Lunar calendar for December 2019

People far from astrology, it is difficult to imagine that they are affected by the heavenly bodies. And the truth is: we commit acts that we ourselves have previously thought out. However, people aware of the influence of the moon are no longer so skeptical, they know that the earth’s satellite has a significant impact on the human psyche and on its physical well-being. The lunar calendar for December 2019 allows you to track the activity of the moon and intelligently plan your life this month.

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Table of the lunar calendar for December 2019

Date, day of weekMoon phasesLunar daysIn which sign of the zodiac is the moonEnergy of the day
01.12 Sunday Growing 5, 6 Aquarius
02.12 monday Growing 6, 7 Aquarius Very favorable
03.12 Tuesday Growing 7, 8 Fish Very favorable
04.12 Wednesday First quarter 8, 9 Fish Generally favorable
05.12 Thursday Growing 9, 10 Fish
06.12 Friday Growing 10, 11 Aries
07.12 Saturday Growing 11, 12 Aries
08.12 Sunday Growing 12, 13 Taurus
09.12 Mondays Growing 13, 14 Taurus Generally favorable
10.12 Tuesday Growing 14, 15 Taurus Very favorable
11.12 Wednesday Growing 15, 16 Twins
12.12 Thursday Full moon 16, 17 Twins
13.12 Friday Decreasing 17, 18 Cancer Generally favorable
14.12 Saturday Decreasing 18, 19 Cancer
15.12 Sunday Decreasing 19, 20 a lion
12/16 Monday Decreasing 20, 21 a lion
17.12 Tuesday Decreasing 21, 22 Virgo Very favorable
18.12 Wednesday Decreasing 22, 23 Virgo Very favorable
19.12 thursday Third quarter 23 Virgo Generally favorable
20.12 Friday Decreasing 23, 24 Libra
12/21 Saturday Decreasing 24, 25 Libra
12/22 Sunday Decreasing 25, 26 Scorpio
12/23 Monday Decreasing 26, 27 Scorpio Very favorable
24.12 Tuesday Decreasing 27, 28 Sagittarius Very favorable
25.12 Wednesday Decreasing 28, 29 Sagittarius Generally favorable
26.12 thursday New Moon 29, 1, 2 Capricorn Very favorable
27.12 Friday Growing 2, 3 Capricorn
12/28 Saturday Growing 3, 4 Aquarius Generally favorable
29.12 Sunday Growing 4, 5 Aquarius
30.12 monday Growing 5, 6 Aquarius Very favorable
31.12 Tuesday Growing 6, 7 Fish Very favorable

The most favorable days of the lunar calendar for December 2019

  • December 2 is the day when all signs of the zodiac need to trust their intuition. The arguments of reason will not be so relevant today.Overwhelming emotions will change the mood of the day from doom to inspiration. If important matters are scheduled for Monday, December 2, try to move them, emotional ups and downs can become a ground for misunderstandings and conflict situations. Such a “sensitive” day may disrupt plans for successful cooperation, disrupt business negotiations, but it is most favorable for romantic relationships.
  • December 10th. In the second phase of the lunar cycle, we feel a surge of strength and energy; on this day, it is favorable to begin training, to embark on the study of new scientific directions, to start relationships. Along with the growth of vital forces, the emotional component also grows: the likelihood of quarrels and conflicts is high. The moon in Taurus marks this day as a period of material stability, therefore any operations with money will be favorable. Today it will be most preferable to visit the theater or a luxurious restaurant, enjoy the beautiful.
  • December 17th is favorable for monotonous labor. Accounting, legal and other areas requiring thoughtful work will receive favorable conditions for the best implementation of projects.Today you can go to the bank, take a loan, carry out trade and intermediary operations, or just go to study, engage in self-education. Any collective work will bear fruit very soon. To maintain health, it is recommended to take air baths: start a picnic or just take a walk.
  • December 23 opens up opportunities to redefine your life and past actions. A look at familiar things from a new angle will help solve previously seemingly intractable problems. Strength and energy are declining, which means that you can calmly reflect and think over what has been done, take stock. Try not to participate in conflicts, although the atmosphere of the day will persuade you to this. Suspend business negotiations until better times and reduce physical exertion.
  • December 26th favors physical development and health promotion: you can begin therapeutic fasting, sign up for fitness, go on a detox diet to cleanse the body of toxins and toxins. 2 lunar day gives energy to any undertakings.
  • December 30 is ideal for making new contacts both in business and in personal sphere.Communication with people will be easy and enjoyable, and the date will be “without a hitch, without a hitch.” In addition, the day opens up ample opportunities for creative self-realization and educational activities, you will absorb knowledge like a sponge. Let the hidden abilities manifest.

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Lunar forecast for all signs of the zodiac for December

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius in the first week of December will have to face a difficult choice: a pleasant pastime with the second half or working late with the prospect of career growth. It is advisable for Lev to spend more time at home, to make New Year preparations with his family. In solving problems, they should be guided by experience, but not by a desire to risk

Representatives of the earth element (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) will be engaged in December in closing “tails” in all matters. It is very likely that they will need help in this matter - do not hesitate to contact your family and family for support, colleagues at work will also be happy to support you. In the second half of the month there is a high probability of meeting a loved one. For Capricorns, December will be the month of purification from problems, there will be a white line in life. Taurus should be attentive to its partner, there is a high risk of betrayal on his part.In the family at this sign there will be a row of quarrels - give your family more time.

December for the air brotherhood will be held under the banner of success and freedom. The twins will tend to loneliness, they may want to relax on some poorly populated island. At work, they are waiting for a series of favorable events: the increase in their career, the New Year Prize. Scales in December are forced to make an important decision for later life, connect your analytical skills and listen to the advice of loved ones. For Aquarius, the only air representatives, the end of the year will be tense, there will be instability at work. Try not to conflict with the authorities, if possible prepare yourself a financial “safety cushion”.

The signs of the Zodiac of the Water element will enjoy stability in December: there will be opportunities to make large purchases, to purchase real estate. For Scorpio, the month expects to be favorable: they will become participants in romantic relationships and will financially stand on their feet with confidence. The end of the month will allow a little rest and think about vital issues.Raku will help get rid of the accumulated fatigue of the New Year bustle: enjoy preparing gifts and decorating the house. From Pisces December will require maximum return in a professional way.

At the end of the year it is recommended to live by the principles of fatalism: life will put everything in its place. Those who wish to control the upcoming events, the phases of the moon in December 2019 do not bode well.

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