Manual or automatic forging?

At present, professionally executed artistic forging is more and more common in the exterior interiors of not only rich houses, but also in homes of middle-class people - the masses have recognized forging, found it practical, comfortable enough and convenient for everyday life.
Картинки по запросу Ручная или автоматическая ковка?
Thus, artistic forging requires mass character and prevalence, which, of course, in the context of its individuality, complexity of execution and unique skill of blacksmiths, drives demand to a stalemate.

However, the forging equipment, which is gradually conquering the forging market, brings a new generation of forging as a philistine to a new stage. Forging equipment serves not only as a tool for the manufacture of mass and bulky products - such as fences and fences, but also allows you to roll metal in Krasnoyarsk and stamping parts. It is important to know that machine forging is in no way trying to replace elegant hand-forged.Exclusive forged products from real craftsmen are expensive and unique inventions that can satisfy the aesthetic taste of true connoisseurs!

Machine forging is a simplification, but on the other hand, an operational assistant in meeting the industrial and mass needs of the population, to facilitate the work and increase the range of products offered.

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