Mitsubishi Outlander 2018

More than a century ago, the ascent to the triumph of a simple car repair shop began in Japan. The first take-off of the future Mitsubishi brand took place during the First World War, the aircraft engines and the possibilities for their repair were urgently required. Since 1940, the company has been gradually gaining a leading position in the production of power units for the military air fleet. About Outlander as a fundamentally new concept of commercial passenger vehicles, the automotive market experts spoke at the beginning of this century.


By tradition, equipment and prices have become a real brand of the brand. For the first time Japanese engineering thought presented to the world a radically new approach to the creation of passenger cars for the general consumer called Eytrak. "Air Chariot" was a surprise for motorists, the trend continues to this day:

  • Advanced vehicle control system;
  • The new body embodies the most advanced technology and aerodynamic indicators of motion;
  • Advanced navigation and control options;
  • The car is equipped with elements of artificial intelligence;
  • Using the technique of "dynamic shield".

Mitsubishi Outlander 2018

The second update of the Outlander car occurred in early 2007, for the third time it was subjected to total restyling in 2011. Like the new 2018 model year, all previous models were presented at the Geneva Motor Show, where they all initially received the quality category as the most high-quality and reliable SUVs.

The main priorities of the manufacturer for the elapsed time also changed. If only recently, the Mitsubishi concern has focused the customer on a high level of performance and a forced speed mode, but the novelty is distinguished by the highest comfort. The release date of the model to the trading network is the summer of this year, motorists around the world will have the opportunity to evaluate a set of innovations in the field of updated transmission and other various technical innovations.

Exterior features

Mitsubishi Outlander 2018

Judging by the information available in the network of the concern - manufacturer, the appearance of an SUV from Mitsubishi has undergone significant changes. Not only an exquisite design, a powerful, energetic conceptual plan, but also other features of the exterior allow the novice to become the sales leader in the international and domestic market.The start of sales in Russia starts on Christmas Eve this year, so our contemporaries today can leave their feedback on the exterior data of the novelty.

  • The main direction of change has been to enhance safety and improve vehicle performance.
  • The total weight decreased by 0, 2 tons, due to the use of high-tech ultra-light alloys and materials.
  • The use of new technologies in the design of the body has allowed to achieve that the updated Mitsubishi Outlander has become more maneuverable. Much improved performance, increased protection of passengers.
  • On the existing photos, it is clearly seen that the novelty, thanks to the black plastic elements of the design, the lining and inserts of chromium, has become much more expressive, bright, stylish, predatory and interesting.
Body length, cm 469, 40 + 3, 90
Width, cm 181, 10 + 1, 10
Height cm 168, 00
Clearance indicator 21, 50 + 1, 10

What's in the cabin?

New Mitsubishi Outlander 2018 model year. Specifications, price, photo, test drive, sales start, latest news

Spy photos can give a complete picture of what kind of SUV outside and what improvements have occurred inside. A real luxury has appeared in the interior; the anatomically accurate seats of the first and second row are upholstered with new high-quality fabric upholstery; the interior is equipped with a multimedia system.

The latest news from the manufacturer about what constitutes the basic equipment. The cabin is equipped with climate and cruise control, remote key, electric power steering. The test drive showed the quality of the navigation system, multi-mode transmission, options for duplicating the rotation and heating of mirrors, Bluetooth connectivity and USB. Significantly increased noise insulation performance, the music will pour from the 140-watt audio system with six speakers. The driver's seat is automatically adjustable, the interior is equipped with additional lighting, which allowed to create an exquisite stylish coziness and comfort.

Power system

New Mitsubishi Outlander 2018 model year. Specifications, price, photo, test drive, sales start, latest news

The technical characteristics of the novelty also impress the potential buyer. Three versions of the car are distinguished by the following engine modifications:

  1. Basic, gasoline, volume of 2.0 liters. , 4-cylinder transmission, power - 147 liters. from. price from 1389 thousand rubles;
  2. Intermediate, gasoline, volume 2, 4 liters. , 4-cylinder transmission, power - 167 liters. from. the cost of 1840 thousand rubles;
  3. Version "TOP". Gasoline, 3, 0 l. , V - six, power 230 l. from. , price 2 160 thousand

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