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January 27, 2018

Lucky ...Starting the construction of the house, I decided to purchase a reliable power tool (all the work was supposed to be done on my own), as well as high-quality doors from the company The choice was to be made between several world-famous brands.

In addition to quality, I took into account the availability of consumable and service. At one of the exhibitions at the stand of the company, where I bought a professional tool for my company, I saw AEG products. Dealer very skillfully explained the merits of products.

Looked at reference materials, tried it in business: well-thought-out ergonomics,elegant design. Bribed and design - "honest" metal where no jewelry is needed. Anti-vibration pads are just in those places where the hand falls while working. German quality, no frills, and the production is also German.

One “but” did not like the price. And here, as it sometimes happens, the case helped. The PN 3500, PN 2200 R punchers, SB2E 850 two-speed percussion drill, slightly used, under warranty, were sold as a set. The price is acceptable. Two perforators confused, but later all doubts were dispelled.

Easy PN 2200 R drilled holes with a diameter of 4-16 mm in concrete, brick, aerated concrete. When it came to building into the house, the heavy PN 3500 went into action. We dealt with the foundation blocks with dignity. With rings in the plumbing well, that’s easy too.

Drill on concrete with a diameter of 24 mm "plus" peak and the hole is ready. I was struck by the low level of vibration, pleased with the accuracy of electronics. We had to work both in the basement and outdoors in the rain. Involuntarily recalled safety lectures - what if it hits you with a current?

But everything worked out, electrical protection was at a high level. When collectedroof structures, hands fell off from work with a hammer - nails 150 mm. And then came across adjusting eyes. And then the process dramatically accelerated. “Making a profit” of a dozen nails, turning on the impact mode ... and the neighbors are looking forshelter(very much on the AK-47, it seems).

When installing truss structures, there was a problem with large (250-300 mm) nails, which connected the triangles of the truss structure and half-floor of the second floor. Not without drilling - the SB2E 850 drill coped with this task.

Working at first speed, we managed to drill 100 holes with a diameter of 7 mm and a depth of 250-280 mm. There were no problems when using a drill of 26 mm.With small-diameter drills, I took the keyless chuck, for large diameters - the usual key from the kit.

Lucky ...When painting the slate, it was necessary to thoroughly stir, and the drill helped out here. The next task is cutting slate. Without any doubt, I acquired USLM WSLB 230. At the same time, I managed to cut three sheets of slate (in a package) with a disk over a stone, slanting cuts with a disk with adiamond coated.

WSLB 230 is well balanced, clearly keeps pace under load. Conveniently, the handle of the tool can be fixed in three positions. Quick-release drive mounting also makes work easier. After buying grinding wheels on wood, I found a completely unexpected use forLBM- fitting of wooden structures during installation.

Since the most important knots were glued, it was necessary to fit the glued package, and to process the ends of the board 50x150 mm in three layers ... began to smoke, it was almost impossible to cope with an electro-knife exactly and quickly. And with the help of a grinding disc on wood, it was possible to achieve almost jeweler's precision. I have finishing work, making windows, doors, furniture. I look at the new instrument, I know for sure one thing - it will be AEG.

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