Lexus GS 250 car: a review, description, features and reviews

Along with the technological development of carsthere is an extension of the model lines. New designs are added, forms become more complicated and technical stuffing is improved. So, in recent years the world auto industry has successfully mastered the segment of crossovers and continues to actively promote the concept of hybrid cars. Manufacturers of luxury cars are conservative and rarely try their hand at unconventional niches. But such a process is observed in the examples of large auto giants. At the same time, development in classical directions does not stop there. This, in particular, confirmed the output of the Lexus GS IV 250 sedan, which again hit the public with luxury trim and decent power potential. However, these are not the only advantages of a premium car, which stably maintains high performance from generation to generation.

General information about the model

lexus gs 250

Fourth generation of a Japanese carDemonstrates a revolutionary look in terms of design. The front of the sedan is equipped with a radiator grille, which looks like a spindle with its structure. In addition to the aesthetic merits of such a solution, it also has a symbolic overtones. Connoisseurs can see in this accent a subtle hint at the weaving past of the concern Toyota, from under the wing of which once and came out a luxury brand. Attracts the car Lexus GS250 and the advantages of the cabin, in which the creators provided for the central panel with a dynamic system, metalized trim elements and a signature dial. Especially for the convenience of the driver there are also elegant optotronic devices and a puffy rim on the three-spoke steering wheel. As for the multimedia option, it is a multi-function system with an 8-inch screen, which is supplemented by a navigator.

The model for today is available in severalvariations of different cost. So, the basic equipment is estimated at 1.7 million rubles. The average performance is represented by the Lexus GS 250, the price of which is 2.1 million rubles. The most functional and powerful versions are valued at a sum of up to 3 million rubles. But this already applies to sports and hybrid modifications of the standard sedan.

Main characteristics

car lexus gs250

Base parameters and overall vehicle designrepresent the reference performance of the sedan class. The luxurious interior is underscored by the equally impressive appearance of the Lexus GS 250, whose technical characteristics look as follows:

  • The body is a five-seated sedan.
  • The width is 184 cm.
  • The length is 485 cm.
  • The height is 145.5 cm.
  • The ground clearance is 14.5 cm.
  • The front track is 157.5 cm.
  • The turn in diameter is 10.6 m.
  • The curb weight is 1,715 kg.
  • The volume of the luggage compartment is 530 liters.
  • Number of doors - 4.

The model has quite large dimensions. This provides a solid look and comfort in explantation, but you should also take into account the fuel consumption, which increases as the mass increases. It is noteworthy that the same size in the luxury class can boast few cars. More often than not, the Lexus GS 250 is compared to the BMW 5 Series and Jaguar XF, but in terms of design and functionality, these models are still inferior to the premium "Japanese".

Engine characteristics

lexus gs 250 specifications

Business class cars do not provoke a driveron high-speed driving. The main emphasis is on the comfort of working with the selector, which, in turn, must interact organically with the motor. The designers of the model have chosen the optimal configuration in the basic equipment, which ensures a confident course and stable control of the Lexus GS 250. The characteristics of the power unit can be presented as follows:

  • The type of fuel used is gasoline.
  • The number of cylinders is 6.
  • Construction - V-shaped.
  • The power potential is 209 liters. from.
  • Working volume - 2500 cm3.
  • The capacity of the tank is 66 liters.

It has already been noted that the large dimensions of the carcertainly affect the fuel consumption. However, in the case of this model it is assumed a quiet movement without sharp manipulations, which also restrains the level of gasoline consumption. Thus, in a city, the Lexus GS 250 consumes no more than 14 liters, and on the highway - up to 10 liters. However, outside the city the indicator can be reduced to 7 liters, if you adhere to the average speed regime and not overtake overtaking.

Dynamics and driving performance

lexus gs 250 specs

Despite almost five-meter length and bulkyappearance of the SUV, the interior does not create a sense of large dimensions. The machine is easily parked and operated in tight streams. Thanks to the automatic transmission, the driver can feel light in maneuvers, easily implementing responsive operations with the gearbox "Lexus GS 250". Characteristics of the dynamics confirm the playful, but friendly sedan character - up to 100 km / h, it accelerates for 8.6, and the maximum provides at 225 km / h. Again, in the conditions of the city, for which the business class is designed, there is no need to disclose full potential. In this mode of driving, the driver will appreciate the harmonious interaction between the "box" and the engine. And the capacity for 209 "horses" will be more appropriate on the track when overtaking or moving to the lift - the kickback of the power plant will be enough for quiet movement at high speed without vibrations, but with a pleasant roar.

Options Lexus GS 250 F Sport

lexus gs 250 reviews

Fashion to create sports modifications did not passand the company Lexus, which developed on the basis of the sedan version of the F Sport. Despite of other specialization, engineers managed to realize rather sound sports car. As for the exterior, the front has more aggressive features. This was achieved through the exported bumpers and a radiator grille with honeycombs. Also sporty Lexus GS 250 received light alloy wheels and suspension, designed for a dynamic management style. Internal changes were also made. For example, the pedals were equipped with aluminum plates, the seats were clad in a leather cover, and the steering wheel was decorated with a perforated finish.

Positive feedback about the model

lexus gs 250 price

Everything related to controllability,owners have a positive impression. Despite the dimensions, users note the exchange rate stability, and the precise operation of the gearbox, regardless of the driving mode, as well as good traction. The same can be said about the internal space. In the cabin there are all necessary systems and devices that provide both passenger comfort and ergonomics for the Lexus GS 250 driver. Reviews often compare this sedan with representatives of the "big German troika". Indeed, both Audi and BMW are well represented in this niche, but the Japanese car is more refined interior trim. As the owners themselves say, the luxury class is felt in the smallest accents.

Negative feedback

Frankly sharp criticism frommotorists in respect of the sedan is practically not received. Nevertheless, many people say that it would be nice to increase the power of the Lexus GS 250. Reviews of this kind give as arguments the examples of other sedans, in which the power potential is almost the main characteristic. Anyway, the very concept of the "Japanese" does not imply a high return on capacity. The car is positioned as a premium vehicle designed to provide a high degree of comfort. And with these tasks the creators as a whole coped.


Lexus gs 250 specifications

An example of this model shows that developmentcar industry can mean not only the improvement of engines and structures, but also an increase in comfort. This applies to the salon of the Lexus GS 250, and to the technical implementation of its control systems. After all, even in the eminent manufacturers of expensive cars, there are cases when the ergonomically convenient model provides impractical gear boxes and steering wheel mechanisms for the use of the driver. And this is not speaking of the characteristics of the engines, which are brought at the most crucial moment. Perhaps the main advantage of the GS 250 is precisely its reliability and the absence of unpleasant surprises in the process of movement - both in the city and outside it.

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