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was online: yesterday Address information is hidden 22 years old, Leo Not married Education : Student Profession: Student
Favorite books: Russian fairy tales, "Doctor Zhivago" (Pasternak), "Quiet Don", "Raised Virgin", "They Fought for the Motherland", Fate of a Man "(Mikhail Sholokhov)," Don Quixote "(Cervantes)," Golden Donkey (Apulei), Red and Black, Parma Convent (Stendal), Spartak (Giovagnoli), In the Trenches of Stalingrad (V. Nekrasov), Life and Fate (V. Grossman), "1984 "(Oruel)," We "(Zamyatin)," Master from San Francisco ", Cursed Days" (I. Bunin), "Scaffold", "And the Day Lasts for More than a Century" (Chingiz Aitmatov), ​​"Not by Bread Alone. .. "(Dudintsev)," Two Captains "(Kaverin)," Master and Margarita ", "Fatal Eggs", "Dog's Heart", (Bulgakov), "Camera Obscura", "Invitation to Execute", "Lolita", "Dar", "Luzhin's Defense" (Nabokov), "Experiments" (Michel Montaigne), " The Godfather "(Mario Puzo)," Moonstone "and" Woman in White "(W. Collins)," Brody Castle "," Keys to the Kingdom "(A. Cronin)," Above the Catcher in the Rye "(D. Salinger ), "Eugene Onegin", "The Captain's Daughter", "The Tale of Belkin", "Boris Godunov" (A.S.Pushkin), "Masquerade", "Mtsyri", Hero of Our Time "(M. Lermontov)," Crime and Punishment "," Notes from a Dead House "," Teenager "," Brothers Karamazov "," Idiot "," Demons " , "The Player" (FM Dostoevsky), "Dead Souls", "Marriage", "Viy", "Taras Bulba", "How they fell out ..." (N.V. Gogol), "War and Peace" , "Anna Karenina", "Resurrection", "Living Corpse", The Death of Ivan Ilyich "," Kholstomer "," Kreutzer Sonata "(L.N. Tolstoy)," Nana "(E. Zola)," Madame Bovary "( Flaubert), "Thunderstorm" (Ostrovsky), "Shagreen skin", "Glitter and poverty of the courtesans" (Balzac), "Cursed and killed", "Tsar-fish", "Sad child TIV "(Viktor Astafjevs), well, and, of course, Chekhov (especially" Anna on the Neck "), Belyaev, Maupassant, Dreiser, Byron, Solzhenitsyn, Shalamov, Bradbury, Anna Arkan and many others. Actually, I don't have a favorite book. I can not yet decide.

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