New form of Bavaria 2018-2019 year

Very soon, the fans will officially be presented with a new form of Bavaria 2018-2019. It is already known that the premiere will take place in the club's home game against Freiburg in the 34th round of the Bundesliga. As the management of the Munich team assured, the players will enter the field in a new outfit. The game will take place in the second half of May, but impatient fans are already waiting for a photo of the updated form and something is already known.

Like a year ago, the Munich club will play in the gear created by the company "Adidas". Along with the award-winning “Real”, the Germans decided not to interrupt the cooperation with this brand and re-entrust them with their uniforms.

Sponsorship is also left to T-Mobile, a mobile communications corporation. The continuation of the partnership says the capital letter "T" in the center of the shirt.

Soccer players of bavaria

Home option

In the new season, the Munich club will remain true to its traditional color. The main form of Bavaria for the season 2018 - 2019 will be red again. The most significant difference from the previous equipment was the lack of white vertical stripes along the entire length of the T-shirt, and its color became more saturated.In the center, the designer re-arranged the emblems of the club and manufacturer. This move turned out quite successful - the stripes are clearly visible and attract attention. And if a year earlier the sponsor's logo had to be done in a black border so that it would not get lost among the white stripes, now this was not required.

On the shoulders again firmly branded Adidas decor was sewn, and the inscription with the name of the club remained unchanged behind. All elements of the decoration are made in white, as a year ago. The fabric of the new equipment will not be monotonous - on top of it an unusual print will be made, consisting of the thinnest bands gathered in irregular geometric shapes.

But the shorts are dark blue. They are decorated with the emblem of the club and three stripes "Adidas". On the red leg warmers there is a blue stripe to match the shorts, on which the white decor of the equipment developer is located.

Home Form Bavaria season 2018-2019

Guest option

The form of Bavaria 2018-2019, intended for guest meetings, is made of fabric of several colors at once. A rhomb-like brown pattern is applied on a dark green t-shirt. All the elements of decoration are located to a tee, as in the home version. All emblems and stripes on the shoulders are gray.On the back, fans will also be able to read the name of the German club.

The shorts are made in brown color, they bear the logo of the club and on the side are green stripes in t-shirt tone.

Gaiters combined in themselves all three colors, which are presented in guest equipment. The main is gray, then pass brown and green stripes. The adidas emblem and their branded stripes are used as decorative elements.

Bavaria guest form of the season 2018-2019

Backup option

The third additional set of the German football club turned out the brightest. T-shirt and leggings are made in white, and shorts are gray. All elements of the decoration remained in their places, but changed color. All logos, stripes on the shoulders and the inscription at the back are painted in red. Additionally, one more decor was added - a vertical gray stripe on the T-shirt that runs along its entire length.

Reserve Form Bavaria season 2018-2019

The form of the goalkeeper is not yet presented It is possible that she will be black again.

It can be said, the following equipment largely repeated the previous one. The exception was the guest form. In the season of 2017 it is blue, now it will be green. As for the home and spare option, then again the main ones were red and white color schemes.However, the decor has changed significantly in the main layout of the bands. The vertical position changed to horizontal and their width increased.

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