Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis: distance learning, feedback

In life, there are times when peopleSharply needs help to find a way out of a difficult situation. When you are at the center of problems and scandals, internal tension and stress do not allow you to calmly look at events from outside, do not allow you to really assess what is happening and make the right decision to exit the crisis. At such times a person desperately needs a competent psychoanalyst who can professionally analyze the situation using the methods of modern science.Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis

If you want to help people

One part of the population dreams of meetinga specialist who will get rid of all problems, the other - wants to help people in crisis situations, based on altruistic motives. For the first group of people, psychological cabinets are working, for the second group special educational institutions are opened, in which psychoanalysts are trained. In Russia, one of the famous institutions of this type is the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis. "Wizards" who get rid of problems are taught at the address: Kutuzovski Ave. 34. There is the above-mentioned high school, which is distinguished by a very comfortable environment.

As a rule, to become an expert, you need fiveyears to be engaged in an educational institution, to get into which is not so simple. The requirements of the institute are high, it is difficult to study, but extremely interesting. During the lessons the student will learn a lot about the private side of the person's personal and social life, get acquainted with the basic philosophical theses of logotherapy, survive the spiritual crisis and change of value orientations along with the teachers who help the student to know themselves.Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis

Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis. Distance learning

Learn what is the meaning of life, and become a professionalin the field of counseling, to learn how to deal with interpersonal problems deftly and to help clients, to be able to easily diagnose the characteristics of an individual and seek the ways out of the crisis, many dream, but not everyone can afford a day-time form of training. For those who devote much time to work, care for children or other social or family responsibilities, there is the opportunity to get education, as they say, without leaving home.

Distance learning is organized by the facultyPsychology of the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis. It is ideal for those who love mobility and have the skills to work on a personal computer. On the basis of the Institute, a special department (ODL) has been established since 2013, which deals with education through the Internet. With this method of training, there is no need to attend the lectures, because you can get the necessary information on the topic freely at any convenient time of the day or night.

ODL teachers try to structureelectronic material for students so that they do not feel the difference between full-time and distance education. On the basis of the department regular contact with the teacher is organized, offline and online consultations, seminars, conferences, testing on disciplines are held. IIP staff offer students access to educational literature in electronic form, video lectures, interviews.Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis distance learning

What does the university do?

Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis has been working since 1997of the year. All this time, the teachers of the institution give students the opportunity to gain the necessary knowledge in the field of psychoanalysis, psychology or methods of counseling. IIP - the institution is not state. The Moscow Institute of Psychology and Psychoanalysis was established on the basis of a humanitarian university and the Academy of Humanitarian Studies. The National Agency for Education Accreditation considers it to be one of the best in terms of teaching staff.

The training offered by the Moscow Institutepsychoanalysis on Kutuzovsky - these are various courses, trainings, the practice of psychological counseling, the study of various schools of analysis, the features of the psychology of advertising and management. Those interested can continue their education in graduate school. Students in the university have a unique opportunity not only to study the theory, but to get rich practice based on the materials received.

Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis sends students to acquire skills to work with people in crisis centers, advertising agencies, educational institutions. And this is important for gaining experience.Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis on Kutuzov's

How to enter the university?

Admission to the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis isaccording to the standard program, that is, on the basis of the received USE scores. On all faculties it is possible to get a second education under a special program. There are additional projects for the retraining of professionals. Levels of education in the institute are common for universities - it is a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, a higher qualification.

Details on the cost of training taughtprograms, rules and conditions of admission can be obtained from the employees of the organization by applying to the admissions office of the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis. As a rule, the student comes for an interview with the documents and results of the USE, writes an application for admission to the university, concludes an agreement on education. Payment for training is made on receipt, posted on the site of the institution. Day students are not drafted into the army during their studies, they receive a postponement until they receive a diploma.Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis

What are they taught at the institute?

On the basis of the university there is organized the faculty of psychoanalysis, within the framework of which there are four departments:

  • applied psychoanalysis;
  • Department of Psychology;
  • Department of psychotherapy and counseling psychologist;
  • separation of the basics of psychoanalysis of the clinical type.

Additional educational programs

Faculty of Psychology of the Moscow Institute of PsychoanalysisOn the basis of the faculty special projects are organized that allow students to broaden their horizons, gain experience in conducting counseling, and become acquainted with the peculiarities of people's communication in practice:

  • lectures on the Jungian school;
  • training in the analysis of group relationships;
  • the club of psychoanalysts.

The teaching staff of IIP are experiencedpractice in the field of psychotherapy and psychology. Education is conducted by candidates and doctors of philosophical, medical and psychological sciences. Experts do not advertise any one school of psychoanalysis, but offer students to make their own choice, in which system they will be easier and more convenient to work in practice.Moscow Institute of Psychology and Psychoanalysis

List of disciplines for higher education

Passing training, the student receives serious training in a variety of subjects - humanitarian, economic, social, natural, mathematical and professional.

General disciplines are philosophy, sociology,ethics, logic, pedagogy, economics, rhetoric and so on. The natural science and mathematical cycles include the anatomy of the central nervous system, statistics, neurophysiology, anthropology, physiology, conflictology, neuropharmacology, etc. From the list of professional disciplines, one can single out the social, pedagogical, organizational, stress, family, legal psychology, diagnostics, neuropsychology and pathopsychology.

Individual modules have been trained inproblems of marketing, communications, familiarization with the rules of conducting professional activity and peculiarities of management of employees in the enterprise. Students will be taught the conduct of psychoanalysis and technology work in the group, projective methods of personality diagnosis, the basics of psychosomatics and psychiatry. There are disciplines that a student can choose for himself to study. These are the popular trends - gestalt, psychodrama, neurology, cognitive technologies, logotherapy and so on.

If you really want to IIP, but do not have enough points

The enterprise assists future students inpassing the USE and preparing for studies at the university. For this purpose, preparatory courses are organized at the institute. They entrust lecturers, participate in trainings and seminars, get the opportunity to adapt to the new team and teachers.

Familiar with the system of EGE teachers help studentstest your strength for the exam. They conduct trial tests and fill the lack of knowledge of the applicant. Classes are free. By the way, the applicants who passed the preliminary training course are provided with a 10% discount on education at the university.Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis reviews

Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis. Reviews

Some praise the quality of teaching in IIP, otherscomplain about difficult tasks. In general, it is impossible to say unequivocally whether the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis is good or bad. The responses are different, but the negative recommendations of students on the part of the educational process, the selected materials, the depth of study and the nature of the filing of the disciplines are not found on forums and social resources.

Studying the opinions of students, we can conclude thathigh level of teaching in the university and good specialists working with students. I must say, the students are enthusiastic about the potential of the institute's specialists. Praise teachers even those who receive a second higher education, who have experience of acquiring knowledge in other institutions, they have something to compare the educational process, organized in IIP Moscow Institute of Psychoanalysis. The reviews point out the possibility of gaining invaluable experience in psychological counseling in practice, which can then be applied in one's own life and professional activity.

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