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Men and the mid-life crisis

Some men, reaching 45-55 (or over) years of doing crazy things obscure surroundings.One english the farmer has always been against innovation and luxury. And at the age of 49 she comes home to his wife on Mercedes convertible, worth not know how many thousands of euros. AND justifies this by the fact that it was a dream of his life ....

midlife crisis

But these are flowers ... What same happens to a man in some kind moment? He feels old — dated, dropped from the ridge. waves lagged behind the train, etc. Finally, the life he invented and painted (usually himself) never took place. Beat the emotions. 20/30/40 years old, beautiful women, clubs, nights with friends all the way behind. What remains is family, wife, matured children, work (possibly for many years) mortgage on the house and credit for the car. the end games! Not to say that this is not happens to the ladies! Only they, for the most part, are age related. in a different way — they crave stability, housing, adult children, work, and peaceful life without shaking. But then comes the middle age crisis in men. AND voila ... You can forget about peace. On the horizon, a young 25-35 years old appears, which is interesting "Play" with a man the age of her father.

midlife crisis

So he, encouraged and inspired by a young colleague / girlfriend / acquaintance, begins to show signs imbalance — go on a diet, go to the gym, dye your hair and change clothes, causing suspicion of his wife. The wife is trying to explain to him what is not needed. so zealous that a little fat in the field of the press does not hurt - but he is young, his life is just beginning. On the one hand, young and interesting, with the other is the wifewhich does not understand anything and besides the old ". Meeting with a new woman, time in companies with her friends where he feels he is very healthy and young. Blame for being the wife who convinced that he went with Peter for a beer, because his friend is in crisis, then when the crisis ... he himself. Finally, he takes the only correct decision leave his wife, home and family, he takes his new car (bought on savings whole life to impress on a new, young and beautiful), and leaves. But life, however, is not all pink and sooner or later have to pay dearly ... Young partner one day he will not come, and he remains in a one-room rented apartment (the only thing that could afford after the new car) in slippers and pajamas, which the wife presented on the New Year, near the TV. He would now like to talk to someone, but not with whom.

midlife crisis

A young girlfriend is disappointed because she wants a family and children, and he already has, and the other does not want.

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