Magnetic Storms in January 2018: Schedule

Probably, each of us from time to time noticed a deterioration of health or mood swings for no apparent reason. Often this condition may be caused by magnetic storms.

Magnetic storms are the result of flares that occur on the surface of the sun. Charged particles reach the surface of our planet and, if I may say so, come into conflict with its magnetic field. The result of this are geomagnetic disturbances that can adversely affect people's well-being.

Today, scientists no longer question the fact that during a period of increased solar activity, a large number of heart attacks are observed, mental abnormalities are more frequent, and so on.

magnetic storm of the planet

In addition, these days the reaction may be dulled, so on the "magnetic" days there is a high level of accidents on the roads.

Even quite healthy people can feel the effects of solar activity. As for people with health problems, they tend to react more acutely to the slightest changes in the geomagnetic field.

The main symptoms may be dizziness and headache, sleep problems, weakness and aches throughout the body, nausea, increase or decrease in blood pressure and much more. The fact is that under the influence of magnetic waves, the blood tends to thicken, its current slows down, which can cause headaches and pressure changes. Sometimes this condition can result in a brain hemorrhage.

magnetic storm on earth

How to protect yourself during a magnetic storm

According to doctors, the detrimental effect of magnetic storms on the body can be significantly reduced if you follow some simple guidelines.

People suffering from chronic diseases should carry with them all the necessary medications so that in case of a sudden deterioration in their well-being, take them in time. This will help avoid possible health problems.

During this period, even healthy people better to completely abandon the use of alcoholic beverages, as well as strong tea and coffee. It is best to give preference to clean drinking water without gas, as well as natural juices or herbal teas.

magnetic storm of the sun

In addition, during the period of magnetic storms is to reconsider their diet.Heavy and fatty foods can be an undesirable burden for the body, so its use should be reduced as much as possible. On the contrary, light non-nutritive foods of plant origin will not cause any harm to health.

Mood swings are often observed these days, so it is best to stock up on sedatives in advance and take them as needed. Herbal extracts based on mint, lemon balm, chamomile, etc. can also help in this case.

Experts recommend that in “dangerous” days avoid crowded places: supermarkets, discos, bars, etc. It is best to walk more in the park or outside the city, because fresh air is what the body needs during magnetic disturbances. If possible, physical and mental stress should also be reduced, in order to avoid possible health problems.

Schedule of magnetic storms for January 2018

Weather-sensitive people try to know in advance the schedule of magnetic storms in order to prepare their body for their negative effects. Today, this can be done without any difficulty, as scientists have learned how to predict the onset of magnetic storms based on observations of solar activity.

magnetic storm of the sun

What can we expect from the sun in early 2018

Scientists warn that in January next year strong magnetic storms of the 3rd and 5th are expected. These days, weather-sensitive people should take a closer look at their health and, if it suddenly deteriorate, take the necessary drugs or call a doctor. Healthy people are encouraged to stay at home whenever possible, relax, take a relaxing bath or a warm shower. These recommendations will help to survive magnetic days without undesirable consequences.

On January 10 and 12 there is a danger of occurrence of geomagnetic disturbances of small force. It is likely that healthy people may not notice them, but, nevertheless, these days it is best to take care of yourself.

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