Merry congratulations on the Day of Tourism

Good day! Dear tourism workers, your goal is not only to fulfill the plan for selling tours, but above all, to give people an unforgettable vacation, because you, the employees of travel agencies, have all the hope!

Congratulations on World Tourism Day! Let happy clients leave you every working day, may every weekend be your little holiday, and your whole life be one happy long adventure!

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Poems congratulations to employees of travel agencies and tourists Happy Tourism Day

Group or alone,
By route or so
By paths and over bumps
You carry your backpack
And in the sun radiant,
And in the pouring rain ...
Congratulations to you, tourists!
We are always looking forward to see you!

Thank you, employees of travel agencies,
For tours and understanding,
For the "three stars", and better for the "five stars",
And for the conditions, and service, and diligence.
We congratulate you on the day of tourism,
We wish you a sea of ​​customers
At sea, also relax,
Live happily yes

Ah, vacation! A welcome word for many.
Freedom from work and, of course, the south ...
The tourist, only rest blinked on the threshold -
Ready to go on the run.
He rushes to where comfort has not dreamed
And the beach revelers did not go foot.
Let the world reveal the beauty of nobility
To wanderers, in whose souls freedom is always!

Trekhpudovy friend backpack,
And orange bonfire,
Slope and gully
And vibram that leg erased.
Blue evening over the river
The splash of rain and wind whistling.
And the whole world is huge - yours.
Happy holiday, tourist!

Tent and compass, pan and cup,
So the native kompashka has a rest.
How many beauties does the earth reveal,
We spend no effort in campaigns.
Food at the stake, and of course the guitar,
In the mountains and in the forest do not meet the sidewalk,
We lead trails, study places
We are pleased with the motherland all the beauty!

Happy holiday, buddy!
Put on your backpack soon!
Ahead - thousands of routes.
Mountains, lakes, forests, fields!

And sunsets, and sunrises,
And fogs over the river.
And in the whole wide world
No happier us with you!

Funny congratulations on the Day of Tourism in verses

Climb to the top of the mountain,
To live in a tent in the middle of winter,
Go down the mountain river
Cooking on the fire.

Without this, you cannot imagine life
Strive all up somewhere,
And your friends are waiting for you,
Happy tourist you!

The agencies have their own charisma:
Guides, guides you
Congratulate happy everyone now
Happy International Tourism Day!
Where does your client not go? -
He rushes to wherever you send,
On a rickshaw, in a tank, on a plane,
Under the water, in the jungle and the beach.
Pay, get a ticket -
And you will be in Melbourne, Paris,
In New York, Delhi and closer -
On the Volga - drink Ceylon tea!
We wish, dealers, agents,
So that were cool customers
And clean apartments!
For this - interest dripped,
And pay for good moments
You were ... like applause,
So dashing compliments!
Thank you for the hard work -
Words of love and friendship pond!

Today we congratulate everyone on the Day of Tourism,
And we wish every life a lot of optimism,
May happiness like the sun shine hot to you
And the warm wind blows adventures.
Let your work be a great success
After all, you make the "rest" of quality for everyone
So never forget about yourself
Very often and beautifully rest on the islands.

Today, on Tourism Day, we congratulate,
Our tourists are avid heartily,
And today we wish you extreme,
So that you once were in the real wilderness.
Where people have never been to you before
Where the fearful beast of the forest did not even go,
Where the birds never even flew low,
Where it smells of happiness, greenery and spring!

Congratulations to all on the Day of Tourism,
And on this holiday we will tell you from the heart:
There are so many interesting routes in the world
Such a number of different cities and countries!
So you study our common land more boldly,
Catch yourself traveling bright forever,
Let your life become brighter and more fun
We wish you happiness, love, inspiration and good.

Short SMS greetings on the Day of Tourism

On Tourist Day, we wish the workers of the sphere,
Great wisdom, erudition and patience,
You are very talented, we know it very well
So let the work always have enough inspiration.
You have not once given us a wonderful holiday,
And with him happiness, fun and laughter,
So we wish you all, tourism workers, to live,
You are happier and more gracious than all!

Congratulations in prose to employees of travel agencies and colleagues on the Day of Tourism

Traction to travel - one of the key sides of life. Changing the location, we change the environment, the environment, as well as internal impressions, bringing incredible health benefits. So be lucky "healers" of souls! Open to customers new spaces! Rejoice in worthy profits, despite the season!

The ability to easily find the right package for each tourist, quickly navigate the issues of interest, to offer the best routes - a sign of excellence, which, of course, you possess. I wish you further successful solutions, non-standard approaches, big profits! Health, good, sincerity!

You have a celebration today! So let it stretch light thread, delivering incredible joy! Brings happiness and confidence! Leaves a pleasant feeling of warmth! On behalf of colleagues, accept my sincere wishes of gratitude for your work!

Wishes with the Day of Tourism in prose

Accept wishes of a successful career, easy tasks and huge profits! Let the positive reign in your life, igniting the heart with thousands of mischievous little lights.Brightness, happiness, right decisions! With a professional date, dear!

Dear fellow travel agents! On this wonderful September day, we wish you to sell hundreds of vouchers to hot countries and go to a small island for a big celebration! Let it be the sun!
Congratulations on the day of tourism, colleagues! The most amazing thing in life is traveling, which makes the days colorful, wonderful, interesting. Conquer the seas, oceans, cities and countries! Travel!

Your main task is to give super impressions to tourists, choosing the right routes, creating a dream vacation for the client. Let all the tourists be satisfied, and your salary will be decent!

With your travel agency, dear colleagues, it is very convenient and cool to cooperate! You can cope with any country - and Greece, and Egypt, and Turkey, and Italy, and Japan, and Canada ... Prosperity and well-being to all of you!

Funny congratulations on the Day of Tourism in your own words

Every day people come to you, those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of everyday life ... Each client has a strong personality, has his own tastes and whims ... The duty of a travel agency employee is to give him an unforgettable vacation, and you do an excellent job with your duties,deserving to the World Tourism Day the warmest congratulations! Let your income grow, let customers return, and your own rest will be just heavenly!

To work in a travel agency, you need to have a truly encyclopedic knowledge. What are the attractions? What and where to eat? What are the customs rules? You know so much that you have a world tour behind your shoulders! It is not surprising that customers return exactly to you, and they even bring friends ... Congratulations on World Tourism Day!

Congratulations on World Tourism Day! All day you are at work, in papers and questions, and in the meantime - clients bask in the sun ... But you don’t feel sorry to send them on a tour, because this work is for an employee of a travel agency! Let me wish you more strength, liveliness of imagination and new knowledge to advise the best and simple - happiness!

You can send each client comfortably to anywhere in the world. You are talking about overseas wonders so beautiful that you want to travel 365 days a year! Without hiding anything and not embellishing, you give the guests of the travel agency the latest, relevant information.Congratulations on World Tourism Day! Let the problems in travels of your clients not happen, let them increase quickly and of course - leave!

Congratulations on World Tourism Day! Work in a travel agency is not easy. If the flight is delayed, or the sea is not so blue, for some reason you are to blame! But fortunately, you meet good clients who, with your wise advice, are ready to go to the very end! So help people continue to learn the world and live happily!

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