Monkey King: The Kingdom of Women - 2018 film

  • Premiere: February 16, 2018 (in the world)
  • Countries of production: China, Hong Kong
  • Genre: fantasy, action, adventure
  • Producer: Chin Pou-soy
  • Cast: Aaron Kwok, William Feng, Xiao Shenyang, Leung Tsai, Luo Chun-Him and others

In 2018, the film "The Monkey King: The Kingdom of Women" will be released, which will be a direct sequel to the Beginning Legend. However, this will be the third chapter in the story of Sun Wukong. Let's figure out what's what.

The image of Sun Wukong in the cinema

Sun Wukong is a literary character. He appeared in the novel "Journey to the West", which today is one of the four classical works of the Chinese literary tradition.

The name "Sun Wukong" translates roughly as "one who has known the emptiness" and "one who lives on the Mountain of Fruits and among the Monkey Flowers."

If it is simpler, then he is the King of the Apes, or the King, if you will. Many believe that his image is the literary reflection of Hanuman, a monkey-like creature.

Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong, among other things, is also a wandering monk, consider a traveler. He is the true Sage, and once his subjects gave him the prefix - the Great.

Today, the image of Sun Wukong in cinema to many viewers is probably remembered from the fantasy action movie "The Forbidden Kingdom", which was produced jointly by the United States and China. Director Rob Minkoff contented himself with the fact that Jet Lee and Jackie Chan, the real stars of action films, starred in his film. Actually, Jet Li was Monkey King. And it was in 2008.

In 2014, Chinese and Hong Kong filmmakers attempt to implement their own screen adaptation of the life of a literary character named after the Monkey King. Director Chin Pou-soi took on the main role of Donnie Yen, known to many today for the Ip Mans trilogy. The budget of the tape was 100 million dollars. Chow Yun-Fat and Aaron Kwok were also involved in the film.

In 2016, two sequels of the original film “The Monkey King” came out at once, and both had an indication in their subtitle to the word “Beginning”. One of them was simply remounted from the materials of the painting of 2014, and Donnie Yen was involved in it, whereas its beginning sequel is considered to be the Beginning of a Legend.

Donnie Yen and his Monkey King

Neither Donnie Yen nor Chow Yun-Fat were in the Beginning of the Legend, but Aaron Kwok and Gong Li were in their place. It is noteworthy that now Aaron Kwok has become Monkey King.

The original tape, the sequel and one remounted work was done by Chin Pou-soy. He is responsible for the "Kingdom of Women."

Director and screenwriter of the project

“The Monkey King: The Kingdom of Women” is the third film in a series about the adventures of Sun Wukong. At this time, based on the available information, a famous Chinese literary character will be surrounded by amazing representatives of the beauty of the Earth. By the way, Gong Li is not among them yet. Would you like her to be there?

Chin Pou-soy again assumed the responsibility of directing, and thus the “Kingdom of Women” would be his third or fourth project in the series on “The Monkey King”. This has not yet been confirmed, but if he still calls Triquel either Luis Qu, with whom he worked on the creation of Killers, or Tony Jha, who was involved in the production of his fighter, S.P.L. Stars of Destiny 2 ”, then no one seems to be against it.

Chin Pou-soy

The story for Sun Wukong’s third chapter of adventure, as insiders say, was written by Elvis Manh.He also co-wrote the script for the second part in the emerging trilogy.

Wang Cheng's story, which he created in the second half of the 16th century, still inspires filmmakers to create an exciting family movie with fantasy elements. In principle, in China this has long been mastered, and many people like the approach to business that they propose. On this and get together.

"Chinese militants"

We say that artists like Cho Hwa-son, Lee Peak-Kwan and Bruce Yu will help him to realize the director's vision of a beautiful picture on the screen.

If you look at the track record of each of the people represented, then you can truly admire: one of them worked on the creation of the “Double Castling”, which inspired Martin Scorsese’s “Departed”, someone on Ip Man, who over “Mulan” (which soon will also have a kind of rethinking - through the efforts of Disney), “Hot news”, “Once in China”, “Good, bad, fucked up”, “I have seen the devil”, “New World” and pr. Just ah, isn't it?


We turn to the cast. The main actor in the "Kingdom of a Woman", however strange it may sound for several reasons, will be,apparently, Aaron Kwok, successfully reincarnated as the Monkey King, working on the image of this character in the previous picture. William Feng, Xiao Shenyang, Luo Chun-Him and others are rumored to be his partners on the set.

Aaron Kwok


The trikvel plot will most likely be based on the fact that Sun Wukong reached the position of the Kingdom of women. I wonder if he will stay here forever or leave this place in a hurry? So far, there is no specific information regarding the storyline of the sequel to the sequel.

Movie release date

The release date of the movie "Monkey King: The Kingdom of Women" is scheduled for February 16, 2018. There is information that the shooting process has already been completed, but for about a year the authors of the project will need to post production. Believe it? Let's wait for the better result, and even then we will appreciate everything.

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