Metal picket fences

December 5, 2017
Cottage with his own hands

In the domestic market, relatively recently, such a type of fence appeared as a metal picket fence, and it almost immediately gained popularity among our compatriots. Many summer residents appreciated the convenience and beauty of this relatively inexpensive and durable fence for their summer cottage. The fence made of metal picket fence from is well ventilated and does not create stagnant air zones in your area, which is well reflected in the plants and the general microclimate of your summer cottage of the year. Let's dwell on this type of fencing, and also consider their distinctive features.

Metal picket fences

Material for fences from evroshtaketnika

If we talk about the material used for the manufacture of shtaketin, it turned out to be common and quite famous. Each person sees it daily in the form of a traditional sheeting.Shketinas are made of galvanized steel sheets, which are subsequently coated with a protective layer of polymers. Due to this, it is possible to provide additional structural strength and increase the product life cycle. It is noteworthy that such a fence does not require individual and permanent care.

Metal picket fences

Almost all modern products are distinguished by a huge range of colors, so you can stay on the profile that perfectly complements the landscape.

Features of metal fence fences

Let us dwell on the main advantages of metal fencing:

Affordable cost

The price for a metal fence is more than affordable. They are available to absolutely all customers. Huge possibilities in terms of application. They can be used for any purpose. They can be a real decoration of a decorative country plot or cottage, given the structural ease and ease of installation.

Constructive reliability and durability of operation

The material is quite durable and can be successfully used for decades. The average service life of metal fences is 30 years, which can be considered the best indicator in terms of price-quality ratio.

Low installation and maintenance

Fences based on metal shtaketnik differ in low weight, therefore, for their construction is not required to build a strong foundation or implement additional reinforcement for the frame. Wind load on the poles is minimal, and the design is perfectly ventilated.

Metal picket fences

With high probability, it can be stated that metal wall picket fences are the best solution for small suburban areas. In the market of fences it is an unconditional favorite.

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