My dream bathroom

What a luxurious bathroom on the pages of modern magazines seems to be - a real home SPA salon. And what do we have? Typical housing with a combined bathroom, the maximum size of which barely reaches the level of 5 square meters. meters However, do not despair and give up; you can fulfill your “little dream of a chic bath”! Follow these simple, but very effective techniques, and your bathroom will become the most beautiful and comfortable, and repairing a bathroom with your own hands will turn into pleasure.

Plumbing planning

The location of the risers, distributing pipes dictates its placement of plumbing. Sewer riser behind the toilet - the picture is not quite beautiful, so it is better to sew it in the box. If global redevelopment is planned, then you can “save” the area of ​​the bathroom due to the correct placement of plumbing. For example, place the toilet and the sink from different sides on the same partition or install a toilet that is attached directly to the wall. Such a solution will provide additional comfort when it leaves.The partition can also be installed between the sink and bathroom, shower and washbasin. It will securely hide the entire piping system.

The right choice of color

When choosing a primary color in the bathroom, you need to focus on the color palette of floor and wall tiles. The main rule here: transparent materials and pastel colors “expand” the space, while dark ones, on the contrary, reduce it. It is also worth refusing the dark or very saturated tones of the tile, from the tile where a large pattern is used. Diagonal floor tiles will also solve the problem with a small space in the room.


With the help of mirrors in the interior of the bathroom, you can "push" any walls. And in our case it is just a godsend. An additional light source in the form of an adjustable light bulb above the mirror will add even more charm to your bathroom. In addition, the mirror can not just hang on the wall, but also function as a door for your favorite cabinet.

We hope that with the help of our advice you will be able to repair the bathroom yourself. Also remember that small accessories in the form of flowers or scented candles will concisely complete all your transformations in the bathroom and create a real atmosphere of comfort and pleasure.

We wish your bathroom beauty and individuality!

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