LED lighting design

Whatever apartment renovation or furniture rearrangement you have not started, it will look trivial if modern and fashionable lighting is not thought out. Someone thinks that the lamp is just an ordinary light source.

But, it should be noted that this source plays its illuminating role only in the dark, and most of the day it still adorns the interior design.

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Ceiling LED suspensions of the original form and style are always attracted, and will attract interest. But against the background of general light, at the peak of fashion, LED lamps and lamps remain, which, thanks to their mobility and ability to adjust the intensity and direction of light, are always in demand. And they create a certain atmosphere and spirit of the home.

The cocoon LED lamps, which are a source of light hidden behind a translucent textile shell, are gaining momentum in popularity.made from the latest materials: ceiling, wall and floor.

The use of LED light of various shades pushes the scope of our understanding of lighting and design. Thanks to a combination of colors or, conversely, contrasting colors of the interior and light shade, it is possible in one second to turn the working ascetic space into a colorful room for dancing or quiet parties.

If you decide to adjust the lighting in the room, you need to make a plan, what and how you need to light. First you need to decide what the room is for: studying at a desk, relaxing in front of the TV, reading in a comfortable chair, receiving guests, playing the piano, etc. And, highlighting the areas that require additional lighting, select the appropriate LED devices.

The interior looks very impressive, where wall paintings, hanging shelves, sculptures are highlighted with different types of LED lighting: wall, ceiling.

The most intensive illumination is necessary for working areas, and more subdued for minor details of the design.To complete the light ensemble, in order to combine all the sources into one, soft, muted LED ceiling lights are performed.

In this way, you can create the perfect workspace with the inclusion of spectacular design solutions.

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