Modular flooring

January 26, 2018

Modular flooringThe popularity of modular type coatings is increasing daily, this building material is suitable both for laying on the street and in homes. For the production of modules used wood, polyvinyl chloride, rubber, composite materials.

Today there are several types of modular coatings. One of them is a rubber tile, it is attached with special locks, it is suitable for those. premises, but for the street and the garden will be an indispensable tile, called decking, it is made from wood and polymers. Polyvinyl chloride products are often used in homes, on athletic fields, in shopping centers. Tile, made from crumb rubber, is mounted on glue, since it does not have locks.

Modular coatings in the construction markets appeared quite recently. Today, they are produced according to the following principle: raw materials are introduced into pre-prepared forms in liquid form, dried, cropped in the required form and transferred to storage.In warehouses, products are cooled and checked for defects, after which they are packaged.
Modules, as a rule, have more than one layer: a solid base often serves as the base, so that the tile can keep the shape of fiberglass used, then the decorative layer is laid, and finally - protective, it improves the performance properties.

The main advantages of modular flooring

Modular flooring1. Anti-slip surface. According to experts, it is safe to travel on such a floor, even when it is wet. Tile of this type is suitable for decoration of rooms where the level of humidity is elevated.
2. Wear resistance. Coatings of this type are resistant to aggressive effects of household chemicals, temperature instability, abrasion, mechanical loads.
3. Flame retardant. The main part of modular coatings (if wood is excluded) is considered to be fireproof. Under the influence of fire, they only melt, but do not sustain combustion.
4. Thermal insulation and sound absorption. Tile modular type is able to absorb any noise, but due to the presence of fiberglass retains heat well enough.
5.Ease of maintenance and care. In the care of the tiled floor does not require an arsenal of detergents, there will be only enough soap solution and ordinary water.
6. Attractive appearance. Manufacturers of today can offer an extensive palette of colors and a variety of imitations.

Modular floor coverings can have different joints, for example, a groove, they are laid according to the principle of laminate, creating a uniform and durable surface. When these types of compounds are absent, the manufacturer stipulates that the tiles will be mounted on glue or adhesive tape.

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