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So, the school of Professor X is destined to feel the influx of new blood: in 2019, the “X-Men” franchise returns. And it will not be just a continuation of the widely known, one might even say, cult history in the whole world, for which monstrous leaps in chronology in any direction were so common - the film threatens to turn into a full-fledged trilogy with completely new characters in the spotlight.

Back in 2014, two childhood friends Neith Lee (screenwriter) and Josh Boon (director) created the author's concept of a future tape in the form of comic books, based on stories about the characters of the Marvel universe they have loved since childhood.

Simon Kienberg, the current producer of the series, really liked the work, and he considered that bringing fresh jet into the franchise by introducing the main characters with original antiheroes - people with “really dark, interesting and different from typical stories about“ X-Men ”past - will give her a new breath and revive interest in her viewer.

Solo films about the heroes of the "X-Men"

Released in 2017, “Logan” was rated by everyone as “indistinct” - it was a kind of benefit performance and, unfortunately, the farewell of the beloved Wolverine, as judging by what Hugh Jackman said in an interview, this is his last appearance in the movie series.

And the quite decently developing branch of Deadpool (which, by the way, should get such a coveted sequel by the public in the current 2019) is quite autonomous and interesting just because it does not focus on Xavier’s school, but simply gives off the intersection from time to time in the form of a kind of lingering, but not the key cameo.

Therefore, it was vital to reanimate the main series for the audience that was bored by the plot. And the sooner the better.

new mutants movie 2019

So we are waiting for a full-fledged spin-off, it is possible that some of the old guard's characters, beloved by all, will appear in it. Initially, it was expected that his shooting will begin in the spring of 2017, and the premiere will take place exactly in a year - in 2018.

But then, for commercial reasons, in order not to participate in unnecessary competition in the market due to the tight release schedule one after another, just now, a lot of cash tapes, and, moreover, not to smear the wow effect from the second Deadpool, release decided to wait until February 2019.

Part of the filming took place from July to September 2017 at the Medfield State Hospital, a rather famous building in cinema circles, which, by the way, was already hosting the Island of the Damned at its time.

The plot of the film "New Mutants"

This story will be about five young mutants, which are held by force for the purpose of studying and using in their operations on a secret object. Each of them has a past filled with dark and mysterious sins, and each of them will have to fight not for life, but for death, to survive and be saved.

new mutants movie 2019 actors

Their position is complicated by the fact that not much time has passed since they discovered these abilities, and they still have little control of themselves ...

As the main antagonist, there must be a certain Demon Bear, whose film director describes his childhood as "full of religiosity, because he was raised by evangelical southern Baptists, who admired the Church and believed that demons and the devil are real." According to rumors, he will have to wear a smiling mask ...

Interesting Facts

Initially it was planned that the film would certainly adorn the wonderful James McAvoy (“Split”, “Wanted”,“Victor Frankenstein” and “The Atonement”) - the same “young” Professor X, as well as the performer of the role of Storm - Alexandra Shipp (serials “Resident of Anubis” and “Days of Our Life”, widescreen work in “Voice of the Streets”), but later realized that the script could not be rewritten to include these characters. Well, well, all new faces - so all new faces!

New Mutants Movie 2019 Trailer

The message from the authors was sensational that they are fundamentally going to change the franchise's role in this trilogy - it will no longer be any "superhero" story, no supervillains, universal rescue missions and silly costumes. This is going to leave the Avengers. “Mutants” will become a full-fledged surrealistic horror.

Stacy Snyder, the chief executive officer of the studio, in an interview about “New Mutants” admitted that she doesn’t know “not a single superhero film that would be so similar to“ The Shining ”as this one”.

And the director Bun himself repeatedly repeated that the third part of the Nightmare on Elm Street had a huge impact on his vision of the tape, and the style itself was described as “a meeting of Stephen King with John Hughes”.And, of course, it is very symbolic that the very first picture trailer the world saw exactly on Friday, October 13, 2017 ...

new mutants release date

A number of sources attribute the delay in the release of the tape is not financial considerations, and the difficulties of casting. That partly can be true - this process turned out to be very painful and protracted.

The creators can be understood: the birth of a full-fledged branch requires a search for heroes that the public will fall in love with immediately and unconditionally, as it once was, for example, with the “bald” Xavier, Wolverine-Logan, Roag-Marie, Storm, Cyclops and others.

Now, they certainly needed to find "ethnically suitable actors," therefore, apart from the traditional European-American characters, they were looking for an Indian and a South American. The toy dragon in the hands of Ulyana is a tribute to the comic dragon Lockheed, who was owned by the X-Men. True, in the original comic, it belonged to Shadow-kat.

Film crew and cast

new mutants plot

The director of the tape, Josh Boone once gave the world such films as “Stuck in Love” and “Guilty Stars”, he also has a rich producer experience and even wrote scripts for several films.His friend and partner, Neith Lee, will be a scriptwriter here, as already noted, and previously he wrote such paintings as Abduction, Puppet Boxer and the whole series of Kooks.

Peter Deming, the author of the sequel to Twin Peaks, Mulholland Drive, Home Party, as well as the second Illusion of Deception and all but the first, the series Creek, Rumor and nowhere. ” And filmed, according to tradition, "20th Century Fox" and "Marvel Entertainment".

Well, the new five of mutants consists of young, but, what pleases, far from the amateur people. This is an Englishwoman by birth, waking up famous after the first series of “Game of Thrones” (yes, this is really baby Arya and one of the main characters of Doctor Who, fans can already start applauding ...), Macy Williams, who happens to play here Wolfsbane, in the world of Rane Sinclair - a wolf cub from Scotland, a werewolf.

new movie mutants

And also Anya Taylor-Joy, a 22-year-old model and actress, whose track record, despite her young age, is quite impressive: her roles in the TV shows “Young Mars” and “Atlantis”, as well as the character Casey in “Split” and Tomasin in The Witch.By the way, in the sensational psychological thriller "Morgan" it was she who embodied the image of the main character on the screen.

Now she will have to become Uliana Rasputina, a Russian mutant who can teleport. In the role of the Brazilian Sanspota, whose synopsis is Roberto da Costa (solar energy management), we will see Henry Zag, who previously appeared on the screens in the TV series "Werewolf" and "Mystery Laura", and also participated in the tapes "HOHO" and "Angie X.

And Kennonbol (Sem Guthrie) will be Charlie Heaton - a permanent resident of “Strange Affairs”, starting in 2016, and a participant in such paintings as “Brain bone” and “Locked up”. He will delight the viewer with abilities to fly fast. There will be Blue Hunt, starring in the TV series "The Ancients", and here playing the role of an Indian woman, Daniella Munstar aka Mirage, capable of creating illusions.

And finally, the list of protagonists is completed by their mentor, Cecilia Reyes, who is in the force fields, which is a little older and more experienced than all these green youths. She will be played by a Brazilian actress and model, who, by the way, played Anna in I Am Legend, as well as Angelica in The City of God.

We could also see her in such tapes as "Crossing", "Predators", "Rite" and "Elysium". Now she is acting in the series “Queen of the South” in the role of a female drug dealer, but this does not prevent her from taking on new projects, which is good news. For the rest of the participants there is no information yet.

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