New form of FC Krasnodar in 2018-2019

Krasnodar is a Russian professional football club, which was founded in the city on February 22, 2008. In the season 2018-2019, the players of the team will try on a new form in which they will perform both at key competitions (Russian Championship, Russian Cup, UEFA Europa League) and in friendly matches. So how will the “Krasnodar” look on the field?

FC Krasnodar on the field

Home kit

One of the sponsors for the manufacture of equipment was Puma, a German industrial company specializing in the manufacture of sportswear, footwear and equipment. The organization's logo - a white cougar in a jump - is located on the T-shirt on the right side, as well as on the right sleeve.

Another sponsor was the West Asian Football Federation. The emblem is the abbreviated name of the organization (“WAFF!”), Which is made in white with a double stroke - black and bright pink.

Below is the distinctive sign of another company with which Krasnodar has signed a 3-year cooperation agreement - this is about the Constell Group.This organization, based in the city itself and engaged in the production of confectionery products, as well as products made of polyethylene, paper and plastic, has become the title sponsor of the club. Today Constell Group unites 4 factories that produce raw materials and develop new brands. The emblem looks extremely calm and harmonious - next to the company name is a picture of 5 petals twisting in the center in a blue-blue gamut. The logo symbolizes unity and teamwork.

An important fact! Distinguishing signs of sponsors are present on both versions of the new form of FC Krasnodar of the season 2018-2019 - both at home and at guest.

The set is made in black colors, complemented by green inserts. In particular, on T-shirts, contrast is created using a single horizontal strip on the chest, stripes on the sleeves and a barely noticeable “rippling” pattern in the abdomen. Such a discreet, but still noticeable pattern in the style of "melange" makes the form interesting and different from the outfits of other teams.

Home kit form FC Krasnodar for 2018-2019 year

It is interesting! It is the combination of black and green colors used in the team as the main and official. Players of this FC are even called “black and green”.

On the top left of the t-shirt is decorated with the emblem of the team. Here it is made in the form of a white contour, although in reality the emblem is colored and painted in the usual black-green colors for a football club. The rest of the coat of arms is no different from the traditional version - the same inscription "Krasnodar", a pattern of rhombus, resembling a playing field, a strong bull and a soccer ball at the top.

Home kit form FC Krasnodar for 2018-2019 year

The shorts are made entirely in black, but the “identity” is partially duplicated on them - it’s about the “Puma” sign on the left half below and the FC emblem on the right half below.

Guest form

The new guest form "Krasnodar" of the season 2018-2019 is made in the third main color of the club - simple, but stylish white. To make the equipment not seem too boring and inconspicuous, the designers decided to decorate T-shirts with special decorative elements, namely, they added a black rim of the collar and black horizontal lines on the sleeves, which become thinner as they move away from the edge line.

Guest form FC Krasnodar in the 2018-2019 year

It was possible to dilute the main color of the new guest form with the help of color “identity”. Here the “Puma” logo is made not in white, but in black.The emblem of the club itself is no longer a white outline, but a fully filled bright emblem, in which there are white, black and green. Exactly the same tricolor used on the back of the collar. The color of the Constell Group logo has also changed. Since its white version would simply merge with the main background, it was decided to change the color of the inscription to a contrasting black.

Guest form FC Krasnodar in the 2018-2019 year

Unchanged remained except that the “WAFF!” Sign, both in the palette and in its location, is no different from what was seen in the home kit. In general, the new form of the football club "Krasnodar" for the years 2018-2019 demonstrates moderation and restraint in the context of style decisions and design approach.

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