Manicure with butterflies: beautiful ideas and a master class

Butterflies are a symbol of tenderness, lightness andfemininity. The image of these colorful and surprisingly attractive insects can be found everywhere - in clothes, accessories and even in make-up. Manicure with butterflies is an interesting idea for nail art. After all, it assumes a variety of shapes and colors, and in complexity it can be as simple as possible, accessible to beginners, and very difficult, which can only be done by painstaking professionals. In the article you will find many beautiful options how to make a manicure "Butterflies on nails." They inspire you to create your masterpieces.

A special finger

The easiest way to make a manicure with butterflies is to limit yourself to drawing only on one nail. As a rule, this honor falls to the ring finger.

The rest of the nails can be decorated in different ways:

  • The easiest way to do a classic French manicure. A pattern on one nail is an interesting way to diversify it.
  • You can make a non-standard jacket in colors that match the butterfly. For example, change the color of the tip of the nail, or additionally bring a "smile".manicure of butterfly on nails
  • But this manicure with butterflies and rhinestonesis available to beginners, but still it is not as simple as it might seem. Note the gradient on the wings of the insect and the clear even strips on the thumb. They will have to be carefully worked, but the other three nails are done quite quickly.manicure with butterflies
  • You can repeat the simplified version of therest of the nails. If you do not draw well, it is best to visit the nail salon to repeat this manicure, because it requires experience and accuracy. Otherwise, the effect of the similarity of the main pattern and details on the remaining nails will be lost, and the idea will lose its attractiveness.manicure drawing butterfly

One is good, but two is better

You can paint only two nails, for example:

  • Two nails decorated with a pattern, and the rest of the paint and zadekorirovat in the same style, but other patterns.
  • Or make a jacket with bright tips andbeautiful patterns, which also look unusual. And that the manicure with butterflies does not look overloaded, and that the drawings are not lost on a bright background, you can cover nails without patterns entirely with varnish, and make nails with butterflies in the style of the French manicure.manicure drawing butterfly
  • Here such variants too are made on the basis of a jacket:But since they assume considerable diligence to create a picture, then it will be difficult to repeat them on your own, and you will need to contact a manicure salon.manicure with butterflies and rhinestones
  • Metallic accents will decorate the marigolds. Painted butterflies over the standard French, and to complement them, you can delineate the line of "smile" with sequins of foil.
  • You can approach the problem outside the box, andplace the butterfly on two adjacent nails. But you need to carefully consider the picture, so that even when the fingers are not closed together, the insect looked attractive, but not strange.manicure with butterflies and rhinestones

Knowing of limits

If you have a firm, well-stuffed hand, you can try to make a more complex manicure. The picture "butterfly" on all nails looks very impressive:manicure with butterflies and rhinestones

It is important to choose harmonious colors, so that the nails do not look jagged, and work very carefully. Compare these two manicures:

manicure with butterflies and rhinestones

One looks beautiful, while the other looks more like a kindergarten pattern.

Very elegant looks manicure, made in different shades of the same color. As, for example, this one, in which pale and violet is involved:manicure with butterflies and rhinestones

Black and white colors, as well as sequinsused to outline drawings. Thanks to quiet shades, even the presence of two different animalistic patterns and butterflies do not make this manicure tasteless, but on the contrary - very elegant and thoughtful.

Fluttering Beauty

Manicure with butterflies also has thisdirection, like nail art with a pattern of butterfly wings. It requires skill and patience when creating it, but it looks very impressive. It looks good on monophonic nails (especially when the color is a substrate with sparkles or an unusual shade), but a coating with a gradient effect makes it really refined and elegant.manicure with butterflies and rhinestones

If you do not have color transitions, you canslightly simplify the task and use a magnetic varnish. When using a spatula with diagonal stripes, the pattern is beautifully laid down without much effort and looks pretty impressive.

Master Class

Let's look at how to make a beautiful manicure with the butterfly wings of the Danaida Monarch step-by-step.manicure of butterfly on nails

To create it you need:

  • A clean slice of the make-up sponge;
  • nail polish (yellow, orange, black, white, transparent);
  • base and finish coat for nails;
  • thin brush for nail art;
  • nail polish remover;
  • cotton buds;
  • toothpicks.

Operating procedure

  1. Cover the nail with a base coat so that the bright colors of the varnish leave no spots on the nail plate. In addition, so manicure with butterflies will last longer.
  2. Apply 2 coats of yellow varnish. Wait until it is completely dry.
  3. Sponge for make-up, apply two strips of varnish - orange and yellow. They should well impregnate the porous surface.manicure with butterflies and rhinestones
  4. Attach the sponge to the nail, then with patting movements mix the colors. Let them dry for 1 minute, and then repeat the operation, but place the sponge diagonally in relation to the nail.
  5. Apply a layer of clear lacquer. It allows you to even out the color of the gradient and smooth the irregularities that remain after the sponge. This will make it easier to apply a pattern to the nails. After the varnish dries, remove the excess remaining on the cuticle, using a cotton swab and a liquid to remove the varnish.manicure with butterflies

Thin work

Let's move on to drawing the picture:

  1. From the cuticle, draw a rounded line. Draw thinly, without pressure.
  2. From it, make 3 lines, a little short of the edges of the nail.
  3. Close the 2 sections of the drawing with rounded lines.
  4. Now you can fill out the sketch with black lacquer. Circle the nail around the perimeter, complete 2 more sections of the butterfly wing, paint the tip of the nail in black.nail salon
  5. Aim the thin lines to make them look fuller.
  6. Toothpick dipped in a white lacquer and put dots on the edge of the nail.
  7. Wait until it dries, and then apply the finish coat.

After that, the manicure is ready.

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