Military pensions in 2019

In the conditions of a protracted financial crisis, the issue of social payments is particularly acute in Russia.

The problems of the Pension Fund are forcing the government to take decisive steps in order to at least somehow help the population to fight rising inflation. One of the most important items of state spending is military pensions.

Such payments are due to servicemen who have given a certain number of years to the defense of their homeland.

However, despite the complexity of this profession and its danger, the size of payments now cannot satisfy the financial needs of citizens. Like other social programs, military pension is a rather discussed topic among the population.

The essence of the military pension

Military retirement is a separate category of social benefits that rely on people who carry military service. In connection with the increased complexity of the profession, when calculating such a payment, special methods are used.

So, now in Russia, the following rules.To qualify for a military pension, a person must have at least twenty years of military service. Upon reaching such a term, the military has the full right to resign and apply for social benefits.

The laws also laid down the rules for the military, who were forced to interrupt their service. If a person is fired from the army for health reasons, he is also entitled to a military pension.

However, his military experience should be at least 12 years. In addition, after his dismissal, he must still work to secure such a benefit. Total work experience should be 25 years.

It is worth noting that now all these norms are being revised by the state. Therefore, it is difficult to say whether the criteria for retirement will remain unchanged, or the government will introduce additional conditions to reduce this cost item during the crisis.

Indexation of pensions in 2019

pensions for military retirees in 2019

Indexation is the most important condition in order to ensure a normal standard of living for people receiving benefits. Due to the financial crisis, the authorities cannot offer the retired military serious promotions. However, they will receive some increase.

In early 2018, the government decided that military pensions should be increased by 4%. However, further promotions will have to wait long enough.

The next increase in military pension is planned only for October 2019. After that, retired employees will have to wait another year until the next review.

Each of the planned revisions should increase the size of the military pension by 4%. Thus, the authorities are trying to support people who have devoted a significant part of their lives to the service of their homeland.

increase in military pensions 2019 news

In the conditions of constantly growing inflation, living for the same amount for several years is rather difficult. Therefore, retirees are waiting for a small increase in order to mitigate the impact of deteriorating living conditions and rising prices.

Despite a slight increase, many retired military unhappy with such trends. Bothers them for the most part is the small size of the rise. At a time when benefits increase by 4%, prices are rising more and more.

Also in the coming years, the cost of utilities may significantly increase. Taking into account all these factors, the amount of increase really seems miserable.

Moreover, it should be taken into account that a considerable period of time elapses between the indexations of 2018 and 2019. In 2018, the increase is from January 1. The next year, the indexation will have to wait until October 1.

military pension latest news

And it is difficult to predict what can happen during these 22 months. If the crisis increases, the retired military will have to rely only on themselves, because in such circumstances there will be no revision of military pensions.

Possible changes in accrual mechanisms

Recently, there is often talk that the very procedure for calculating military pensions can be changed.

Officials are preparing a proposal that people who are dependent on the state will not be eligible for a military pension.

The population has no single opinion about this news. Some people believe that this can be a fair measure.

retired former military

In a crisis, this will save a considerable part of the budget that can be spent on more important social programs.

Others point out that the military deserves additional thanks from the state for hard and complicated work.

Payment problems

Experts call the sluggish growth of social payments and the possible partial cancellation of them for certain categories of citizens only a financial crisis.

The government is trying to redistribute budget money, which is already lacking, so that it can be used as efficiently as possible.

military pension payments

The Russian authorities are forced to abandon many social programs and freeze indexation due to lack of revenue in the budget.

The huge deficit has a FIU. Therefore, not only the military, but also the rest of the population are hit. Tighter of all, we have to tighten our belts to the least socially protected layers.

Sanctions and falling oil prices worsen the economic situation in the country every year. It is because of this that the authorities cannot ensure the frequent indexation of military pensions to more tangible amounts.

If the price of a barrel of oil jumps sharply, then retired military can safely expect that their pensions will rise significantly in the near future.

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