Nail art design in white: 90 ideas with photos

Nail Art Design in White

Gentle and sophisticated white manicure never goes out of fashion, it gives the image an extra romanticism and is relevant absolutely for any occasion. By adding a few decorative elements, ordinary nail designs can be transformed and made solemn. White manicure is especially relevant this season. Masters of nail service offers a huge variety in the design of nails in white color, it can be simple designs or quite sophisticated and sophisticated.


Manicure with white varnish

White lacquer manicure is often used as a basis for applying other techniques, for example, it is chosen forcraquelureor “newspaper” design and, of course, the familiar French manicure in the classic version will not be possible without white lacquer. You should not think that a white manicure is necessarily monochromatic, it can be diluted with different colors, patterns, symbols and many others. Silver or gold sparkles, rhinestones are perfect for this option.white nail polishnail design white and pink lacquerunusual nail design

Classic white jacket

White jacket in classic style is a win-win for any image, style or occasion. The classic technique involves the use of gentle tones: beige, cream, pale pink, peach or transparent. But white lacquer is covered with a thin edging on the tip of the nail. The most important thing to pay special attention to when creating such a design is accuracy, even a seemingly insignificant error can completely ruin the whole image. In the classic white french version, unobtrusive decor in the form of a delicate feather, lace net or delicate patterns on some fingers is allowed.classic nail design with white snowflakesNail art design in white: frenchFrench manicure in white colorwhite french manicure

Trendy color combinations

A design with a monochromatic white color is quite a rarity, it is often supplemented with decorative elements, for this purpose rhinestones, patterns, drawings, gradients are used. Actively used option in which two nails contrast with the entire manicure. The most compatible color compositions are white with black, white with blue or blue, red or pink with white.a combination of white and black in manicurewhite with black manicurewhite with blue manicurewhite with blue manicurenail design in white and pinknail design in white and red

White manicure ideas

The design with white color is perfect for short nails or medium length.Let's take a closer look at the most interesting design solutions with white lacquer.

White manicure with gold splashes. Also found a large variety of options. One of the most interesting is the moon manicure in gold, when a golden hole is emblazoned on a white base.nail design white with goldnail design white with goldmoon nail designwhite with gold in nail design

The classic combination of black and white. There are many options, such as stripes: horizontal or vertical, chessboard, footprints, zigzag patterns, various ornaments, hieroglyphs, calligraphy, animal skins, butterflies and much more.Dizan nail combination of black and whitenail design cheno whitenail design in cheno white color 2nail design cheno white color 3

Marble manicure. Very popular design today. For him, lines are drawn on a white background with a thin brush, which, when spread, imitate the texture of the stone.nail design white marblehow to make nail design white marble 2white marble nail design

Adding pebbles to a white background is a very popular decision today. Both contrasting and monochrome variants are used. Today, the Internet is replete with offers for the sale of various rhinestones, so there is not much difficulty in finding the desired to make nail design white with rhinestonesnail design white with rhinestonesnail design white with rhinestones 2

Matte manicure in white color looks very beautiful, it has found its popularity among art lovers. This option is perfectly combined with all decorating elements.Most often, it is chosen by owners of short nails, but on other lengths it will also look advantageous.Matte white nail dizanmatt design in white

Minimalism in the trend. Not striking drawings or hatching with the finest brush look stylish. The most convenient for these purposes is to use a hairbrush, it is very thin and allows you to transfer any patterns.nail design in white color minimalismnail design in white color minimalism 2nail design in white color minimalism 3

Tone to tone. The designs look very stylish and neat, where white decorative elements, such as sand, are applied on a white background. In addition, this design is not time consuming, runs quickly and is great for everyday manicure. It also looks very impressive on the nails design with the use of shimmering powder.nail design in white tone to tonenail design in white tone to tone 2very delicate white nail design

Glitter nail design is a great option for a holiday. Glitter can be any shade from white to gold. They cover part of the nail or one or two nails completely.white dizan nail sequins 4

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