Lunar calendar 2018 for planting seedlings: when to plant vegetables for seedlings.

Growing good seedlings is not difficult. It is only necessary to comply with the basic conditions for growing seedlings - this is the right soil for planting, timely watering, providing the right amount of light, and maintaining the required temperature.

The time of planting seeds for seedlings, plays an important role. Here you can be guided by two factors:

  • listen to the advice of experienced gardeners, and plant seedlings in accordance with their advice that will be suitable for your region;
  • look in the lunar calendar 2018 for planting seedlings and plan planting in accordance with the recommendations.

In both cases, you will not miss, we will tell you when to plant this or that vegetable on the seedlings and what to look for when growing seedlings.

When to plant eggplants for seedlings

The best time to sow eggplants for seedlings is mid-March. Eggplants do not like being bothered by their roots and therefore do not tolerate transplantation and pick-up - therefore, they should be planted in separate pots, peat tablets or tapes at once.

The eggplant seed germination temperature is + 20 ... + 24 degrees (the minimum temperature, when eggplant seeds start to germinate +15 degrees, at the same time). Subject to temperature, eggplants will rise on the 8–10th day after planting. After the emergence of green shoots, the temperature must be maintained the same, reducing it at night to + 12 ... + 15 ° C so that the eggplant seedlings get used to the natural growing conditions and do not grow too tender.

Sow eggplants for seedlings in 2018

January - 1, 20, 21, 25, 26, 29, 30
February - 18, 21, 22, 25, 26
March - 1, 20, 21, 24, 25, 26, 29, 30
April - 18, 21, 22, 25, 26, 29
May - 18, 19, 22, 23, 27, 28

When to plant basil seedlings

The optimal time to sow basil for seedlings is the end of March. Calculate the time of planting basil about two months before transplanting grown up basil seedlings in open ground, in a permanent place.

The optimum temperature for seed germination of basil is + 20 ... + 25 (with a minimum of + 10 ... + 12 ° degrees).It is better to put pots with crops in a bright warm place; cover them with glass or transparent plastic wrap on top until seedlings appear. They will appear in about 10–12 days, then the glass or film must be removed.

To prevent basil seedlings from stretching out and being plump, do not keep the growing temperature + 16 ... + 20 degrees. Not higher. Otherwise, the seedlings will be pulled out. When growing basil from seeds, be sure to water the seedlings with warm water.

When to plant melon seedlings

It is best to melt the melon in peat pots, so as not to injure the roots during transplantation. When transplanting, rip the peat pot slightly to make it easier for the roots to take root. The time when sowing melon on seedlings comes April 15-20. Then, by the time of transplantation into a greenhouse or greenhouse, seedlings will turn 30 - 35 days. The melon is transplanted to a permanent place in the second decade of May.

After sowing the melon seeds in pots, cover them with plastic wrap and put them in a warm place (the most comfortable temperature during the sprouting of the melon seedlings is +20 ... + 25 ° C, with the minimum germination temperature being + 12 ... + 15 ° C).

When the first green shoots appear, remove the polyethylene and place the melon seedlings on the solar window, providing protection from direct sunlight.For optimal growth and development of melon seedlings, the temperature should be + 25 ... + 30 ° С. After transplanting to a permanent place (in open ground or a greenhouse), pour melon with warm water until it fully takes root.

When to plant cabbage on seedlings

White cabbage can be sown on seedlings at different times. It depends on the cabbage variety. Early cabbages are beginning to be planted on seedlings from mid-March, medium varieties from mid-April, and late varieties are sown on seedlings from early April.

Recommendations for growing cabbage seedlings are as follows:

  • Cabbage does not like hot dry air, therefore, cabbage seedlings are best grown not at home, in a room, but in a greenhouse or on a glazed loggia at a temperature of about + 15 ... + 17 ° С.
  • When planting cabbage seedlings at home, in a room, the best time to sow cabbage on seedlings will be early April. As the cabbage seedlings become less stretched and yellow with an increase in daylight, even with an excess of heat, you are more likely to get good cabbage seedlings at home.

When to plant corn for seedlings

Corn belongs to vegetables with a rather long development period and if you want to eat sweet corn in the summer, it is better to grow it through seedlings.The time when sowing corn for seedlings is the first days of May, about 25 days before the transplantation of corn into open ground.

Corn seeds begin to germinate even at low temperatures of + 10 ... + 12 degrees, and very quickly germinate at a temperature of +25 degrees. In order for corn to grow and develop well, maintain the temperature of growing corn seedlings within + 20 ... + 23 degrees.

Corn is a heat-loving plant, so that the seedlings are well caught it needs to wait until the threat of return frost is over, and the soil warms to a temperature of +15 degrees. The soil during planting and subsequent care should be watered well with warm, settled water.

When to plant cucumbers for seedlings

Cucumber is so thermophilic culture that its seedlings do not tolerate low positive temperatures, and even more so frost. Therefore, it is imperative to provide cucumber seedlings with heat.

When cucumber seedlings are planted at home — at home, seedlings are planted on seedlings in mid-April, and also in peat pots, so as not to injure the roots during transplantation. Otherwise, your cucumber seedlings will take a long time to settle down. The temperature of sprouting cucumber seedlings +25 degrees.

When the first shoots appear, this usually happens 3–5 days after planting the seeds in the ground, lower it to +23 degrees. During the flowering period, the temperature should be at + 20 ... + 25 degrees (minimum + 12 ... + 13 degrees). You, probably, already noticed that at a temperature of +10 degrees, the growth of cucumbers stops. Unfortunately, this happens often in our climate.

Cucumber seedlings are grown in a bright warm place without drafts. If there is no such possibility and there is not enough light, then you can make additional lighting of the seedlings with the help of a reflective foil, and also lower the temperature to +18 degrees during the day and +15 degrees at night.

When to plant pepper on seedlings

Pepper is a thermophilic culture with a long development period, so the time when sowing pepper to seedlings begins from mid-February to early March. You can speed up the emergence of pepper shoots if you set the temperature to + 26 ... + 28 degrees. Then the first shoots of pepper seedlings will appear in a week. But it is better if you pre-process the process of soaking and tempering the pepper. In our unstable climate, it would be good to grow pepper seedlings adapted to the cold weather.Note that the minimum temperature for seed germination of pepper is +18 degrees, and at +13 degrees the growth of pepper seedlings stops.

After sowing pepper on the seedlings, maintain a temperature of +25 degrees, and when sprouts appear, place the containers with seedlings in a bright place with a temperature of + 15 ... + 17 degrees. After picking pepper seedlings, place the sprouts on the window sill, protecting them for the first time from the sun's rays with white paper on the glass or covering the blinds. Make sure that the temperature of the soil does not fall below +15 degrees. When the first buds appear on the seedlings of pepper, it can be transplanted into greenhouses or open ground. In this case, the average daily temperature should be at least +15 degrees.

When to sow tomatoes for seedlings

Terms of planting tomato seedlings depend on the variety of tomatoes and growing conditions. Tomato seedlings at home when planted:

  • The time when sowing early tomatoes for seedlings that will grow under film covers is the second half of March.
  • If you will grow early varieties of tomatoes in the open field, plant them in seedlings in early April.
  • Tall varieties of tomato for greenhouses are best sown in late March.
  • Low-growing tomatoes for greenhouses planted in early to mid-April.
  • Late-ripening and large varieties of tomatoes, such as Bull's heart, are planted on seedlings in early March.

If tomato seeds are pre-soaked and germinated, then it will be easier to care for such seedlings. The first seedlings of tomato seedlings usually appear a week after planting. In order for the seeds to germinate, set a temperature of about +25 degrees (the minimum germination temperature is + 10 ... + 12 degrees). As a rule, the average room temperature at home (about +20 ° C) is suitable for growing tomato seedlings at home, and additional heat sources are not needed.

Lunar calendar 2018 for planting seedlings and care for her

The best days for planting seedlings that grow above the ground (and these are all the vegetables listed above) are periods of the growing moon. You can look in, here is the seedling planting calendar for 2018 to determine favorable periods. The lunar calendar for planting seedlings gives several favorable days so that you can choose for yourself the most convenient for working in the garden.

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