LED lamps "Jazzway": reviews, pros and cons of the manufacturer + review models

Since its introduction in the domestic market, JAZZWAY LED lamps have been able to earn the recognition of customers in the shortest possible time.

Unique technical characteristics, first-class quality and reasonable price - this is only a small part of the advantages of the products of this brand.

The secret of the success of the company JAZZWAY

The company appeared on the Russian market about 10 years ago. She immediately positioned herself as a manufacturer of LED products.

Achieving a rather active growth of the client base allowed the use of modern equipment and the involvement of highly qualified employees.

The total warehouse area of ​​the company is more than 20,000 square meters. This is more than enough to produce about 20 million products annually. As a result, the company is an important player in its market niche.

The range includes just a huge number of varieties of products.At the beginning of 2018, the catalog has about one and a half thousand titles. For the convenience of the buyer, all this diversity has been divided into several main categories, which will be described below.

JAZZWAY not only produces decent products, but also offers first-class service. When making a purchase, the client can count on a competent and complete consultation, as well as prompt delivery.

A row of LED lamps
The range includes only the best-selling models. More than half of the catalog is a sales hit. To achieve such liquidity of products allowed competent approach to business. In addition, company employees listen to customers.

Distinctive features of Russian products

Each employee of the company JAZZWAY is doing everything possible to offer the customer a first-class product that meets all standards of GOST.

At the same time, LED lamps of this brand are quite a budget and affordable solution for the overwhelming majority of citizens. Accordingly, they can be used to organize lighting for the home, production hall, office or marketplace.

Among the many unique features of the company's LED lamps, the following factors should be highlighted:

  • high light output- the vast majority of products produces about 120 lumens per watt of electricity;
  • speed- The maximum brightness is achieved almost instantly;
  • reliability- lamps are not afraid of frequent and severe voltage drops;
  • thoughtful design- the lamps were designed in such a way that the angles of dispersion and illumination were maximum;
  • environmental friendliness- in the production process, only environmentally friendly raw materials are used, in addition, the lamps do not contain mercury or its vapors;
  • economy- for the light bulb will require the minimum possible amount of electricity.

To all of the above, you should also add durability. The use of high-quality materials and the observance of production technology guarantee that the lamp will last at least 40,000 hours.

The range of LED lighting products from the company JAZZWAY is huge. At the same time, it is regularly updated with new unique models.Therefore, to choose a suitable size base, the price and design of the product will not be easy

Does the product have flaws?

This company doesn’t have any significant drawbacks that could alienate the purchase of LED devices. In rare cases, built-in models may flicker, which will create certain inconveniences in their operation.

Also, buyers say not too strong luminous flux in industrial equipment. But this dissatisfaction is due to the fact that such customers used to use lamps made during the Soviet era.

Soviet devices shone beautifully and many modern manufacturers cannot achieve the same result.

Model range of LED lamps

As mentioned earlier, this domestic company offers just a huge number of product names. Today, without problems, you can pick up LED strips, flashlights, spotlights and batteries, made by JAZZWAY engineers.

In addition, the range is constantly expanding, so buyers always find the best solution for themselves.

All products can be divided into the following categories:

  • suspended;
  • industrial;
  • built in;
  • desktop;
  • invoices.

At the same time, all LED equipment of the JAZZWAY brand may be standard, residential, industrial or protected from moisture and dust.

Street Lamp JAZZWAY
Owners of private houses can purchase architectural or street lighting for their backyard. An impressive choice will allow to put the yard area in order and properly illuminate it.

Classification of lighting devices

The company's engineers are constantly working on the design of new LED lamps and the improvement of older models. At the same time, innovative developments are used, which allows to achieve the best performance characteristics and make use as comfortable as possible.

Today, the buyer is offered three variations of LED products:

  • economy class;
  • Combi series;
  • Standart series.

As the name implies, the first category attracts with its democratic price. Therefore, everyone can afford to buy such a lamp.

For products related to the Standard series, typical price and standard functionality. Most often, buyers prefer them.

Combi LED products have a combined housing, for the production of which metal is used in tandem with plastic. This increases the reliability and durability of the product, but significantly increases the cost

Panel Models. Most often, these lamps are used to ennoble office space.

From their counterparts, they differ in the simplest form and standardized size. Therefore, this kind of equipment is in great demand among lovers of minimalism.

Embedded. The use of this type of LED lamps is often limited to installation in suspended ceilings. But often designers use them to highlight important details of the interior, walls or ceilings.

JAZZWAY built-in lighting equipment is quite inexpensive. In addition, the lamps can boast of high reliability and long service life. Given all these factors, it is not surprising that the demand for such models is constantly growing.

Buyers almost never speak of JAZZWAY luminaires in a negative way.The only thing that does not suit, is a strong flicker of products.

Therefore, it is better to install them only in the bathroom or hallway. After all, the flickering of the lighting device adversely affects the health of the eyes.

If you need an inexpensive, but with a decent performance built-in lamp, you should pay attention to the model PPL-RPG. This is a 12 W lamp that will light up about 4 m without any problems.2luminous flux with a force of 960 lumens.

PPL-RPG lamp
With all its advantages, the LED device PPL-RPG is distinguished by the most affordable price. So, on the official website of the manufacturer it can be purchased for only 450 rubles.

Overhead modifications. The scope of applied lamps is much wider than their embedded or panel counterparts. This type is installed both on the ceiling and on the wall. However, they are of medium size, so the installation will not cause any problems.

Often, overhead lighting brand JAZZWAY installed in public buildings or in the office. After all, their strict, minimalist appearance can fit into the interior design of any room.

In their form, they resemble high fluorescent lamps, which were made in the days of the Soviet Union.

Industrial Products. A unique feature of industrial LED lamps from the domestic manufacturer JAZZWAY is their rather high power. Therefore, they will be able to illuminate entire factory workshops, hangars, warehouses or construction sites without any difficulties.

Judging by the reviews, buyers are satisfied with this kind of models. Customers note the high quality of materials and good assembly. Therefore, the equipment can work under absolutely any conditions.

Industrial LED lights
Versatility should be included in the list of advantages of domestic industrial lamps. So, they can have a square, round or rectangular shape. However, their size can be very different.

Other products. If you need to buy a lamp that differs as small as possible, then the JAZZWAY brand table lamps are an excellent choice.

They have earned the recognition of customers for their modern and aesthetic appearance. But before buying you need to take into account the fact that they give a fairly narrow luminous flux and have a modest power.

For highlighting advertising banners, homestead territory and similar tasks, the LED LED fixture would be an ideal choice.High performance and an adequate price leave far behind products from competing companies.

Select any features of the building, the room or the territory adjacent to the house will allow small architectural lamps. Their power is low and they give a narrow stream of light, although this will be enough to emphasize the details.

JAZZWAY street lamp
The housing for street lamps of the JAZZWAY trademark is made of durable aluminum. Inside the product is mounted a lot of high-quality diodes, which faithfully and will serve for many years. At the same time, the surface of the lamp is covered with special paint to provide additional protection.

Power supplies. To maximize the service life of lighting equipment, the device must be protected from power surges. To do this, use the power supply, which can always be found in the assortment of the company JAZZWAY.

Buyers respond to such products in a positive way. The advantages of power supplies customers attributed:

  • maximum ease of construction;
  • acceptable dimensions;
  • small weight;
  • modest cost.

But before the acquisition you need to understand that it will have to be built into the wall.In addition, some models may have rather non-standard contacts, which will cause problems when connecting lighting equipment.

The subtleties of choosing LED lamps

Having decided to organize LED lighting in your home, office or at work, you need to approach the choice of devices with full responsibility.

After all, a wide range and many parameters that affect the comfort of operation, saving electricity and cost will create problems for an unprepared buyer. To avoid mistakes, consider the criteria for choosing LED lighting.

How much power should the device have?

The first technical parameter to be paid attention to is the power of the light bulb. It should be remembered that the more watts the device consumes, the less economical will be its operation.

LED lamp
If LED lamps are purchased as a replacement for old incandescent bulbs, the power of the new device can be reduced by 7 times. For example, if a 70 W model was used before, then in the case of LED lighting 10 W would be enough

An excellent solution would be to replace all the light sources at home or in the office with LED.This allows you to make the lighting more uniform, as well as minimize the amount of energy consumed.

It should be noted that the manufacturer offers lamps operating from 220 V and 12 V. The last variation will be an ideal solution for a bathroom or similar premises with a high level of humidity.

But do not think that the work of 12 V lamp will require less electricity. This opinion is fundamentally wrong.

Color temperature and base type

Properly refer to the selection of color temperature. After all, this will undoubtedly affect the comfort of finding and working indoors. To choose the color temperature, you need to know one rule - the higher it is, the colder the glow will be.

If a lamp is selected for a bedroom or a room designed for a relaxing holiday, models with a range from 2,700 to 3,000 Kelvin will be the best solution. In this case the luminescence will be yellowish and is habitual for the person, as it is similar to a sunlight.

As for the type of cap, there are many. Choosing an LED lamp, you need to focus on the option that was previously.That is, if you buy a product for a chandelier with an E27-type base, then you need to look for a product with exactly the same thread.

LED lamp socket
When you need to install a spotlight, it is best to give preference to a light bulb of the form of GU 5.3. Well, when the LED is selected for a nightlight or sconce, then in this case, the best solutions are E14 and E27 bases

What determines the durability of the lamp?

On average, LED products from JAZZWAY can last about 40,000 hours, which is 13-15 years of work. Such indicators have become possible through the use of high-quality materials, modern equipment and careful design of each model.

When buying LED devices, it is better to build on the warranty period provided by the manufacturer. As a rule, it is about 5 years. That is, if the lighting fails during this time, it will be replaced with a new one for free.

Angle of dispersion and color transmission

Selecting lamps for domestic use, pay special attention to the angle of dispersion. It mainly depends on whether a special lens has been installed and whether it has been coated with phosphor.

Pay attention to the location of the LEDs. If the elements are placed in different planes, then the light will be as diffuse as possible.

Virtually none of the buyers pay attention to such a characteristic as the coefficient of color transmission.

And this is a mistake. After all, to provide a fairly bright lighting, the parameter must be at least 80 units. Yes, you can give preference to models with a value of 95, but their cost will be prohibitively high.

Light bulb
You should not order LED lamps with a high color transfer ratio, which are offered at a low price. This is a clear sign that the manufacturer is trying to deceive the buyer.

Dimmer Compatibility

Dimmer is a useful device that makes the operation of the LED lamp more convenient. But it is important to remember that not every model of the regulator is compatible with LED devices.

If the product is not designed to work in tandem with a dimmer, then it will quickly fail. Therefore, before buying a light bulb, be sure to ensure compatibility.

Packaging and appearance

You can make sure that the LED lamp was manufactured at the JAZZWAY factory by simply looking at the packaging.

On the surface of the box must be present information about the manufacturer, the warranty period, the power of the product, the type of base, color transfer ratio, luminous intensity, color temperature and barcode. If at least one of these parameters was not specified, then this is a reason to think.

Useful additional features

A good solution would be to order LED lamps that have advanced functionality. Yes, they will cost a bit more expensive, but it will be a pleasure to use such a device.

Often, LED devices are equipped with such additional systems:

  • timer off and on;
  • motion sensor and smoke detection;
  • remote control, which allows in addition to on / off to choose the color of light and its brightness;
  • Battery - Built-in battery will ensure the operation of the LED light for a couple of hours after a power outage.

Of course, all the above functions are useful. But if the budget is limited, then before buying an LED light bulb with a bunch of options, you definitely need to think carefully about whether to give money for it.

LED strip in the bath
Choosing LED products you need to pay attention to the operating temperature range. If a product is purchased for its subsequent installation in a bath, then it is necessary to give preference to models that can be operated at temperatures from +80 to +90 degrees

What is the pulsation coefficient?

When buying a light bulb with LEDs, be sure to test it right in the store. Point your smartphone camera at her. If the image starts to pulsate, then this is a clear sign of a poor quality rectifier.

What does it threaten with? If the pulsation is strong and frequent, then the human nervous system is very excited, which leads to fatigue. Therefore, the purchase of such a product is better to refuse.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Overview of the JAZZWAY lamp with T8 base:

Overview of lighting from different manufacturers:

JAZZWAY LED lighting is a prime example of high-quality lamps that can serve their owners for decades. The absence of obvious flaws, acceptable for everyone cost and a wide range of choices that allows you to choose a model for solving any problems - that is why buyers choose lamps of this brand.

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