Mobile stand for mimic

Equipment for the disabled, bearing the name "" is a tactile scheme. The area of ​​the schematically applied object can be any. There are mnemonic schemes for individual offices and representing a physical or political map of the world.

The mnemonic scheme combines convex elements and inscriptions in braille. Thus, any person suffering from diseases of the organs of vision can obtain information with its help, regardless of knowledge of a particular language. The mnemonic scheme can be a wonderful reference point not only for people with disabilities. Orient on the object will be able to anyone not burdened with disability.

The main purpose of the mnemonic is to inform and assist in orientation in space, which ensures safe movement. Today, such equipment is actively used in rehabilitation centers, educational institutions, etc.It should be noted that according to the “Accessible Environment” program implemented in our country, all socially significant facilities should be equipped with such equipment.

Mobile stand

Mimics are installed using special racks, which can be vertical and horizontal, stationary and portable. Mobile stand for mimic is a pretty popular thing. This is due to several reasons:

  • First, it must be installed in places where there is a need for redevelopment.
  • Secondly, the mobile stand for the mnemonic scheme is needed in rooms where large objects are moving.
  • Thirdly, such racks are installed on seasonal objects, for example, canned for the winter (amusement parks, summer cafes, etc.).

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Why should we purchase equipment for people with disabilities from us?

We are ready to offer the most attractive conditions for cooperation.The mobile stand for the mimic ordered from us can be delivered to any point of Russia. Its production will be performed in accordance with all customer requirements. Together with her you can buy any other equipment from us.

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