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All children believe in fairy tales and magic, and each child hopes that if he writes a letter by mail to Russia to Santa Claus in 2018, his wish will certainly be fulfilled. On the eve of the New Year, houses are decorated with Christmas trees, streets with lanterns, there is a snowball on the trees, and this means that the time of miracles has come! To write to the magic grandfather what you dream about is an exciting and extremely interesting exercise, besides, it is useful for the child himself, because he learns to formulate his thoughts correctly. How to write a letter? Where to send him? Will Santa Claus read your message? Should we expect an answer from him? We will try to answer these and other questions.

What to write in a letter to Santa Claus

Of course, parents should also be involved in this process in order to explain to the child how to write letters to the New Year's wizard. It should not be recited from the words “I want” and “give it to me”, it is impolite. First, you should say hello, say your name and how old are you, and be sure to congratulate Santa Claus on the upcoming New Year.Then tell how things are going in the kindergarten or school, about their interests and friends, victories and failures.

It is important to take into account the fact that Santa Claus loves obedient children very much and fulfills their wishes with pleasure. And if the baby is prankish, he should apologize for it. You can also write about your dreams and hopes - the main thing is that the tone of the letter is polite. And only after that ask for a gift from Santa Claus 2018 by Russian Post. Dads and moms must explain to the child that the good wizard does not like when children are greedy, so you should not ask him, for example, an expensive smartphone.

The best option is to write a list of what you would like to receive as a gift, and let the fairy-tale grandfather decide for himself what he will put under the Christmas tree. At the end of the letter you should say goodbye and say hello to the Snow Maiden.

Post of Russia

How beautiful to issue a letter to the wizard

The new year is a bright and colorful holiday, so simply writing text on white paper and putting it in the same white envelope is not enough. And it will be more interesting for the kid to draw a picture of Santa Claus or paint a leaf with multi-colored patterns.The letter must be decorated colorfully to match the upcoming holiday. The fabulous grandfather loves when the children send him their drawings, so here the child can show all his imagination. The letter itself should be invested in a bright envelope decorated in a New Year's theme, so that the good wizard would immediately notice such a beautiful message and want to give the child the best toys. If you show patience and diligence - the letter will turn out great!

How and where to send a letter to Santa Claus

After the letter is ready and sealed in an envelope, it should be sent. How to do it? To save a fairy tale, you can leave a letter under the tree, so that the elves take it and deliver it to the wizard. And you can immediately throw in a special box designed only for letters to Santa Claus (they are now often installed in schools and kindergartens). But, of course, do not forget to write the address on the envelope. Fabulous grandfather lives in a snowy city called Great Ustyug, so the letter should be sent there. The address should be: 162390, Vologda region, Veliky Ustyug, to Santa Claus.Do not doubt, the letter will definitely come to its destination! There is another option: send a message by e-mail. Today, many children love to do something on the computer, including drawing, so if a child wants to issue an e-mail, then you can send it to the wizard’s mailbox:. Or on the official website of Santa Claus:.

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Does the wizard read the letters and wait for an answer

Be sure that Grandfather Frost reads all the letters that come to him, and will answer all! Of course, a lot of messages come to him, and he simply does not have time to answer them all, so his magic assistants help him. Sometimes the wizard even sends the presents to the most obedient children. To have time to get a response from the fairytale old man, you must have time to send a letter to Santa Claus in 2018 by post of Russia one month before the New Year. After all, every year the grandfather receives thousands of letters, so you need to take care of sending your message in advance.

Letter template to Santa Claus

Adopt this template, with it it will be easier to make a letter.

  • Say hello and introduce yourself, what is your age?
  • Tell us about your family, friends, pets.
  • Tell about good deeds and apologize for bad.
  • List the desired gifts, tell us about dreams.
  • Do not forget to say goodbye and say hello to the Snow Maiden.

For full credibility, parents can write a response on behalf of Santa Claus.

Santa Claus with letters

Examples of letters to a fairytale wizard

It happens that not only children, but also parents are initially lost, not knowing what to write to Grandfather Frost. Let's look at the examples of three letters of children of different ages, which will help children to orient themselves and understand what the letter should be.

• Hello Dedushka Moroz! My name is Irishka, I am three years old, and my mother's name is Elena Viktorovna. And we have a father and grandmother Zina. I go to kindergarten, I love to go to it, because there is fun. Today my teacher praised me for removing the toys. Dear Grandfather Frost, please give me a soft toy, a bunny or a teddy bear, I will sleep with him. Goodbye, grandfather, I love you!

• Dear my grandfather Frost, hello! My name is Egor, I am already six years old. I will soon go to school, but in the meantime I go to kindergarten. I have a dad, mom and sister Polina.Everyone says that I am a good and obedient boy, I have many friends. I already know how to read and love to play with typewriters. Beloved my grandfather Frost! I really want a toy helicopter with a battery as a gift. Goodbye, say hello to the Snow Maiden!

Santa Claus with letters

• Hello, beloved grandfather Frost! My name is Nastya, I'm nine years old, I'm in the third grade. My teacher's name is Elizaveta Petrovna, she is very good. I try to behave myself, but sometimes I play pranks and then apologize for it. More than anything, I love my mom and my dad. Grandfather Frost, please make them give me a little brother or sister! I'll wait very goodbye!

Many children's letters are touched to the depths of the soul - because they do not have requests for material gifts.

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