Meals in Lent in 2019 by day

For all Christians, Lent is the preparation of body and spirit for Easter (the celebration of the Resurrection of Christ)! Entering into the post, a person pacifies his own desires, resists temptations and is purified spiritually.

The duration of one of the most severe posts of the Orthodox calendar is 48 days. The first 40 days symbolize the Savior’s journey through the desert, during which he fasted and withstood temptations, and the last week (Passion) - the last 7 days of the Savior’s life.

Calendar and menu of Lent in 2019

Fast or not?

Everyone who first felt the need to respect long-standing Orthodox customs is important to understand that fasting is not just a strict diet, but Lent has many other rules, because “fasting” is necessary not only with your body, but also with your soul. Speaking in a language understandable for most modern people, in the period of Lent it is worth:

  • refuse to attend noisy parties, clubs, wedding ceremonies, birthdays and other entertainment events;
  • limit yourself to coffee consumption, stop drinking and smoking;
  • limit yourself to what you love the most, but without which you can really do (TV, movies, the Internet ...);
  • to find time for “spiritual” food, rereading the Bible, telling about the essence of the holiday to children, attending the Church and spending time in prayer.

What not to eat during Lent

Whether to keep a strict post is a strictly individual decision. It is worth noting that today even in monasteries, some retreats are allowed to the servants, not to mention mere mortals. There have long been categories of people who are allowed not to fast. These include:

  1. pregnant and lactating women;
  2. seriously ill, as well as people weakened after the illness;
  3. children.

Fasting is an exclusively voluntary and informed thing, so it is strictly forbidden to force children to observe strict restrictions, which may affect their health. Having explained to the child the essence of the tradition, it is possible to agree that during this period entertainment will be limited, and instead of “unhealthy” sweets, he will be offered their natural substitutes: honey, nuts, dried fruits, raisins ...

Great post in 2019

What do you want to do to fast?

  • Set a goal that will help steadfastly go through the post.
  • Receive blessings in the Temple.
  • Consider a balanced menu for the entire period.

General rules of Lent

There is no single fixed date for the beginning of the fast before the Resurrection of Christ. Like Easter, from year to year Lent moves on the calendar, always starting on Monday and remaining unchanged in the number of days.

In 2019, Lent will last from March 11 to April 27!

During this period, it is necessary to exclude products of animal origin from the menu, such as:

  • meat of all varieties, including chicken and turkey;
  • sausages and convenience foods;
  • milk and dairy products: cottage cheese, hard cheeses, sour cream, kefir;
  • eggs (including quail and other more exotic species);
  • alcoholic beverages.

Please note that the ban includes not only the products themselves, but everything where they are found. This means that in the period of Lent, it is necessary to abandon butter, mayonnaise and other sauces, which include eggs, as well as ice cream, yogurt and many other usual dishes.

What can replace such a necessary for the body protein? Vegetable food should be predominant, but on certain days of relaxation you can also eat fish and seafood.Fasting is also useful to diversify the menu with different types of cereals, mushrooms, nuts and dried fruit.

What can you eat in Lent

Preparation period

The great post is a serious test, both for the body and for the soul. It has long been customary to prepare itself for this event during the 4 weeks preceding the beginning of the post. In 2019, this period will last from February 11 to March 10

Preparation period

A week




About Zacchaeus

February 11-17, 2019


About the Publican and the Pharisee

February 18-24, 2019


About the prodigal son

February 25 - March 3, 2019


About doomsday

March 4-10, 2019

Although during this period there is no harsh fasting, Orthodox traditions prescribe to exclude meat products from the menu on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so that later it would be easy to enter the fasting.

Lenten menu by day

Lent is divided into 7 weeks (weeks), with their own special prescriptions, including regarding what should be the food of the fasting person in 2019 by day (from Monday to Friday).

Menu for 7 weeks of Lent 2019

First week

These 7 days remember all the defenders of the Orthodox Christian faith.

The first and last weeks are the most stringent. On a clean Monday (the first day of fasting), it is worthwhile to completely abandon the food, tune in to the spiritual mood.

Menu for the first week of Lent 2019

Second week

On the second week, St. Gregory Palam, the great theologian, is honored.

For the first 7 days, the body gets used to the new diet, and the person gains experience in dealing with temptations that are especially strong in the early days of fasting.

The traditional food prescribed by the laity in Lent by leaps will also be relevant for 2019:

  • dry food - Monday, Wednesday and Friday;
  • Lunch (boiled food) - Tuesday and Thursday;
  • easing - saturday and sunday.

Thus, the menu for the 2nd week of fasting will look like:

Menu for the second week of Lent 2019

Third week

From 15 to 22 days of fasting on weekdays and weekends, the same rules apply as in the previous week.

In the Temples worship the Holy Cross.

The menu is dominated by lean vegetarian food with a slight indulgence on Saturday and Sunday.

Menu for the third week of Lent 2019

Fourth week

They remember St. John of the Ladder.

The menu is like the 2nd and 3rd weeks with a holiday indulgence in honor of the Annunciation. One of the biggest Orthodox holidays, unlike Easter, is celebrated every year on April 7 (exactly 9 months before Christmas). In 2019, the Annunciation falls on Sunday, and for those who observe Lent, meals by day change a little - on a holiday, you are allowed to taste fish and seafood dishes.

Menu for the fourth week of Lent 2019

Fifth week

This week is also called the “Seven of the Palm Branches”.

They remember St. Mary of Egypt.

Menus for 2 and 3 weeks.

Menu for the fifth week of Lent 2019

Sixth week

Celebrate the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem.

This week is also called “Flower-bearing” and ends on Palm Sunday. For the 6th seventeenth of 2019, the Orthodox calendar, prescribing strict food in the posts, allows some relief in the menu for 20 and 21 numbers.

The menu for the sixth week of Lent 2019

Seventh week

These 7 days are also called the “Week of the Lord’s suffering” or the “Holy Week”.

These days it is customary to remember the events connected with the last days of the life of Christ: the Last Supper, the betrayal of Judas, judgment, crucifixion, death and burial.

Holy Week of Great Lent

The last week of Lent is very strict. Eating from Monday to Thursday is recommended to be reduced to once (after the appearance of the first star in the sky). On Good Friday, remembering the last hours and death of the Son of the Lord and grieving for his fate, it is customary to refuse food.

Menu for the seventh week of Lent 2019


The Lent ends with Bright Sunday of Christ. From this day, all prohibitions and restrictions are removed. But the fasting people should understand that the rapid celebration of Easter, the abundance of meat and spicy dishes, fatty and heavy food in large quantities can have a very negative impact on health.It is important not only to withstand the post, but also to get out of it correctly. The first rule of exit from the post - moderation and gradualness. On Sunday, limit yourself to the traditional dishes: Easter cakes and eggs. Allow yourself some meat and hard cheese. You can drink some wine. And since Monday, gradually enter into the menu other favorite products. This will help not to overload the body and make the post as useful as possible for the physical and spiritual state.

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