Low-rise construction

The universal globalization of our society, the craving for the creation of huge megalopolises with their frantic pace of life, and the eternal shortage of time leave no way for an ordinary citizen of our country to rest. Yes, you can visit a bar, a sauna or a club, but it will not be the rest that is valued above all else - being in a comfortable home environment, with your family, away from the hustle and bustle and closer to nature. Such an idyll is still very achievable these days - low-rise construction will help you with this.
First of all, it is necessary to indicate what is behind the phrase "low-rise construction." In simple terms, this is the construction by the developer of a small building, most often a one-story building. This may well be, for example, a cottage, a bathhouse, a dacha or a shop, taking into account all the necessary engineering systems: heating, sewage, ventilation, water supply. A company with years of experience IQterm offers high-quality installation of heating and water supply systems, I recommend using the services on the site http://iqterm.ru.
This type of construction is an ideal option for many situations in life and will suit absolutely everyone. Our country is famous for the diversity of climatic conditions, landscapes, etc. On this basis, it becomes clear that heating a multi-storey building in areas where winter is cold and protracted will be extremely expensive. In this situation, it is best to order the developer exactly low-rise construction. Such examples can be listed for quite a long time, but we will immediately proceed to consider the main nuances that everyone who plans to acquire a small house should know.
Traditionally, three types of materials are used in low-rise construction to the customer's choice. It may well be a brick, wood or frame elements.

Each of these materials has its own advantages:
- A house built of brick will serve you for many decades. It has considerable strength and is well protected from fire.
- A wooden house will suit lovers of all-natural materials. It is quite easy to work with a tree, therefore construction will take relatively less time.Also remember the amazing aesthetic effect of well-treated wood.
- Frame materials have the highest seismic resistance, which is very important for individual regions of the country. They are also durable and durable.
In fact, if you look through the eyes of the customer, low-rise construction looks like this: a person makes an order, discusses the details with the contractor and leaves (vacationing with relatives, visiting, working) for a certain time. Upon returning, he is waiting for a fully finished house of excellent quality. The developer also carries out all the necessary work - from paperwork to wall decoration.

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