Leather crafts for beginners

March 6, 2011

Handicrafts made of leather do it yourselfOften outdated leather jackets and bags accumulate on the mezzanine and are idle, and in fact of them you can make handicrafts of leather with their own hands. Beautiful brooches and hairpins, caskets and key chains, key holders and cases for mobile phones - this is an incomplete list of those things that can be made of leather. If the leather craft is done neatly and beautifully, then you can safely give it to friends and relatives, and such a gift will surely be received with gratitude.

Before making leather crafts, you need to prepare the material. Bags or clothes from the skin gently rip and clean the skin, polluted places can be wiped with a brush with soap and then rinsed in a solution of water with salt and vinegar. The most polluted places can be wiped with a cloth with ammonia. The lost places are tinted with special paints for the skin, and the lost joints are painted with a felt-tip pen of a suitable color.

If necessary, the skin can be smoothed - wet skin with the wrong side upwards is stretched on a flat plate and fixed its edges with carnations.Then the skin is left to dry, but periodically cloves must be interrupted, because the skin is tightened. Also sometimes in the process of drying it is necessary to lubricate the material with baby cream. Small leather pieces are placed between two pieces of fabric and pressed on top with something heavy (for example, a book or an iron).

Important to work with the skin is the choice of glue. The best is Moment glue, it is suitable for almost all skin types. You can also use PVA glue for gluing cardboard and fabric in leather crafts. Before work, it is desirable to degrease the skin with acetone.

Now that all the moments of working with leather are known, you can start creating some crafts, for example, a miniature jewelry box.

For its manufacture you will need a large children's cube, hollow inside (wooden or plastic), pieces of leather, scotch, scissors, Moment glue.

Handicrafts made of leather do it yourself

  1. crafts from pieces of leather
  2. We prepare all the necessary materials. It is better to cover the work surface with a newspaper in order to avoid glue on the table.
  3. Now you need to prepare the blank box. To do this, gently press on one of the sides of the cube and break off the square at the seams.With the help of adhesive tape, this square is glued to the cube with their own hands and the lid of the future box is obtained. It should open and close freely. Inside the box it is better to paint with acrylic paints or glue with a beautiful cloth or cardboard.
  4. From pieces of leather cut out parts of equal size to the sides of the cube and stick them on the box, carefully smoothing the material. The protruding part of the skin is carefully cut off. If desired, the skin joints can be further strengthened with a decorative stitch, selecting threads to match skin or contrasting.

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