Maternal capital in 2019: one-time payment

Improving the demographic situation in the country is one of the priorities of the social block of the government. Due to the instability in the economy, young families are less likely to decide on having a child, fearing that they will not be able to provide him with a decent standard of living.

Maternal capital is perhaps the most effective tool for raising the birth rate. Funds allocated by the state help parents to cope with “children's” expenses and even improve their living conditions. That is why the Russians track news related to changes in the procedure for the payment of matkapitala.

The “Maternity Capital” program has been operating since 2007 and it was previously planned that it will operate for 10 years - until 2017. But by that time it became obvious that if the project was “curtailed”, it would be a significant blow to young families, as well as to the demographic situation in the state.

Today, the availability of payments becomes for many parents the decisive argument for the birth of a second child, and if these funds are not available, then the number of births will be reduced by several times. Given this, the government decided to extend the program until 2021.

Who will pay matkapital

According to the current legislation, families in which a second or more child was born can apply for matkapital.

There are no restrictions on the number of times a payment is received. For example, if a woman has already been given matkapital several times, then this cannot be the reason for refusing material assistance for the next child.

The situation is more complicated with multiple births. Despite the number of children born, a family can receive only one payment.

The right to apply for financial assistance from the state is also among citizens who have adopted a foster child, but, as in other cases, he must be second or more in the family.

Amount of maternity capital

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Since the program was extended until 2021, the government decided to suspend the indexation of payments. Given this, in 2019 families will be able to receive 453 thousand rubles under the certificate. For comparison, when the project was just launched, the amount of payments was only 250 thousand rubles.

It is also worth noting that now matkapital can be obtained not in a single sum, but in parts. So, starting in 2018, families have the right to receive monthly cash payments until the child reaches the age of 1.5 years.

But this is possible only under one condition: the income per family member should not exceed 1.5 times the minimum subsistence level. In addition, you can count on such payments if the child was born or was adopted after January 1, 2018.

How to get matkapital

matkapital 2019 lump sum payment

To become a certificate holder, you must contact the Pension Fund after the birth of a child. In this case, you can go to the department office and at the place of registration, and at the place of actual stay. This means that a parent can issue a payment for a child anywhere in the Russian Federation.

Most women get matskapital, but fathers also have such a right. Men can claim cash assistance if the child’s mother has died, lost her parental rights, or committed a crime against a child.In addition, a child under the age of 23 can receive a certificate if the parents do not have the right to state support.

When you visit the Pension Fund, you must provide a package of documents, which should include a passport, birth certificates of all children in the family, as well as proof of the Russian citizenship of the offspring.

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The application form for receiving matkapital is issued by the department, but you can download it yourself on the foundation's website and fill it out at home.

The Pension Fund provides an opportunity to submit an application on its official portal, but in fact it does not change anything, because after considering the online application, the FIU officer contacts the applicant and sets a time when you need to come to the office with the original documents.

How can maternity capital be used

In 2019, the goals for which payments can be spent are unlikely to change significantly. Thus, a certificate for matkapital allowed to use for:

  • improving family living conditions, including paying off mortgages to buy a house or apartment;
  • the child’s education, including for his university studies or kindergarten;

maternity capital 2019 lump sum whether

  • replenishment of the funded part of the mother’s pension;
  • reimbursement of costs associated with the purchase of goods and services for children with disabilities.

The state strictly controls the way citizens use the certificates they have received, and stops any attempts of illegal cashing or spending on purposes unforeseen by law.

It is necessary that parents send funds solely for the benefit of the child, and not just spend them.

Maternity capital is one of the few government initiatives that really works for people and helps them in solving the extremely difficult issue of providing a child with material. Without these payments, many families would hardly have decided to adopt or give birth to another baby.

Of course, in 2021 the program will end, which will adversely affect the demographic situation in the country. But considering how much this project is in demand, it is quite possible that it will be renewed again.

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