Folk signs for gardeners, gardeners!

Folk omens always helped summer residents and gardeners to orient what kind of vegetables to plant. Given that the weather every year is very different, these signs will tell you what garden things are better to do, not worse than any lunar calendar.

- Potatoes can not be planted in the Palm week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays - will deteriorate.

- If spring is early, then cabbage, like onions, is sown in the fourth week of Lent or later - in the fifth.

“If spring is late, then they sow in the last days of Holy Week, especially on Saturday.

- Sunflowers are best planted on Saturday, before sunrise or after sunset. The latter is preferable. When planting, they are silent and do not gnaw seeds.

- As well as sowing, and planting beets are undesirable in the fair week.

- It is better to sow peas at dawn, on a passionate Thursday or Saturday, in the end of April and in the beginning of May.

- Seeds for sowing carrots better soak early in the morning.And sow preferably without outsiders.

- It is preferable to plant a pumpkin on a market day or on Tuesday.

- Earrings are bursting at the birch - it's time to sow the bread.

- Fluffy "lambs" appeared on the willow and daffodils bloom - it's time to sow radishes, red cabbage, lettuce, early radish, kohlrabi.

- Potatoes are planted when elderberry, bird cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms - you can sow corn. Oak develops - time for sowing peas.

- Onion - seedling need to be planted before, frogs ferment.

- Blooming cherries - sow dill.

- Flowering hazel, violets - the most appropriate time for planting carrots and parsley.

- When the lilac begins to bloom, and round heads of the bathing-place have lit up on the meadow, sow summer cabbage salad.

- The frog croaks - oats will say: “Sow me”. The latest date for sowing oats is when the apple trees are in bloom.

- The best term for sowing barley - when a leaf on an oak is the size of a penny.

- Rowan blooms - you can sow cucumbers and tomatoes.

- Flowering viburnum reminds that it is necessary to plant cucumbers and tomatoes.

- The flowering of viburnum reminds that it is necessary to sow a pumpkin, scallops.

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