  • Santa Fe 2019 photo 3/4
  • Santa Fe 2019 photo from the side

However, if you go from a photo of Santa Fe 2019 to a real car, and if also in dynamics, everything falls into place.

  • The familiar line of the rear window facilitates the clearly enlarged outline of the luggage compartment.
  • An interesting solution - triangular windows on the front doors. Is it really a minivan? No, this is a family coupe.
  • The stamping of the side surfaces became sharper and deeper. Now they connect headlights and taillights. As a result, the subwindow line received a natural leverage.
  • The main innovation "in profile" - wheel arches. They are now not circularly circular, but rectangular with neatly smoothed corners.
  • Incredibly powerful sills hint that the car can be drowned in a puddle in the very middle of the wheels, and the interior will remain dry.
  • Feed without a revolution, just everything is very solid and thorough. Of course, LED optics.
  • But the full face is really surprising. Somehow, without changing the total area of ​​the grille (it is still impressive), we managed to remove the weight of the front overhang (as it was in the previous generation).
  • The lattice itself is not similar to any model of the concern. Maybe this is a new corporate design? In any case, it looks spectacular, especially with narrow and evil headlights. Judging by the size, they are LED, because no xenon in such lenses will not rise.

In general, the new Santa Fe 2019 bodywork is a one-off set.

What is under the hood?

For the Russian market, the former power ruler is likely to remain. From the good of good not looking. In general, we are talking about four options:

  • aspirated petrol 2.4 MPI (3.5 MPI) is in the American version;
  • a T-GDI 2.0-lightweight fuel turbo on 235 horses will most likely be available to our customer;
  • diesel engines - Hyundai brand name: R 2,0 186 hp and R 2,2 202 hp

Salon - a soft revolution

Soft, because the usual materials - quality, but without gloss.

The front panel in the new corporate style: in the center of a huge screen in a separate case (the first such decision came up with the Volvo XC90) Only in our case, nothing is pulled out of the dashboard, but constantly before our eyes.

Santa Fe 2019 interior photo

The driver instead of the central devices seven-inch display. Arrow scales on the sides. You can customize the picture of the speedometer, navigation, or other useful information.

new santa fairy panel
new santa fe 2018 2019 display
new santa fe 2018 2019 trunk

Voice control, the Krell media system, ApplePlay support, remote control from a smartphone (of course, not steering) - this is not discussed.

Configuration and prices

In South Korea, where sales have already started, the cost of the basic version has grown by 4.4%. Trim Russia never offended, so the upper limit is open.However, sources in the Russian office of Hyundai said that the threshold of 3 million will try not to exceed.

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